Reader’s Picks: Phamily Bezerker

12.28.12, MSG (Graham Lucas)

12.28.12, MSG (Graham Lucas)

Boogie On” 9.18.99 II, Chula Vista, CA

The “Boogie ON”!  Transcendent trajectory on this one. Know it.



Mike’s > H2 > Groove” 3.13.93 II, Boulder, CO

This is a worthy second jam “Mike’s,” but the “‘Paug” is not to be missed.  Mike lets you know this is his song right up front, no questions there. Kenny Powers remastered this show if you’d like a copy of some old school Phish.  Get some!



Gin > Makisupa > Bag” 7.25.97 II, Dallas, TX

This one gets overlooked by many who bailed straight to Cali and prefer the version a few days earlier due to greater availability/attendance. Nice little first set sequence.



Antelope” 7.29.97 II, Phoenix, AZ

The Arizona “Antelope.” Check out this in Boone and Crockett!



Piper > Twist > Slave” 11.14.97 II, West Valley, UT

Seemed good at the time.  Still holds a special spot—’97’d!



Lengthwise” 11.19.92 II, Colchester, VT

It’s the debut and a nice change up from what we get these days (or even anything since this one). First time I heard this version was Summer ’95. Good for a laugh. Skip it if you’ve heard it or you can’t handle your dairy even in small doses, whiner!



Limb by Limb” 7.26.97 I, Austin, TX

Bob Gullotti on a second drum kit helped lift this one right out of the gates for a show opener. I like Fish’s vocal reprise to close.



It’s Ice” 5.13.94 I, Hayden, AZ

Back when Ice was fire!



Split -> Catapult” 12.31.99 I, Big Cypress, FL

Such a nice memory this one ushers in.



Tweezer” 9.3.11 II, Commerce City, CO

Do you remember where you were when this dropped? That we have this on Vimeo ain’t a bad kick down to those that like this kind of stuff.




The Ventura Box Set

The Ventura Box Set

First off, thanks to everyone who participted! I received 24 sets of haikus, so needless to say that picking three winners—with two strong haikus—was quite difficult. But here we go… Winners please contact me with shipping address. Thanks!

WINNER #1: Edward Smith


Palm trees and sea breeze

European funk returns

Stateside to blow minds


Mid-July Monday

The faithful bear witness to

Riverport Gin’s kin


Winner #2: Ted Rubenstein


Sonic skull massage

Counter-cultural cow funk

Played to perfection


By the Sea and Sand

Nearly Drowned in the Bathtub

Seeing my first show

Winner #3: Bingo’s Brother


I just mowed my lawn

And the neighbors got done too

Ventura Bowie


Spun Ventura Gin

Swimming through molasses deep

Aural soft core porn



Jason Mass



Sound and light get hotter ‘til

It ends in fire


And begins again

With all us taking a bath

Ending out in space


Marc Tosh


four-headed pimp groove

cotton candy tornado

free bowie city


coastal summer tub

diving down for skunky pearls



Matt Tiscornia


Summer Winds Blowing

A Segue That Still Dominates

Blind Side At The Went


Where Is The Joker

Let Me Get Back To The Sea

Central Part Of Town


Mark Lecuyer


Tortured song fills sky;

Fun chords signal summer chant

D’oh – said creator.


Sea’s Healing provides

inspiration and focus.

Drummer sings new song.


523 Responses to “Reader’s Picks: Phamily Bezerker”

  1. little umbrellas Says:

    to any who are curious, Ben Lewry is the founder of Visionary Instruments. He designed and patented the Video Guitar. His next product is similar but the video screen is also a Digital Touch Interface. Midi Touch Pads in your guitar.
    His studio is a neighboring warehouse next to mine at the Vulcan Lofts. Yeah, it’s a pretty cool building we got going here..

  2. Mr. Palmer Says:

    This is the End is indeed available… funny cast, the usual suspects for s stoner comedy. Ni Mud though..

