Four Wishes For Fall Tour

8.2.13 (Brian Thomas)

8.2.13 (Brian Thomas)

Phish played so well this summer, these lists are getting harder and harder to make. But as we go into Fall, there are still a few things I am hoping to see.

1. The First Set: The last remaining weakness of modern Phish shows is undoubtably the first set. Aside from SPAC’s “Split Open and Melt,” there were no open ended jams in the first half of any shows this summer. There is rarely even much contained jamming of note in opening frames, causing these sets to be musically uneventful. At no point in the last few years have I spun any first set from start to finish, and rarely do I dip into first sets at all but for the random “Reba” or “David Bowie.” Why does Phish choose to keep their first sets so mellow? Sure, lots of fans are there to hear their songs, but how about mixing it up? When the band throws down a great second set, I consider it a great show at this point. Imagine if they infused both sets with creativity? I’m not saying it should be like 1997, but just a bit of interesting music, some meat—and not always “Stash,” “Bathtub Gin,” or “Antelope.” An air of unpredictability has returned to Phish’s second sets this year, but their first ones have remained quite routine.

2. “Energy:” We’ve just seen the birth of Phish’s newest jam vehicle—”Energy.” In only three versions after its debut, the band has built an open-ended psychedelic juggernaut. Sprouting a jam in Alpheretta, the cover was soon placed in the hallowed spot of second set opener in Chicago and San Francisco. The band first opened up “Energy’s” jam in Chicago, charting an uplifting course with an ambient outro, while in San Francisco, they took it down a less cathartic, darker path. I believe we will see this song really blow up this Fall, starting right away in Hampton. I also believe we will see the band take “Energy” jams in wildly different directions, making the new Apples In Stereo cover all the more intriguing.

3. Get In Set Two! : There are several songs that have been begging for the second set treatment, though Phish has been quite stubborn in in keeping them as structured, first set jams. They are: “Wolfman’s Brother,” “Bathtub Gin,” “Tube,” “Stash,” “Split Open and Melt,” “Ocelot,” and “A Song I Heard the Ocean Sing.”

4. New Phish Material: Before every tour for the past couple years, this hope has been listed. Let’s be serious, the band hasn’t written a song in ages. “Steam” is the only original that has debuted in this era and stuck around. Joy songs have been played into the ground and then some. A new album has been hinted at all year, though nothing—even a rumor—has materialized. Does this mean another run with no new originals? Most likely. They did great this summer adding “Energy” to the mix. “Say Something” has potential. But how ’bout an actual Phish song? It’s about time.


Winged-music-noteJam of the Day:

Rock and Roll” 8.3.13 II, BGCA

This monster version provided the centerpiece of Bill Graham’s second show. PS—Thanks for your feedback. I am keeping the links.

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906 Responses to “Four Wishes For Fall Tour”

  1. Mr. Palmer Says:

    Aj- fistful of those Oxys and a pint of red wine..

  2. voopa Says:

    I’m back, I’m ready to go
    From the rooftops shout it out
    Shout it out

  3. aj Says:

    I’m on it. Gotta be the role model, smile and nod, smile and nod.

  4. aj Says:

    Boardwalk hall looks beautiful too, should be a great time for all. I’ll be cheering along from the sofa (unless it’s Traffic, in which case I will be confused)

  5. little umbrellas Says:

    Boardwalk Hall early years:
    “including The Beatles, Frank Sinatra, the big band orchestras of Louis Armstrong, Count Basie and Woody Herman, Luciano Pavarotti, The Police, the Rolling Stones and many more.”

    Boardwall Hall:
    ” icons Lady Gaga, Elton John, Bruce Springsteen, Paul McCartney, Barbara Streisand, Madonna, The Rolling Stones, Jimmy Buffett, and Andrea Bocelli, Justin Bieber, Van Halen, and The Who among others.”

    -just thought it was interesting to notice what order they put that in.

  6. dorn76 Says:

    Nice! Phish with the “Among Others” mention!

  7. sumodie Says:

    Phoamm, see you at Hampton! I’ll be at the Newport News Hampton Inn, 8 miles north of Mutha

    As for AC, I’m only able to hit Halloween, and since I have to be home in the morning, no lodging needed

    AC parking recs? (Something several blocks away, need an easy getaway)

    Zappa good
    Marley good
    Traffic good
    Zepp good

  8. sumodie Says:

    “The arched roof was modeled after the clear-span train sheds of Europe and closer to home, Philadelphia’s Reading Terminal. It maintained its structural integrity without supporting beams, through 10 pairs of three-hinged steel trusses, each spanning 350 feet and weighing 220 tons per pair. The trusses were tied to the frame columns to allow the building to flex with wind and ground pressure. Between the monumental arches was an inner ceiling clad in acoustic tiles made from compressed sugar cane fiber. The tiles were detailed to suggest the clay tile ceilings of a Roman public bath. It was truly a work of art, as well as a functional building.

