In an unprecedented move that was hard to wrap one’s head around at the time, Phish and / or authorities called off the opening night of Northerly Island one song deep in the second set. After a sluggish opening half, the band dropped a spirited “Down With Disease” that ended far too quickly for a “Prince Caspian” that never happened. Page got up from his piano—a move many thought was in reaction to the ripcorded—to inform Trey that the concert had been called off. Lightening in the distance was the reason provided, but the massive storm that was coming never materialized. In fact, across town Pearl Jam took a two-hour set break and played until two in the morning. This is the second bush league fiasco of tour that could have been avoided with any level of forethought.

7/19 Official (R. Kelly)

7/19 Official (R. Kelly)

Everyone knew the storm was coming from early afternoon, but why should be last night be any different from SPAC, Jones Beach, Merriweather or Alpharetta? Phish has played through storms far more severe than the one in Chicago last night all tour long. And let’s be serious—this was no lightening storm. The show should have continued. By the time everyone had found their way home, the rain had stopped and Pearl Jam was taking the stage. Granted they had a later curfew, but these are the situations for which rock stars have millions of dollars. I can name at least ten shows off the top of my head that took place in for worse conditions than last night. Everything that happened on Friday reeked of poor form, and here’s what could have happened.

Phish announces—via social media—that are starting promptly at 7pm due to impending storms. The band takes the stage for real, not with a worthless first set, and plays—without a break—through 9:30pm and sends everyone home dry and happy. Instead, they waste the only time we had with meaningless music, take a setbreak, and come back as if all is progressing as planned. Who makes these decisions?

I don’t feel bad for myself or the kids on tour, they’ll see the rest of the shows. But what about the people who flew to Chicago for three shows? What about the people who could only come to last night’s show? One would assume Phish will come out with their biggest show of tour tomorrow night. They almost have to. How bout playing two improve based sets instead of one? How bout playing three sets tomorrow? Something? Anything? Buller? Bueller?

I: Suzy Greenberg, Wolfman’s Brother, Backwards Down the Number Line, It’s Ice, The Moma Dance , My Soul, Scent of a Mule, 46 Days, Limb By Limb, Julius

II: Down with Disease > Prince Caspian*

*aborted at least 30 minutes before any rain hit

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707 Responses to “Really?”

  1. MiA Says:

    That was a lot of intent.

    Perfect spot with Matso and lumpy 20′ back from FOB perfect center. No talkers. Puffers And dancers with lots of space.

    Peak experience.

  2. tela's_muff Says:

    Train ride home head spinning from that onslaught. What a show. Dave’s energy guide in that Light? Fish chanting in Bowie? What a f’n show

  3. Luther T. Justice Says:

    Whatta nite. That’s the shit I like.

    AJ has been the best host ever btw

  4. little umbrellas Says:

    Snack diggity dang. Looks yummy.

  5. little umbrellas Says:

    that set reads like Poetry

  6. MiA Says:

    Lots of great highlights. Felt like Dicks night one to me. But more sets. And really great ideas in the jams that were unique and fun. Getting rained on during Slave was great.

    They had me at Twist in the two spot.

    -Fluffer In Austin

  7. btb Says:

    So bliss’d … eating tacos.

    monster show. Couldn’t be happier

  8. phoammhead Says:

    took us two plus hours to get back to hotey … good times … we are worn the fuck out … Chicago is no small city …

  9. SillyWilly Says:

    headed out on the blue line

    whole train is phish kids. everyones glowing.

    a few random pockets of townies totally confused by the carnival

  10. PigSong Says:

    Posting in the blind. Hope tonight smoked. Home to the baby after a night of main stage bluegrass, and more importantly – campsite jam sessions.

  11. Gordo Says:

    Man I wish I could hear this show in full! (7-20) I caught bits and pieces from the ustream app on my phone. Anyone have a spare DL code they could share. I would be forever grateful and will return the favour from one of my Hollywood Bowl tix! Email me at goldsmith.gordon@ yahoo . com please and thank you phriends!

  12. lumpyhead Says:

    ain’t nothin to fluff; that shit raged.

  13. halcyon Says: saying those were Melt The Guns quotes fishman said in that Bowie. 1987 was last time Melt The Guns was played..

    Whoever recognized Melt The Guns has some good ears or they are good lip readers on couch tour

  14. Stoney Case Says:

    Top of the morning! Things we now know after that epic throw down:

    Whale IS NOT the key to the new Phish psychedelic sound.

    They drop incredible shows when they INTEND to.

    They can start closer to ticketed show time by simply Announcing so on Social Media.

    The guys that rush to ride the rail are the biggest douchebags in the scene and defending them is a reason to get your head examined:

    Feels great to be a fan. Spun the webcast while chatting to the SLF on the phone from 3000 miles away. Awesome night.

    Have a good Sunday peeps. Much love from Stoney!

  15. TheSloth Says:

    How long do they assume the position?

  16. Stoney Case Says:

    Here’s a bunch of guys. They are preparing to practice their religion in a higher manner than others, by making sure they stand closest to their Guru’s. true devotee’s


    Is this every show I go in early for. Welcome to the rail dimension.

  17. Stoney Case Says:

    Typo ^

    That is what I see everytime I am in early.

  18. c0wfunk Says:

    Wow rob that pic is insane. Smh

  19. xpun Says:

    They look like paper dolls. I love how everyone posted up in front of mike seems to be chillin and trey and page get the goons. Sad

  20. c0wfunk Says:

    Funny thing is, you can go in much later and end up 3 feet behind these dbs after having a fun relaxing day. In my experience the right on the rail thing ends up as an ego trip and I’m much happier a row or two back floating with the flock.

    Also I’m sure they’re saving space for friends which just raises the db hypocrisy level a notch.

  21. joe Says:

    that was what was on the video when I tried to watch webcast on my tablet. the rail riders hanging out post soundcheck with mike and trey out talking to people. couldn’t get the live video to play on tablet and then through my tv which is how I had it rigged. only able to stream on phone. just the small video but hooked into the sound system at home. First time officially webcasting and it was super fun. I accidentally purchased tonight too when I bought last nights, so I guess I’ll have to try it again. The test video works on the(android) tablet and some video worked, just not the live stream which was frustrating but we made the best of it. music itself sounded great to me.

  22. Stoney Case Says:

    cOw, just don’t dare move to the rail itself when you come in later. These guys earn those spots.

    After a long stretch in the Twilight Zone, all feels right in the Phishiverse.

  23. jtran Says:

    Llfa. Rail riders ftl

  24. Stoney Case Says:

    River purge. China stylie

  25. Stoney Case Says:

    At least there’s no Tweezer, Ghost or Split looming over the venue for tonight.

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