  3. little umbrellas Says:

    I guess Mike talked to Ben about how won’t be able to play it in Phish. How people want what they expect so he will stick to the Modulas in Phish. But I imagine he will be busting it out with the Mike Gordon Band.

  4. jdub Says:

    Sounds like Mike could use another Storage style set with Phish.

    How sick would it be for Phish to come out one second set and just jam, in whatever way they feel. Isn’t that why we all go? it’s why I go. Why wait for a festival that they don;t feel like organizing.

  5. little umbrellas Says:

    Billy Idol’s guitarist also uses one of Ben’s guitar’s.. but he uses it to to have Porn playin on his guitar while he’s playing it.

  6. P.S.H.S Says:

    That Bangor pic is sweet. Could get a cities with the river that close.
    Watched dark night rises last night for the firs time, good flick

  7. DaNcInG fOoL Says:

    Palmer, Before Midnight is fucking brilliant.

  8. BingosBrother Says:

    In this I Generation, I do believe we are the minority jdub. Attention spans are shrinking at an alarming rate.

  9. BingosBrother Says:

    Do you need to see the first two movies?

  10. angryjoggerz Says:

    I want to see the new Sofia Coppola film. Lost in Translation is one of my favorite films ever.

  11. Mr. Palmer Says:

    Before Midnight doesn’t look like a movie to see solo. More of a date movie, no?

    Wife wants to see This is the End, so that’s out.

    Man of Steel is in the IMAX, both 3d and 2D…. so that could be cool.

  12. sumodie Says:

    Mud is fantastic! Excellent coming of age type story with a kickass Matthew McConaughey. Fave film of the year so far (hope to see Before Midnight this week)

    Hangover 3 supposed to be dreadful. Would pick one of the other two if those were my only choices (havent seen either but heard they were entertaining)

    Did see latest Star Trek and really liked it

  13. DocGanz Says:

    Dead box set just arrived. Design and artwork is very cool. Time to dig in.

  14. DocGanz Says:

    Also really liked Mud and Star Trek fwiw

  15. sumodie Says:

    Bling Ring not gonna top Lost in Translation, sorry

    Richard Linklater’s Before Sunrise and Before Sunset are brilliant dialogue intensive relationship stories between two people. Romantic films, sure, but much smarter & engaging than most any ‘date flick’ I can think of. Heard Linklater has nailed the third one, Before Midnight, too. Each film/storyline about 10 years apart

    Starring Ethan Hawke & Julie Delphy (she’s divinely sexy in the first two films, esp the first)

  16. DaNcInG fOoL Says:

    Palmer not sure what that means. Do you watch a movie differently when you’re on a date?

  17. DaNcInG fOoL Says:

    Sumo I loved every second of it. Won’t say more than that bc it’s not a movie you want to ruin after waiting 10 years.

  18. DaNcInG fOoL Says:

    Sofia will never make another film on par with Lost in Translation.

  19. MiA Says:

    “Kings of Summer” is good solo. “Kon Tiki” is good as well as “The Stories We Tell”

  20. MiA Says:

    I heard Sofia got a lot of lot of lot of help. Also heard Bill Murray walked off the set twice and vowed never to come back until she got “adult supervision”

    Radio show/Interview of Bill Murray I heard in Philadelphia.

  21. tela's_muff Says:

    I love lost in translation and a lot of those type of movies. But I watched eternal sunshine of the spotless mind and it fucked me up. Hit me hard emotionally so now I stick to comic book movies. Man of Steel was a lot of fun as was IM3. I have my heart strings pulled nearly everyday with my girls, I just need some good superhero action to escape. I guess it’s like the Alaska groove seeker in me.

  22. RoosterPizza Says:

    gunga galunga gunga gunga lagunga

  23. yematt Says:

    Tame Impala is in town tonight, hopefully gonna catch them if I can get a ticket (sold out)

    I think the consensus here is that they are worth catching but they still have some work to do for their live show?

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