Hampton Comes Alive

10.18.13 (Jake Silco)

10.18.13 (Jake Silco)

What a difference a day makes. One night after taking batting practice over the course of two sets, Phish came out swinging on Saturday night at Hampton Coliseum and truly inaugurated their 30th Anniversary Fall Tour with a smoking two set affair. Laying it on early and often, the guys took no prisoners, crafting a show that—arguably—bested any at The Mothership in 14 years. Evoking the feeling of fall tours of lore, the guys threw down a show that was bursting at the seams with energy and never relented for a moment, leaving fans with shit-eating grins as they moseyed back to their hotels through a perfect autumn evening.


10/19 Official (J.Flames)

Stepping to the plate with a purpose, the band lead off the game with a solid double in the gap in the form of “Bathtub Gin” before staging a scoring rally that was highlighted by a scorching indoor “Tube.” A version that set fire to the full-sized, Saturday night crowd, this creative and extended “Tube” provided an unquestionable highlight of the first set. Following this adrenalized start, the guys slowed things down with the modern rarity, “Fast Enough For You” and Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Ballad of Curtis Loew.” Non-rotation songs of “Yamar” and “My Sweet One” sandwiched a crunchy “Stealing Time,” which set the table for a smoking “Mike’s Groove” that was weighted towards “Weekapaug” with Page leading the way on clavinet. In retrospect, I thought there would be more musical meat to discuss in the opening stanza, but it just goes to show how far balls-to-the-wall energy and precise musicianship will take a set.

The first half had the arena buzzing as fans prepared themselves for what was sure to be a stellar main event. The band was feeling it, and they were bringing it hand over fist. A night after starting the second set with “Twist” for the only the second time since 2003, Phish opened Saturday night’s with “Ghost” for the first time since Alpine 2010, and the second time since Raleigh 2003! And what a “Ghost” it was. Reminiscent of IT’s legendary “Ghost” from Limestone, this version had a trajectory set for the heavens, and shot like an arrow into a blissful, peaking plateau where the jam sat for an eternity. Trey peeled of sheets of descending notes at the zenith of this excursion, cascading like victory over his legions of devotees. Super-charged catharsis of the highest degree, this “Ghost” drove us across the sky in a chariot before grounding us with a breakbeat-driven, ambient denouement.

10/18 (Jake Silco)

10/18 (Jake Silco)

Flipping the conventional script, the band segued out of “Ghost” and into a second-song “Disease,” providing a unique contour to the set’s opening couplet. The band moved from the song’s rock platform into a more ethereal, open-ended excursion that reached some profound places before getting chopped a bit abruptly for a wild, antic-filled version of “Steam.” The band absolutely slayed the “Steam” jam as Trey illustrated how he’s honed his pitch-bending as juxtaposed to the overly-whaley, 2013 debut at SPAC. Following the conventional jam, however, Trey joined Fishman on drums for a percussive-driven segment that saw Mike not only play his fight bell with drum sticks, but also bring back his power drill  from Friday night’s “Antelope” to play the bass. Page stabbed at his Hammond, providing the only melodic comping to this rhythmic tangent, before the guys remerged with the end of “Steam.”

10.18.13 (J.Silco)

10.18.13 (J.Silco)

It was high time for the band to take a breath, and they did so in the form of “Prince Caspian.” But the set found its way into too much filler after that. “Boogie On” had some extra zest, and carried the energy of the night just fine. But after that came “Theme” (which was actually quite good). And then came “Wedge.” “And then “Silent in the Morning.” At this point, we could have been in the middle of a first set! The guys did, however, close things with a bang, scripting a haunting and twisting version of “Harry Hood.” The set, though, had already lost considerable momentum, an issue that has seemed to plague an older Phish.

Just like that, we are one night away from fall tour’s first weekend being complete. And if the first two nights are any prediction of what is to come, we are in for one hell of a run. Phish took but one night to stretch their legs, and on Saturday, Trey used his newly dusted off Ocedoc to announce, “Game on!” And you know what they about Sunday shows…and with a “Tweezer” looming at Hampton Coliseum?! Yikes. Hide the women and children folks—we’ll see you in a few hours!

I: Bathtub Gin, The Moma Dance, Tube > Fast Enough for You, The Ballad of Curtis Loew, Ya Mar, Stealing Time From the Faulty Plan, My Sweet One, Mike’s Song > I Am Hydrogen >Weekapaug Groove

II: Ghost > Down with Disease > Steam* > Prince Caspian > Boogie On Reggae Woman, Theme From the Bottom, The Wedge, Silent in the Morning, Harry Hood

E: Quinn the Eskimo

10.18.13 (Jake Silco)

10.18.13 (Jake Silco)

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395 Responses to “Hampton Comes Alive”

  1. Vapebraham Says:

    Her not you. You are a joy bringer.

  2. BingosBrother Says:

    Wtf is vape still doing here? Thought this was Set 2.

    Noticed yrey had scratchy vox yesterday.

  3. phishm Says:

    Just started laughing when they went type II. Wow are they out to blow minds or what? Phish rocks.

  4. Vapebraham Says:

    Lights are off, feet are up, but lively Groove phish, BB action and a Justin’s peanut butter cup keepin me conscious.

  5. Vapebraham Says:

    I keep hearing 50 ways to leave your lover flavor by fish. Trippa

  6. dorn76 Says:

    Fuck Buttons dance party>Hampton Tweez.

    Cal, you gave me so much material I’m choking on it.

    I kid, and honestly I hear where you are coming from. But seriously. Hunger? Vitality? After 3 decades they are still breaking new ground, and bringing the house down.

  7. Mr. Palmer Says:

    “Fuck Buttons dance party>Hampton Tweez.”


  8. Vapebraham Says:

    Best shit of the run right there. Jeezus christmas

  9. Gavinsdad Says:

    Page is trying to go there @Palmer

  10. phishm Says:

    If somebody bitches about what just happened tomorrow I may just lose it. Of course they don’t get it and probably suck. Wow this is some good Phish.

  11. Stoney Case Says:

    Great show. Great game. Sensory overload

  12. Mr. Palmer Says:

    This GA is no slouch either… Phish is throwing down..

    Gotta bring the Piper next.

    Tela’s called this set..

  13. Stoney Case Says:

    Sally coming

  14. dorn76 Says:

    Friday is this week!!!!!!!

  15. plord Says:

    Evil darkness box, double-checked.

  16. Vapebraham Says:

    Holy mackerel. Epic jam. Now going storage. Fabulous.

  17. jdub Says:

    2001 coming? sounds like one of these days. Total mind fuck chaos.

  18. Mr. Palmer Says:


  19. BrandonKayda Says:

    Big Tweezer? Sounds promising enough. May have to spin this set II tomorrow.

  20. tela's_muff Says:

    these have been Robitussin jams. dark dark dark. wow. this is why you wait until night 3 before you do a Cal post. 😉 i kid. agree with some of your points.

  21. plord Says:

    Waves coming?

  22. Stoney Case Says:

    Eat all you got before leaving VA set. No breaks

  23. Mr. Palmer Says:


  24. Gavinsdad Says:

    Couple people just had to sit down. Others making sure there friends are still there.

  25. jdub Says:

    Fuck yeah

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