Reader’s Picks: Jeff D’Alonzo

The Storage Jam Brian ferguson

The Storage Jam (Brian Ferguson)

All selections and text by Jeff D’Alonzo

A disclaimer. I love trey and i love jams that exude emotion. Tried to do a combo of relatively unknowns and monsters, but thanks to Miner and this ridiculous community, there aren’t really any unknowns.

Carini” 2.17.97 II, Amsterdam, NL

Thank the dude who remastered this show. It’s my belief that this show changed the game. The winter Europe tour started off strong, new style being developed and whatnot. The night prior, 2.16.97 took it a little further. However, this show, specifically this “Carini,” is where it went down. Coming out of the gate dirty, the band connected and went straight into that funky psychedelic vibe that is everywhere in ’97. There is really solid playing by everyone throughout the jam, but what makes it, is the ending. The last 4 minutes is the blissiest piece of bliss every made. Utter beauty and flowing with a peak that is the definition of gorgeous. I just blissed my pants.



Antelope” 5.16.94 II, Los Angeles, CA

Pretty sure the only people that knew about this one, were the people at the show until this set popped up on etree, i guess 4 or 5 years ago, it was the last missing link to my 1994 collection. Lo and behold I saw a 20 minute “Antelope.” Popped it on and the rest is history. The jam after the “BBFCFM” nonsense is one the most beautiful pieces of Phish music ever made. Trey leads a melodic build up that makes me shiver with emotion. Not really sure how to explain it, heart wrenching glory I guess.



Ghost” 6.15.00 I, Osaka, JP

I went through a month phase where I listened to this “Ghost” three times a day. Perfect driving music. Fishman is a god here and Trey follows his lead all the way through. Two jams, both brilliant, leading to a groove laced peak towards the end. Kids were lucky to be in Japan for this one.



Bathtub Gin” 2.14.03 I, Los Angeles, CA

A personal favorite of mine. The only song on my list that i was present for. It seems like tour openers always have a big jam. The “Gin” is it. The whole winter tour was laced with huge “Gins.” But i like this version the best. Trey is a monster during this one. Funky, dirty, grooving, crushing. Pick whatever adjective, maybe Miner can help me. This jam is just amazing. Throw down city.



Bathtub Gin” 9.12.99 I, Portland, OR

When I discovered this jam randomly back in the day, I was floored. Hadn’t really read about it anywhere or heard any mention, prolly overshadowed by the “Ghost” from the same show. But this jam rules. It’s a perfect summer show jam, sunset, all that jazz. As my buddy Shin likes to say, a straight candy raver. It’s just a really bouncy and happy version with a beautiful groove.



Tweezer” 6.9.00 II, Tokyo, JP

Japan 2000 is arguably their best “jams” tour. So many heavy hitters. This one is probably the biggest. This “Tweezer” starts off cool, really laid back and patient. Gets a tad lost in the middle but then around the 18:00 mark,
everything in the world makes sense. So patient, all four of them finding their way. Both dirty and pristine, this ending jam is one for the ages, complete perfection.



Mike’s Song” 11.7.98 I, Chicago, IL

My favorite “Mike’s” ever. First jam is solid, well played and energetic. Then comes jam two, an absolute blissful beast. I love every kind of Phish, acidy experimentation, deep swamp funk, methjazz, etc. I love it all. But what really gets me is the bliss. And the second mikes jam from UIC is one of the blissiest. And also being a complete Trey whore, i love it, and this jam has IT.



Ghost” 7.12.03 II, George, WA

Post hiatus fire. Trey tone is in full effect. Another grooving shred fest, starts off really smooth and elegant. 10:50 mark on is why I go to shows. One of those moments when all you can do is smile at the fact that you got to listen to the greatest band on the planet do their thing.



AC/DC Bag” 11.7.98 II, Chicago, IL

Everyone knows this one but I don’t care. ’98 is prolly their best year all around, imo. The ambient shit brought things to a whole other level. This monster has complete experimental psychedelic ambiance all over the place. Whatever that means. I don’t condone drug use, but if you decide to indulge, put this on and listen to the whole thing.



Mike’s Song” 11.21.95 II, Winston-Salem, NC

My friend Cheryl turned me on to the jam a couple years ago. Not the best “Mike’s,” but a personal favorite. First jam is typical ’95, rocking, Page and Fish owning. But again, the second jam is what i crave. It starts off spotty and confused but towards the end turns into another bliss fed gem. Trey takes control and plays a slow melody that cuts to my core. Beauty.