    The new Hall claimed the world’s largest clear span space–456 feet long and 310 feet wide under a 137 foot-high barrel vault ceiling. The large, column-free space was ideal for exhibitions and conventions. It also boasted the latest in technical advances–lighting, acoustics, and performance design.

    Novel approaches to the theatrical lighting were incorporated into the structure. The 196,000 square-foot barrel ceiling of aluminum painted tiles became the reflector for a dazzling show of lighting technology, anticipating the future of using artificial light to enhance and define exterior and interior space. The design brought an “electric sun” inside the auditorium. ”

    Electric indeed!

  9. sumodie Says:

    “Boardwalk Hall houses the most powerful musical instrument on the planet—a pipe organ that contains both the largest, and loudest organ pipes ever made. More powerful than a dozen orchestras, it can both whisper and thunder into the 5.5 million cubic feet of air space in the main hall.”

    Organ weighs 150 tons

    Over 33,000 pipes

    Don’t worry, I doubt they’ll let Page near it, esp as the restoration is not complete

  10. joe Says:

    we should be able to leave car at my hotel, Sumo.

  11. BooVT Says:

    Boulder Beer Cold Hop is pretty good.

    I am getting EXCITED for Worcester.

  12. sumodie Says:

    Joe, good point! And Bally’s is not far from both the expressway and BHall

    10 am in springfield is likely a good call although I haven’t been able to lock down a departure time on my end

    5 hour drive in good traffic, and it would be best to leave before noon….

  13. BingosBrother Says:

    I would fucking die. A top record for me. Made for Mike to destroy.

  14. joe Says:

    done and done. I’ll be in springfiled by 10am. Flight booked for Saturday, room booked for thursday and friday.

  15. joe Says:

    get there whenever. Bus depot in Springfield is a lovely place to hangout, I’m sure.

  16. Sparx Says:

    Ren, def still interested but waiting to hear back on some other options. I will get back to u asap. Thanks man

  17. BooVT Says:

    They’re having a trivia contest at this bar I’m at now. The two guys next to me had never even heard of “Mork and Mindy”. I helped ’em out… I’m old…

    Nano Nano.

  18. joe Says:

    I had the Mork and Mindy board game and welcome back, kotter game board game. I am also old.

  19. little umbrellas Says:

    here’s hoping Page plays that Church Organ

  20. chris Says:

    i probably have too many wishes for fall that i’ll sound like i’m being a bitch. I’m satisfied with the majority of the way things have been going down for my favorite band. They’re playing is tight and inspired and when they actually decide to jam they nail it 9/10 times, but:
    1.mikes needs a second jam
    2. tube-c’mon play this sucker for real
    3. *this is my biggest complaint: first sets are boring. Too many songs played in too predictable of a manner. Where are the first set jams?
    4.second sets still tend to start strong but devolve into too many jamless songs
    5.jam longer and more often throughout the second set ..take a page from 97 at least but really, take a page from 2003 and just let things go loooong
    6.trey-use you’re entire arsenal of effects that you’ve mastered over the years-the whammy, the wah, and loops used together in smart and creative manner in a single jam
    7. no more fucking woo’s
    8. page-you’re playing is great but use more weird psychedelic sounds
    9. more jams like the chicago piper (i thought they were on to something with that)
    10. the boy’s started to develop a new kind of attack in their best jams of summer. BGCC Light, hollywood hood, dicks sand, dicks carini are a few examples of this kind of jamming. It’s fire.

  21. BooVT Says:

    Joe, I was at the British Beer Co in Walpole.

    Not too far from you.

  22. ElJefe Says:

    I like some Zappa for sure but a lot of it is so unlistenable to my ears bc of 1. The stupid Lyrics/ his voice 2. The crap sounding instruments/tone ie Guitars and Synths even the 80’s sounding mixes of the drums drive me bonkers… The music and musicianship is top notch of course
    His dipshit son and money grubbing wife I’m not particularly fond of either…
    Oh and screw Steve Vai too.

  23. sumodie Says:

    Flaming Lips? Don’t make me listen to music I’ve never heard before ;0>

    Just one of those bands I’ve let slip thru the cracks (and many have told me I’d like their music, esp Yoshimi)

  24. aj Says:

    how funny and phishy would it be if they let Page play the organ and they played…. HYHU.


  25. ElJefe Says:

    AJ- gold!

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