A Lumpy Start

10.18.13 (Jake Silco)

10.18.13 (Jake Silco)

As Phish stepped into Hampton Coliseum for the first time since their comeback weekend in 2009, the place was half-empty. Few in the building were familiar with such environs, especially since the last time we gathered in Hampton, Virginia, tickets were going for $500! I didn’t think that the sparse environs would play a part in the actual show—and perhaps it didn’t—but the band played their most mellow show in memory to kick off Fall Tour. But it wouldn’t have been a Phish show without any adventure, and on this night the band fuel injected all of their adventure into a redonkulous version of “Carini”—a piece that immediately stands among the best jams ever dropped in the storied round room. But other than this paradise voyage, the show was delivered as if not to offend any one, and it wound up being just a bit too tasteful for many fans that were chomping at the bit.

10/18 Official (J.Flames)

10/18 Official (J.Flames)

Halfway through an inexplicably mellow second set, someone reminded Trey that soundcheck had been over hours, and when Trey got that message, he tore into “Carini”—a jam that defined this show in full. Settling into a growling mid-paced jam, the band locked into the pocket and never looked back, crafting a multi-thematic voyage that deserves any and all fans’ immediate attention. As the band moved through an extensive period of darkness, they flipped the switch on this already impressive piece, and built it to a scintillating, Allmans-eqsue blues-rock peak. Trey hit upon a lick of glory and transformed this melody into the guiding light of the jam that would bring the band to the mountaintop. And just when you thought Phish had brought another 3.0 classic to a bluesy peak, they broke shit down into funk textures that reinvented the jam on the fly. Moving into an entire jam-after-the-jam, the band continued to bring the house down with rhythmic interplay. In fact, this segment built an entire theme unto itself before the band finally wound their way down. If you caught the webcast, you already know, but if you haven’t heard it yet, sit down with this “Carini” with your morning coffee—I guarantee you will have a better day for it.

10.18.13 (J.Silco)

10.18.13 (J.Silco)

Any musical highlights other than “Carini,” however, were few and far between. The only other true meat of the show came in the set opening “Twist”—the first version in such a slot since Philly 2003—and the oddly placed “Roggae.” “Twist” seemed like a very peculiar choice from to kick off the second set, and although the band moved into an impressive ambient lair, the jam felt a bit short of complete as they drifted into “Free.” Following the opening couplet, the band played a searing rendition of “Roggae,” a song usually reserved for less highlighted placement. This “Roggae” captivated the room’s attention in full, raising the eyebrows of quite a few skeptics. But when Trey started playing “Sparkle” in the middle of the second set, I literally leaned over to my friend and asked, “What’s going on?” And then they played “Cavern.” Finally, the messenger bird made it’s way down from the rafters and delivered Trey the word, prompting him to “Throw something down for the kidz before things turn sour!” And so he did.

Hot versions of “Number Line” and “Antelope” closed out an underwhelming set, but when the band plays something of the caliber of “Carini,” sometimes its all just gravy. 2013 has seen slight step backwards in the quality of tour openers, as Bangor and now Hampton’s first night, have carried the vibe of warm up shows. But even in warm up shows, Phish can still deliver the goods, and I bet that when this run is all said and done, nobody will have forgotten Hampton’s “Carini.”

First set notes: A solid, though standard first set kicked things off with solid song selection and energy. “Jim” and “Stash” provided the first dips into full-band improv, but in truth, this was a warm up set through and through.

I: Wolfman’s Brother, Runaway Jim, Mound, Chalk Dust Torture, Army of One, Nellie Kane, Stash, Ocelot, Rift, Bouncing Around the Room, Walls of the Cave

II: Twist > Free > Roggae, Sparkle > Cavern > Carini > Backwards Down the Number Line, Twenty Years Later, Wading in the Velvet Sea, Run Like an Antelope

E: When the Circus Comes, Suzy Greenberg

10.18.13 (Jake Silco)

10.18.13 (Jake Silco)

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399 Responses to “A Lumpy Start”

  1. phishm Says:

    I can only imagine what the energy is like in that room right now. Must be thick as hell.

  2. [an unrelated] wilson Says:

    holy shit

  3. bobby weird Says:

    felt like trey cumming jam…. wow.

  4. Jerome Garcia Says:

    Alien abstraction Ghost

  5. Gavinsdad Says:


  6. phishm Says:

    is this going into disease. As I type this it happens. Very nice.

  7. Jerome Garcia Says:

    Buttery > Disease

  8. jdub Says:

    off the hook Ghost and now the DWD>Piper. Band is bringing it.

  9. Stoney Case Says:

    Ghost was Way Too Jammy

  10. Jerome Garcia Says:

    That Ghost single-handedly just sold all remaining Fall tics increased demand & raised prices on secondary mkt. Well dome Phish. That’ll learn ya Phishies.

  11. phishm Says:

    Just wait Jerome. It gets better.

  12. Jerome Garcia Says:

    This one’s gonna go down in the annals me thinks amigos 😉

  13. voopa Says:

    Well now I’ve done it. Broke the bong stem, and the bottom part is in it. Guess I gotta go shopping tomorrow.

    Now to figure out why my video keeps pausing every second. Audio is clean, but this is unwatchable. Malware, I suspect.

    Anyway, rockin’!

  14. Jerome Garcia Says:

    ^show that is. Damn this is some phine phine I say Phine Phish.

  15. Jerome Garcia Says:

    Sonnuva voopstar! Gonna have to twist one up. STEAM!

  16. voopa Says:

    I guess now would be a good time to run a scan.

  17. Jerome Garcia Says:

    Steam flufftard here. Dance party bitches!

  18. voopa Says:

    Yeah JG, it’s been one of those days. Ending well though, broken apparatus notwithstanding.

  19. little umbrellas Says:

    Ghost>Disea$e… me tinks miner will have a hay day tith this one.

  20. Jerome Garcia Says:

    Binger gettin busted out

  21. jdub Says:

    mike is using his fan as a percussion instrument. Nice.

  22. Jerome Garcia Says:

    So sick!

  23. phishm Says:

    What makes me laugh is people will bitch about this set. Not sure why, but they will come up with something. Spoiled I guess.
    This is fucking awesome in my book.

  24. Jerome Garcia Says:

    Man head full in that room…right now…envious

  25. jdub Says:

    pulling out all the tools

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