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MSG NYE 2013

This week, Phish dropped two noteworthy pieces of news centered around the state of New York. First and foremost, the band announced that they will return to Madison Square Garden for the fourth consecutive year for their Holiday Run. Though this comes as no surprise, it’s always nice to see more Phish shows on the docket. Phish also announced their next remastered release—a straight heater from Niagara Falls, New York on December 7, 1995. In my opinion, this is one of the very best shows from—arguably—the very best month in Phish history. A shrewd selection from Kevin Shapiro, this drop highlights the band at their absolute career peak (up until that point) as they worked their way to MSG at the end of the month. United in their Empire State of mind, each of these pieces of news deserve a tad more inspection.

12/7/95 Cover

12/7/95 Cover

Madison Square Garden, Phish, and New Years Run have become a 3.0 tradition. Starting in 2010, the band has returned to the hallowed round room each and every year for their Holiday bash, and each time we’ve witnessed a subsequent phase of renovation that has decreased the fun and all-out free for all that once existed in the late ‘90s. Now, the venue is extremely segmented, causing fans to scurry for GA West tickets only to discover the section packed like sardines and being forced to go small on the dance floor. Let’s face it, MSG ain’t what she once was and it’s time for a change. Hopefully the band will switch things up sooner than later, but for now it looks like we are heading back to the Big Apple to brave the cold weather for the holidays. With the band peaking again and returning to one of their favorite rooms, however, these shows carry a boat load of potential. Good luck in the ticket lottery!

Niagara Falls is the best release by Phish in quite some time. This highlights one of the peak shows of a peak era—December ’95. Within this show, the band throws down a fantastic first set “Slave” that sets up Hall of Fame versions versions of “Split Open and Melt,” “Reba,” “Mike’s” and “Weekapaug” in set two, not to mention an early, scorching version of “Taste.” This is an absolute can’t miss purchase, as Fred Kevorkian’s remastering has been dialed in on recent releases like Ventura and Hampton-Winston Salem. Bring that oh-so-crisp sound to the fast, frenetic and layered jamming of December ’95, and this drop is bound for glory. Here’s a 2008 piece I wrote on four shows that should be remastered—including Niagara Falls. Hey, two out of four ain’t bad!


Winged-music-noteJams of the Day: Niagara Falls 12/7/95

Split Open




“Slave to the Traffic Light” SBD sample < Click

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  1. jdub Says:

    I was worried about the long layoff. Advantage Rays in game 1. Damn.

  2. William H. Bonney Says:

    Yes I will be, hitting the whole run. Going all in for the fall.

  3. vapebraham Says:

    dirtWolf = pennsylvania’s Pliny

  4. bob dylan Says:

    Speaking of Pliny, bout to crack a bottle at work.

    Life = good

  5. William H. Bonney Says:

    huge error…can Moore limit the damage…???

  6. jdub Says:

    Yes sir, huge error

  7. phlorida phan Says:

    shit fuck…….you the man slick willy, jealous.

  8. phlorida phan Says:

    We’ll have to trade some vapes /bubbler hits

  9. Jerome Garcia Says:

    Way to go Buccos! Evened the series at 1-1. Both games pretty lopsided though.

    Gotta see if they’ve got The Wolf in TX as you can get several of the standard Victory offerings down here.

    You sending The Wolf?
    Oh you feel better motherfucker?
    Shit negro that’s all you had to say!

  10. William H. Bonney Says:

    Can’t give sox extra outs. Bam Bam has to step up now.

  11. jdub Says:

    Definitely pulling for the Bucs, great win for them.

    This is typical Red Sx baseball this year. Take advantage of mistakes and do the little things to steal a run or two.

  12. William H. Bonney Says:

    I think the whole layoff thing is over blown. You get to set your rotation up rest tired bullpen arms etc. would have much rather be starting series at home with top pitcher on the mound.

  13. phlorida phan Says:

    Jeez, never easy, time to head home for some lucky precious and ipa’s to get these rays turned around.

  14. sumodie Says:

    I could handle a Paul Simon costume. But missing such a costume choice wouldnt personally sting (ie, I love Simon but he’s not one of my near & dear artists like the Stones). At the least a very fun set

    Never liked Springsteen (thnx to Born in the USA & high school) so wouldnt be too happy with that musical costume. But hopefully Id be able to quell my disappointed expectations & have fun

    This misplaced tour date balloon at -has it always been in the wronglocation since fall tour was announced? (not gonna search the greenboard for answers)

  15. snow Says:

    What up BB?


  16. Jerome Garcia Says:

    I owe you a preroll snow. Fecking Glowhawks man.

  17. snow Says:

    The glowhawks are fucking tough. Can’t believe that pulled that shit out… and with 3/5 of the starting o-line out injured. I don’t see why we won’t keeping rolling in Indy but obviously going to be close.

    are you hitting hampton @JG?

    Last roll call I got was WHB, Sumodie, and MiA was on the fence…

  18. jdub Says:

    Rays have Price slinging tomorrow at least. But Buchholz ain’t too shabby, looking good for my Sox.. Love playoff baseball.

  19. William H. Bonney Says:

    Flood gates have opened….congrats Boston….see you tomorrow…would take a miracle for Rays to get back in this. Not bulit to out score teams.

  20. Jerome Garcia Says:

    Yes the Hawks are pretty damn solid. Despite Houston’s ineptitude in the 2nd half that was quite the ‘never say die’ showing by Wilson & crew.

    No Fall Tour for this kid unfort. Will have to get you in ’14 but damnit snow I’m good for it!

    Will Hampton be descended upon in 2 wks w/ heads scooping up all the extras or will the venue be noticeably empty in which case the band throw the funk down & the Mothership literally levitates?

  21. William H. Bonney Says:

    Bucholz is the one that worries me. Best arm in my estimation on the staff.

  22. snow Says:

    I’m about half way through season 2 of Breaking bad… I’ve never been this paranoid and anxious in my life. Great show.

  23. snow Says:

    @Jg- I’ve been trying to get anybody and everybody that I know to go but it seems like it is a pain in the ass for everybody to get there. Flying to DC and driving down is the easiest route and that is a pain.

    I’m saying option 2.

  24. Jerome Garcia Says:

    If option 2 will they webcast? Bc I have a feeling if option 2 then it will be a huge jamfest & I would def do the custie cast. But wtf do I know?

  25. jdub Says:

    Hampton is a skip show, didn’t ya get the memo?

    Best shows (musically) at the Mothership since ’97 forthcoming suckas.

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