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316 Responses to “Reader’s Picks: Jeff D’Alonzo”

  1. kayatosh Says:

    TT ? i’m in. q’ing up the reggae.

  2. roberto luongo Says:

    def check the Tree also. not for the masses. dirty and dark. But I LOVE this mixtape.

  3. Guyute711 Says:

    Nothing on the dancing eh? Fucking prudes.

  4. kayatosh Says:

    re. arizer. almost zero maintenance. just wash out the glass piece with hot water. for pure flower guys who want a unit that you can use at home or roll to a hotel with, it’s ideal

  5. phishm Says:

    I think that when it’s all said and done many people will enjoy the shows this Summer and many will bitch. It seems at this point in the game that there is so much chatter about what Phish used to be compared to what they are now. I for one wouldn’t even think about missing a first set. I will go in and do what I always do and hope that I make the connection. Sometimes it doesn’t work, but when it does the whole show is from the cosmos IMHO. Maybe it’s not to all, and on playback the show sounds like every other good Phish show. That’s what makes them so good to me. I have left many a show thinking that on playback it has to be different then other shows, but at last on playback it’s just solid Phish. To compare Phish with the Stones or any other band is ridiculous. I’d like to see another band attempt to play free form Phish, where as Phish could destroy most other musicians music on stage with only minimal practice.
    Sorry for the rant. Looking forward to live Phish again. You all have a good one.

  6. Shred Says:

    That would be classic. R Kelly w a Phish aftershow. I could see that. But would you be on twitter watching the setlist unfold bugging out?? I know I would. Really is a tough call. Takes balls.

    3 nights of chicago is nice. More than I get. I’m only in for Jones Beach. 50/50 on GSAC. Curfew, Wednesday night, early start. Not sold on that being a good show. I heard good things about the Chicago venue.

  7. roberto luongo Says:

    this SUnday pitchfork lineup is gonna be heavy. can’t wait.

    and yes I talk a mean game but if that set I opened Buried Alive > Spocks Brain I’d probably be freaking out a bit

    but still R Kellz to close out a 3 day festi in a chill ass park. can’t go wrong there.

  8. roberto luongo Says:

    TNGHT,, Foxygen, MIA, Glass Candy, Lil B, Killer Mike and El-P, Evian Christ, Glass Candy, Toro Y Moi, MC TREE, DJ Rashad, R Kellz

    then PHish. hah. good stuff.

  9. gavinsdad Says:

    yeah sunday pfork>phish is silliness. if you pace well that’s a heck of a day.

  10. angryjoggerz Says:

    AW, check out the new RP Boo album if you can – on Planet Mu so it is Chicago southside footwork business with the great Transition London mastering – sounds amazing. As does the new Rashad on Hyperdub. The good professional mastering gives that stuff some next level sub bass. Thats the shit I like.

  11. kayatosh Says:

  12. roberto luongo Says:

    thanks AJ. def checkin.

  13. BingosBrother Says:

  14. kayatosh Says:

    playing toro y moi in the TT. studies. real nice.

  15. Kaveh Says:

    For what it is worth:

  16. gavinsdad Says:



    great picks Jeff. never heard that Mikes…way up my alley.

  17. MiA Says:

    @G711 – the dancer was good. Somehow got sucked into the Twerking girl who got her head stuck. I had no idea was Twerking even was. But it was not good.

  18. Kaveh Says:

    just booked my flight to Denver, so this…

  19. roberto luongo Says:

    great twerking track MIA

    Danny Brown just crushin on this twerk beat inspired banger

  20. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    somebody say twerking?
    lingerie league ladies know how to celebrate that tackle, yo

  21. MiA Says:

  22. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    three on the decks, room for more…

  23. xpun Says:

    I don’t know what twerking is and last time I used urban dictionary to clarify something on here I was grossed out. For the life of me don’t remember what it was though. Bad memory ftw

  24. xpun Says:

    The dance video was sexy and then suddenly I was afraid. A few of those moves were to violently jerky for me.

    If you scroll down the comment section (currently listed as 4hrs ago) it looks like gdad wants to get high with her in a very interesting way. Dirty old man.

    If you read this in the future, there is math involved. Better to go ahead and read it now.

  25. verno329 Says:

    Well after some work rescheduling it looks like I’m in for Alpharetta. Just picked up a pit ticket for each night on TM. This likely means no Dick’s run for me but I’m not gonna complain. If that fell through it would have been a Phish-less summer for me.

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