Are You Ready for Summer?!

12.28.12, MSG (G.Lucas)

12.28.12, MSG (Graham Lucas)

With only a little over a week left before Bangor’s opener, the anticipation of the band’s 30th Anniversary Summer Tour is beginning to reach a fever pitch. It will have been been the longest off season in the band’s history—outlasting ’99’s drought by four days—when the band takes the stage in Maine, and fans are feeling the excitement across the country. In only nine days, the long and winding road of Summer 2013 will begin, and this week we start with a series of Summer Tour-based articles. Today I present my five wishes (in no particular order) for Phish’s upcoming month on the road.

1. New MaterialTrey has confirmed that the band is collaboratively writing a new album, though it doesn’t sound like it will be done before tour. Phish, very often, have debuted new songs in the live setting before they have come out on an album, so if any tracks have been completed, we might be hearing them come next week. Regardless of what new songs they feature, be them originals, side project contributions, or covers, I can’t remember a time in the band’s career when they were so glaringly in need of new material. Hopefully we’ll see some debuts in Bangor and SPAC, as the guys tend to drop fresh music at the front end of tour.

8.15.12 (Sam Heller)

8.15.12 (Sam Heller)

2. Continued Improvisational TrajectoryAnyone who has been paying attention to Phish for the past few years has to be on the edge of their seat with anticipation of what this Summer Tour will hold. The last seven shows—Dick’s and MSG—have produced the most astounding music of 3.0. Many fans were a tad apprehensive heading into MSG, concerned that Dick’s would be an outlier in the band’s improvisational course. The jams in Colorado were both emotionally powerful and technically complex; a retro run with a distinctly new-school vibe. Any doubts about this were erased, however, with 12/28’s “Tweezer”—another instant classic. All of a sudden, Phish was reliably excellent again! Though 3.0 has been an amazing ride, consistency hasn’t exactly been their strong suit. But after witnessing the level of jamming we heard in Colorado during the first show in New York, we realized the paradigm was shifting. Despite a throwaway on the 29th, the band followed up with a couple more of the year’s most impressive jams in 12/30’s “Disease” and “Carini,” and sealed the deal with an underrated “Ghost” on New Year’s Eve. If my calculations are correct, Phish should come out in Bangor ready to let things loose with more wide open, multi-tiered adventures. The band has improved considerably with each and every tour of this era, and assuming that trend continues, things are gonna get really, really interesting on Phish tour next month!

The Ocedoc (Phish FB)

The Ocedoc (Phish FB)

3. The Ocedoc—During this winter’s TAB tour, Trey primarily played his old Languedoc (the Ocedoc was nowhere to be seen). Just the other day, Phish tweeted a picture of his guitar tech setting up his rig with Trey’s old guitar in the shot. This combination has gotten some folks wondering if Trey will be using his former axe for Phish this summer as well. In all probability he will travel with both, but I—for one—hope he doesn’t leave his new six-string wonder child sitting at the back of the stage. As soon a Trey debuted the Ocedoc at the Greek in 2010, the enhanced sound and dynamic of his new instrument was obvious. He confirmed what everyone was hearing at the end of the first show when he introduced his “magic guitar.” The tone and clarity of the Ocedoc is unparalleled, and, in my opinion, was a huge improvement over anything he’s played before. Let’s hope Trey hasn’t changed his mind about his new axe, and the Ocedoc remains his central guitar this tour.

4. A Shift/Diversification in Jam VehiclesI realize that beggars can’t be choosers,  but this is a wish list, so here’s my wish. Throughout this era, Phish has grown more predictable than ever. That takes nothing away from the quality of their playing, but for anyone paying attention to their patterns, few things come as surprises in the live show anymore. Inevitably, the biggest jam of any given night will stem from “Disease,” “Light,” “Piper,” “Rock and Roll” “Sand,” “Tweezer” or “Ghost.” “Carini” and “Sally” provide wild card platforms, and occasionally the band will expand a cover like “Crosseyed” or “Drowned.” But what gives at some point? What about everything else? Just as the band adopted big staple jams from their former Halloween albums, why haven’t they brought one aboard from Exile and Waiting for Columbus—that’s a whopping 4 records to choose from! Wouldn’t it be fun for them to jams songs they have never jammed—or haven’t jammed often (or at all) this era? I gotta believe it would be. Think of “Yamar,” “Cities,” “The Wedge,” “Waves,” “Pebbles and Marbles,” “Seven Below,” “Scents and Subtle Sounds,” “A Song I Heard the Ocean Sing,” “Halley’s Comet,” “Free,” “2001,” “You Enjoy Myself,” “Gumbo,” “Mike’s Song.” Let’s get songs like “Bathtub Gin,” “Simple,” “Reba, and ‘Wolfman’s” back into creative space. I’m not sure what’s holding the band back from jamming most of their catalog. Perhaps they don’t think people care that much any more? Someone should let them know that we do.

6/20/04 Setlist (Coventry Blog)

6/20/04 (Coventry Blog)

5. Complete ShowsThroughout the modern era, Phish’s musical high points mostly exist as jams, jam sequences, or segments of shows. Occasionally, the band will keep things focused and on point for an entire set and even less often, for an entire show. I’m sure this is a facet of their age and stamina as much as anything else, but it sure would be great to see them put a bit more forethought into their setlists and play start-to-finish performances. They don’t have to spell something with their song titles to make a great show, but a basic road map could greatly assist the cause, as Trey’s ability to call shows from the hip has flown by the wayside. On the rare occasion that Phish does play two smoking sets (see 8/31/12) we react as if the heavens parted and we were bestowed with a miracle. It didn’t used to take divine intervention for the band to put together two tight frames of music, and I honestly don’t think it takes much more than a bit of planning and focus. Hopefully, to celebrate their 30th year together, the guys will come to ready to play from note one through the end of each night this summer, and we will be left with a bunch of shows we can throw on the system years from now and just let roll without having to fast-forward the lulls.

