Dick’s Picks 2013

8.30.13 (Jake Silco)

8.30.13 (Jake Silco)


Tweezer” 8.31 II

This late-set surprise completely blew up as Trey prominently featured his Camden ’09 “Tweezer” lick plucked from Led Zeppelin’s “When the Levee Breaks.”



Sand” 8.30 II

This jam provided the centerpiece of night one; the best version in a light summer for “Sand.”



Chalk Dust Torture” 8.31 II

The jam of the weekend at Dick’s—a multi-thematic monster anchored by the morphing rhythms of Jon Fishman.



Stash” 8.30 I

Though not quite on the level of Merriweather’s gem, this version elevates beyond the norm.



Carini” 9.1 II

A feel-good jam to cap a feel-good summer.



Caspian > Piper” 9.1 II

The second consecutive, out-of-character Denver “Caspian” segued, unfinished into a hot “Piper.”



Ocelot” 8.30 I

This was the jam with which the weekend began to elevate; my favorite version of the three thousand played this year.



Bathtub Gin” 8.31 I

A straightforward, though peaked-out and inspirational “Gin.”



Say Something > Walls of the Cave” 8.30 II

It didn’t take long for the band to place “Say Something” in the second set. Look for big things from this jam come fall tour.

[audio:http://phishthoughts.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/2.03-Say-Something.mp3,http://phishthoughts.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/2.04-Walls-of-the-Cave.mp3] Tags: ,

2,406 Responses to “Dick’s Picks 2013”

  1. Jerome Garcia Says:

    Queuing up the Love Affair Orpheum Slave. We’ll see if this linkage oranges up in entirety.

  2. Jerome Garcia Says:

    Nope. Rumpelfudgkins. Ctrl c & ctrl p it is. Must be a WP issue a la voop’s previous post.

  3. BingosBrother Says:

    Grew up with a fam that relocated from Penn. Whole house was Pens, Bucs, Steelers. Couldn’t go in if you were against them. Friends nickname was Bucky. Biggest upset in IKWF state finals history. Still watch that match once a year on vhs and get goosebumps. Go Pirates.

  4. Jerome Garcia Says:

    ^d’oh! Orpheum Bowie is MiA’s prev link. But wait isn’t there also the aforementioned Orpheum Slave? Not on 10/12/94 per phish.net. I’m so confused…

    ‘Couldn’t go in if you were against them’ = awesome Bingos.

  5. Dorn76 Says:

    The Phishtracks app works great. Great Went to the dome.

  6. BingosBrother Says:

    They were not joking either. Pittsburgh was their religion. Bucky wrestled at Eastern and roomed with Matt Hughes. Coached our alma mater. Now coaches his kids. Great man. A true Legend.

  7. vapebraham Says:

    tea, herbs, and Gorge ’13 Hood. $$$ version. trey’s tone is dialed in and his fingers are dancin.

  8. vapebraham Says:

    tea, herbs, and Gorge ’13 Hood. $$$ version. trey’s tone is dialed in and his fingers are dancin.

  9. marcoesq Says:

    They should have a list of every asshole like myself that buys every official release and just set us up for preorder every time. Need some more big Tweezers on these though, been heavy on the Mike’s lately. Late 90’s, yo.

  10. aj Says:

    “So aj care to critique Peyton Manning’s nearly flawless 1st half on MNF. We all know you’re watching intently. Ha!”

    Hardy har har. All I know is that my colleague who has Manning is in first place, keeping me in second, so I do not like this Manning person, ha. I am hoping he has some terrible injury soon so I can move ahead and claim my victory (what do I win again?). Still have yet to see a minute of actual football, but am enjoying watching FF tear my office apart.

  11. Jerome Garcia Says:

    Thanks aj. Good for a hearty belly laugh this AM. FWIW your squad is doing much better than mine in my league. Keep it going w/ your football fast; I believe that you can. Hope you win this shit!

    Matt Hughes is a badass mofo. That’s awesome about Bucky esp coaching. Respect.

  12. phlorida phan Says:

    Shitz getting real, just booked a hampton(inn) for Hampton. 12hr drive FTW. Maybe in 2014 they make it back to this state.

  13. aj Says:

    To be clear, its not a fast. I have yet to, in my life, watched or been to a game. Not my thing, but to each their own. That is why I am enjoying winning the ff thing because I have no idea what is happening or who my players are. I know D.Bres is my quarterback and that that is a good thing, so I will take it.

    Fall is firmly here, loving it.

  14. Stoney Case Says:

    but am enjoying watching FF tear my office apart.


  15. marcoesq Says:

    I have a Hampton (Inn) Hotel Fri-Mon and 2 tix to Hampton1 that I’m looking to use to trade for AC 2 or 3. Any interest?
    m h o y t 1 3 at ghee mail

  16. Kaveh Says:

    @marcoesq: if you need 2 Sunday Hampton’s (or 1) to help make that AC trade work for you; let me know. I can help.

    kjrahimi at yahoo dot com

  17. Calpain Says:

    drive by post:

    have a reservation at the Trump Taj, check-in 10/31 for 3 nights. $600.

    any interest drop a line: calpain.brew at gmahl. will cancel res. in the next 2 weeks

  18. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    your first issue is that the orpheum show was 11/26/94 😉

    now go spin a show from Austin on this date: 9.24.99 with a big Wolf and that Sand->Misty Mountain Hop, not to mention a pretty nifty first set Disease

    or maybe the Target Center show from the next year with that gooey Cities>Free and the first Cool it Down since Halloween ’98

    or maybe you skew older and want to hear that old frathouse show (don’t forget your whitehat, yo) from The Zoo where they dropped the first full Divided. two link limit, so find it yourself, slacker!

  19. dorn76 Says:

    D. Bres is a baller.

  20. aj Says:

    Target Center 99 and 00 were both outstanding, two of my fav shows I have caught. Would love to hear them in full SBD glory.

  21. Kaveh Says:

    Gov’t Mule’s new album; streaming today:


  22. DaNcInG fOoL Says:

    Anyone else excited for the Niagara release?

    Think I have to bail on Hampton now 🙁

  23. marcoesq Says:

    Target ’99 would be a prime candidate for SBD release. With the ’00 Cities>Free as filler.

  24. marcoesq Says:

    Why are Hamptons so abundant and AC’s so sparse?

  25. Stoney Case Says:

    Target 2000. Only show I ever snuck into, then back out of, twice. Walked in backwards from the downstairs bar/restaurant.

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