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This week, Phish dropped two noteworthy pieces of news centered around the state of New York. First and foremost, the band announced that they will return to Madison Square Garden for the fourth consecutive year for their Holiday Run. Though this comes as no surprise, it’s always nice to see more Phish shows on the docket. Phish also announced their next remastered release—a straight heater from Niagara Falls, New York on December 7, 1995. In my opinion, this is one of the very best shows from—arguably—the very best month in Phish history. A shrewd selection from Kevin Shapiro, this drop highlights the band at their absolute career peak (up until that point) as they worked their way to MSG at the end of the month. United in their Empire State of mind, each of these pieces of news deserve a tad more inspection.

12/7/95 Cover

12/7/95 Cover

Madison Square Garden, Phish, and New Years Run have become a 3.0 tradition. Starting in 2010, the band has returned to the hallowed round room each and every year for their Holiday bash, and each time we’ve witnessed a subsequent phase of renovation that has decreased the fun and all-out free for all that once existed in the late ‘90s. Now, the venue is extremely segmented, causing fans to scurry for GA West tickets only to discover the section packed like sardines and being forced to go small on the dance floor. Let’s face it, MSG ain’t what she once was and it’s time for a change. Hopefully the band will switch things up sooner than later, but for now it looks like we are heading back to the Big Apple to brave the cold weather for the holidays. With the band peaking again and returning to one of their favorite rooms, however, these shows carry a boat load of potential. Good luck in the ticket lottery!

Niagara Falls is the best release by Phish in quite some time. This highlights one of the peak shows of a peak era—December ’95. Within this show, the band throws down a fantastic first set “Slave” that sets up Hall of Fame versions versions of “Split Open and Melt,” “Reba,” “Mike’s” and “Weekapaug” in set two, not to mention an early, scorching version of “Taste.” This is an absolute can’t miss purchase, as Fred Kevorkian’s remastering has been dialed in on recent releases like Ventura and Hampton-Winston Salem. Bring that oh-so-crisp sound to the fast, frenetic and layered jamming of December ’95, and this drop is bound for glory. Here’s a 2008 piece I wrote on four shows that should be remastered—including Niagara Falls. Hey, two out of four ain’t bad!


Winged-music-noteJams of the Day: Niagara Falls 12/7/95

Split Open




“Slave to the Traffic Light” SBD sample < Click

1,801 Responses to “New York News Day”

  1. btb Says:

    Just put in my 12/31 tix request

    I will likely end up with LAWNS

  2. Kaveh Says:

    Morning BBers…

    …funny story. My wife and I weren’t planning on MSG at all. Saving for 2014. Then I get a text from here, saying are we going? I replied, nope. She gets home and tells me that the 28,29,30,31 shows will be the same amount of times Phish has played MSG. She was excited about that little factoid…and now…NYC here we come!

    I didn’t even know about that factoid; which is interesting.

  3. Mr. Palmer Says:

    Dec. 30th..

    30th show, on the 30th, in their 30th year….

  4. phlorida phan Says:

    ^Took a lot of proper planning by the band to pull that off. Or just got lucky on the coincidence.

  5. shred Says:

    Notice the difference but I usually get decent seats on 100’s level. Doesn’t affect me at all.

  6. btb Says:

    I think its a coincidence, but a nice little factoid.

  7. HeadyBrosevelt Says:

    msg is not what it used to be, but the new set up doesn’t effect me. i have never been on the floor at the garden and i am usually boogieing in the 200’s or 300’s with the spinners and goofballs- tons of space and a wonderful dance party. i wouldn’t mind if they played msg every new years run- only because i am in philly during the december holiday and that makes it easy to get to the shows- friends, family, and phish. my only wish is that they would tear the place up like they did in ’95, ’97, and ’98- blow the roof off the round room every night- not just for a jam or two.

  8. Mr. Palmer Says:

    Mike’s>Week from Niagara Falls is the titties

  9. aj Says:

    Mr. P – just curious, how is that the 30th show? 30th of the year or 30th at MSG?

  10. Mr. Palmer Says:

    Dec. 30th, 30th career show at MSg for Phish

  11. Fly Says:

    Driveby grovel:

    Anyone have any hotel floor space to offer for DCU shows? Non w00k.

    yetanotherfakeemail420 at gmail

    Much obliged

  12. Stoney Case Says:

    Heady sums up what other fans are thinking, perfectly.

    “MSG for New Years is great. When the band used to throw down there.”

    Well done bud. Agrees

  13. btb Says:

    Northeast is getting saturated w/ Phish shows. No surprises there.

    Summer tour was a well needed coast to coast affair.

    Only semi-gripe is the mid-west kind of got F*cked. After all we’ve done for you Phish!!!!

    ::shakes fist in fake outrage::

  14. Mr. Palmer Says:

    This is the year!

  15. Stoney Case Says:

    Palmer, with fall tour it’s definitely the year of “No excuses”. Unless the crowd drowns out all the quiet passages forcing Trey to play ‘Julius’ 11 times in 4 nights.

  16. Mr. Palmer Says:

    No Excuses NYE Run… I like that..

    They should probably throw in a 30 minute jam in that 30th show to top it off

  17. Stoney Case Says:

    I’d prefer 30 songs. 14/set and double encore. But a 30 min jam could work.

  18. aj Says:

    30 minute Woozer

  19. aj Says:

    *with special guests RZA and Ghostface from Wootang Clan, since its NYC

  20. bob dylan Says:

    Sugar is addictive. Next you’ll be telling me to eat garlic if I’m sick! 😯

  21. [Not Tom] Says:

    What’s up BB? Anyone have good recommendations on where to stay in Hampton or nearby? I went to the 2009 shows but stayed in Williamsburg to make it a vacation for me then-wife. Want to stay much closer this time. Thanks!!!

  22. Fly Says:

    Fast Enough For Woo

  23. voopa Says:

    I told mrs. v about the 30-30 thing on the 30th, and she mockingly said, “Oh my God!”

    So we probably won’t be there.

  24. MiA Says:

    Woo-kepaug Groove

  25. phoammhead Says:


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