What are your wishes for this Summer? Respond to @mrminer on Twitter with the hashtag #SummerWishes so everyone can follow the responses. And, of course, share your ideas in the comments section below!


Winged-music-noteJam of the Day:

Light > Ghost” 7.1.12 II, Alpine Valley, IN

One of the high points of Leg One 2012.

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  1. DavidSilver Says:

    My hood is a madhouse. Fireworks, explosions, car horns. Just watched a parade of kids marching around the block hitting pots and pans. Lol, car literally just passed me waving a huge Hawks flag blasting the Hawk theme song. Chitown, baby.

  2. mmmhmm Says:

    Hetty, maybe you can put me on some good 90’s JGB shows. I have that old Warfield release and have listened to some other stuff. Def more gospel/mowtown influence. Perhaps due to Melvin’s background? Also agree about the Garcia/Gris collar stuff. Just amazing acoustic music. Shady Grove album is an old fav of mine. Timeless music.

    Why do the Boston fans stick around to boo the Blackhawks cup introduction? Sorry your team didn’t win. Just go home if you can’t have some sportsmanship.

  3. mmmhmm Says:

    Sounds like the announcers and camera are really trying to tamp down all the “fuckin A’s” dropped by the Blackhawks players as they skate around with the cup

  4. phlorida phan Says:

    I thought they were just booing the commish

  5. mmmhmm Says:

    oh maybe thats the case Phlo. Due to the lockout etc?

  6. little umbrellas Says:
    -just found this, pretty cool.

  7. phlorida phan Says:

    And now the dog days of summer, now til football season just blows

  8. phlorida phan Says:

    Yeah mmhmmm, dude gets boo’d everywhere. 2 lockouts also.

  9. sumodie Says:

    Don’t try this at home, boys and….boys

    “Police: Man high on mushrooms rips off part of penis”

  10. bobby weird Says:

    Last thing B’s fans did was chant “lets go Bruins!” Immediately after the loss. Then quickly exited. Boos were for loser commish gary bettman. Happens every year esp this one re lockout.

  11. phishm Says:

    Seriously good Tweezer here. The whole show is amazing, but if you do one thing tonight, listen to this Tweezer. Unreal.
    So, the Hawks won. Sorry I missed it. Oh well, maybe next year for my Rangers.

  12. BooVT Says:

    When the B’s went ahead 2-1 with 7 minutes left, I somehow knew that Chi was going to win. I could just feel it somehow. It was a very strange feeling. I can’t explain it, and nobody would believe me, anyway…

    Great series.

    Congrats Hawks fans.

    Condolences B’s fans.

    As a hockey fan, I’m sad it’s over.

  13. mmmhmm Says:

    wow my school (College of Charleston) is trying to pass a campus-wide tobacco ban ordinance. This is coming from a state and state school with a rich tobacco history???? Not a smoker myself and indifferent about smoking on campus unless you are tossing your butts on the ground rather than the bins…ban seems sorta like an infringement on personal freedom…

  14. DavidSilver Says:

    Lets Go Bruins chant was cool. Thats the shit I like.

  15. little umbrellas Says:

    Listening to Questlove being interviewed by Terry Gross on NPR, Fresh Air.
    Informative interview, not just on his career, but on culture and the history of rap aswell.

  16. MiA Says:

    Ridiculous to think anyone knows who they were booing at.

  17. bobby weird Says:

    Boos were commensurate w bettmans appearance on the ice. Call me crazy it was linked to bettman. Especially when it happens every. Single. Year…

  18. mmmhmm Says:

    Phishm, do yourself a favor and seek out the crystal clarity of the LP release of that show. Trey sounds like a t-rex stomping through my living room on the big speakers in that tweezer. Highly lauded show around these parts and tops of post-hiatus.

  19. MiA Says:

    Except when the cup is won in a home game. Every. single. Time.

  20. mmmhmm Says:

    How does the commissioner keep his job if he is so well disliked? Is he voted in by owners? Appointed?

  21. phlorida phan Says:

    Here’s something we all can agree on…..

    Free Pussy Riot!

  22. little umbrellas Says:

    it seems that the first 60 seconds of Soul Train are Quest’s favorite thing in life. he has a coffee table book about Soul Train coming out.

  23. bobby weird Says:

    Not here baby. Newscaster story currently airing: how classy fans were to chant in support of team then exit. Conspiracy “b’s fans booed the hawks” theory alone on island. With scurvey.

  24. bobby weird Says:

    Commish always agent of the owner majority. And then there is the enigma of david stern (nba)

  25. phishm Says:

    Will do mmmhmm. Didn’t know it was a LP release. Cool. Such a good show from start to finish. I always figured during shows like this that they all have to be on something, but in the end they can’t all be on something everytime they sound like this. Or are they? Either way I like shows like this when they are just plain on. Communication through musical telepathy. Has to be draining on the psyche. Guess that’s why it doesn’t happen every night. Not sure how it could.

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