BCGA (Dave Canny)

BCGA (Dave Canny)

What the hell just happened? In a five-week whirlwind, Phish just tore apart the nation like they haven’t in at least a decade. When the band came back in ’09 few expected them to reach any level of skill beyond nostalgia. And even when they crushed 2012—a year that has firmly been filed under “Yesterday’s News”—few expected the band to redefine itself one year later. In retrospect, the years of ’09 through ’12 were all related to their past, a sort of getting up to speed on what they had accomplished in their career while showing flashes of innovation and brilliance. This past tour, however, Phish opened the floodgates of creativity, presenting us with a forward-looking tour that was plucked from our wildest fantasies. This summer, Phish started to forge a new path again with jams that sound different from any other time in their career and an energy purer than ever. Don’t look now, but with Dick’s as a stepping stone, Fall Tour is just around the corner! 2013 is shaping up to be a year musically on par with any in Phish history.

BGCA (G.Lucas)

BGCA (Graham Lucas)

When I listened to several of my ’97 and ’98 favorites since tour ended, the jams sound far less dynamic than they do right now. I love that shit to death—trust me—but Phish is absolutely reached another level this summer. The efficiency and proficiency of their jamming is unparalleled to any point in history. The band needs exactly zero searching to find where they are going these days—as soon as they entered a jam this summer, with few exceptions, they were locked in directional, purposeful, whole-band improv. The quickness in which ideas were exchanged and built upon set a new standard for Phish, and consequently, the band was able to get far more out of their jams. This musical density had been building since Miami ’09, and has now reached a mind-boggling level. For example, go listen to the Alpharetta “Chalk Dust,” one of the best east coast jams of summer, and then try to wrap your head around the fact that it is under ten minutes long! Phish of 2013 is another beast all together. Their entire thirty-year career has led them to this point—a place where they draw on their illustrious past to create music that moves beyond their previous accomplishments.

BGCA (Graham Lucas)

BGCA (Graham Lucas)

The number of highlights from Summer Tour is nothing short of staggering. Trying to sum up this tour in writing is a task unseen in this era. Very little 3.0 Phish compares to what just went down over the past month. With only a slight dip in Chicago due to non-stop weather delays, the band launched off the “Harpua”-laced third night of the stand and never looked back, crafting two of the most memorable weeks in Phish history. Toronto’s majestic “Down With Disease” gave us a glimpse of the holy realms that we would frolic in we hit the west coast. Tour—undoubtedly—peaked at the Gorge and Lake Tahoe with several elite sets of Phish including the Tahoe “Tweezer”—in my opinion, the best jam of all-time. Finishing things with an outstanding four night run in San Francisco and Los Angeles, the guys dropped jams on the level with the previous weekend, but only sculpted one monster show in Bill Graham’s finale. At last, the band played a legit west coast run, and—go figure—it produced the best Phish we’ve seen in over a decade.

I’ll get down to analysis, but right now I’m still in awe of what we just experienced. I still have yet to spin three of the west coast shows—it was just different this time. As in the days of lore, we knew that after setbreak things would absolutely get crazy—a feeling that just hasn’t been prevalent over the past four years. But now, it’s full steam ahead! The entire community is more mature and everyone can appreciate what is transpiring quite a bit more, and I reckon the band feels the same. Nobody expected to be where we are right now, making this year of 2013 all the more magical. Hot damn, it’s good to be alive.

BGCA (Jeremy Renda)

BGCA (Jeremy Renda)

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  1. bouncin fan Says:

    check out the new domeless nails C

    if we could get one to heat internally!!!!

    time to bring this discussion to the patent office.

  2. MrCompletely Says:

    hmmm looks like the formation of oxide films on titanium is considered desirable in many applications. lot of literature

    carbon nanofiber nails?

  3. bouncin fan Says:

    and Kaya brings up a good point even though he didn’t mean to

    the warrantable dependable packable concentrate pen

    the PAX of concentrates is the elephant in the room. for those first 6 months until peeps copy your design every kid puffin errl coast to coast would spend $250 on that shit if it was dependable and warrantied out.

    probably the best most obvious path.

    those Micro G’s blow IMO and everyones got one. so shitty they sell em 2 at a time for $100

  4. bouncin fan Says:

    ya maybe something other than titanium it won’t stick to. if anyone dabs they know what I mean. it gets a thin white film after maybe 20 dabs. just progressively tastes worse and worse

  5. MiA Says:

  6. MiA Says:

    That is a joke

  7. MrCompletely Says:

    in some ways it’s the same problem. highly efficient, small internal heat source. in a pen you also need to solve the packing/loading issues (how do you make it work for all consistencies of concentrates, maximize the load without clogging, feeding into the reaction chamber etc)

  8. MrCompletely Says:

    lol yeah you can’t smoke that shit

  9. MiA Says:


  10. Berkeley Head Says:

    Maybe we can all move to Canada to lay the ground work for when the US will have to start buying their water from Canada (in earnest) We’ll have a much easier time getting our H2O pipeline past the EPA/Executive branch… and water is more important than oil anyway.

    Water is kinda important; just sayin’

  11. bouncin fan Says:

    given this is MIA’s specialty and background. time to step up.

    he best be in his laboratory as we speak working on the new compound that will rock the stoner community and be the back advertisement on next month’s High Times dab edition.


    don’t torch that nail until you taneproof it yo.

  12. MrCompletely Says:

    technical ceramics are pretty badass these days for sure. maybe.

  13. MiA Says:

    Who knows. You might get really fucking high. Lose a few brain cells.

    Bet you’d enjoy Steve Miller band more

  14. Berkeley Head Says:

    In other news… Someone should tell these guys the truth about why their dolphins are dying….

  15. bouncin fan Says:

    my guy tells me he says like 10 PAX’s a day


    dude warranties all my shit. he loves me. all his glass is knock offs. so fuckin fake.

    so really my pens are fine cuz the batteries are what sucks and the elements. but he warranties my batteries and he hooks up the elements at $10 which I think is like half off. that’s how I got the PAX. I took back like 5 pens to em I broke and he said “here take this. flower only. great warranty.” was over breaking Gpens so took it.

    but it sucks cuz really those Gpen elements only last a few weeks. so you’re droppin cash constantly for upkeep if for some reason the battery does hold up.

  16. BingosBrother Says:

    Here’s a story for ya. So, I’m hanging out with my wifes grandpa. Dude is, literally, on his deathbed. Mother in law walks in with some wet spots on her shirt. Wife inquires. Bert looks at me, winks, and gives the universal handjob gesture. That, my friends, is how life is fucking done. Peace out Bert. You are loved.

  17. bouncin fan Says:

    I love water berkley

    my tube needs water plus at this point don’t know how I ever puffed flower tubes without ice. so need water there too.

    C. we also need to figure out how I can get the ice effect of my tube in my oil bubbler. I like the cold smoke.

    the 18 inch 5 perc sheldon w/ the ice catcher just is a bit much for dabs

  18. MrCompletely Says:

    props to Bert

  19. bouncin fan Says:

    Word. Respekt. Bert.

  20. Jtran Says:

    need a link for kids pulling 1/2 gram dabs on youtube please

  21. MrCompletely Says: yo

  22. Berkeley Head Says:

    RL were on same page; multiple revenue streams and we can call ourselves The Canadian Waterpipe Holding Co dba BB

  23. bouncin fan Says:


    huge dabs is an entire genre of youtube

  24. Mr. Palmer Says:

    Been a real long time, but just threw on Miles Davis Silent in the Way Disc #2


  25. bouncin fan Says:

    this one’s the most famous though. epic dab pull on this one Jtran

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