The Top Ten Jams of Fall

Boardwalk Hall (Andrea Nusinov)

Boardwalk Hall (Andrea Nusinov)

I’ve spent the past week spinning the hell out of Fall and I have come up with my top ten jams of tour. These are—by my ear—the most hooked up, flowing pieces of improvisation from an all-too-short fall run. As always, ranking these was an incredibly difficult task, but that said, I’m quite happy with how this top ten turned out. always, Enjoy the playlist!

10. “Ghost” 10.31 III, Atlantic City, NJ

This locked and driving jam opened the third of set of Halloween with a bang.



9. “Down with Disease” 10.29 II, Reading, PA

After steering through a couple different moods, the band found the end of the rainbow in a southern-style pot of gold.  This Allmans-sque passage and earth-shattering peak cement Reading’s “Disease” as a keeper.



8. “Golden Age” 10.27 II, Hartford, CT

Fishman absolutely destroys this rhythmic jam, as the band dances around his inhuman beats for much of its duration. The band truly sits into this jam, something they are becoming more and more comfortable doing with “Golden Age.”



7. “Twenty Years Later” 10.29 II, Reading, PA

Methodical, growling, and funky as James Brown’s band on their worst night, this mid-set surprise obliterated the dance floor and left people picking up pieces of their brains off the walls of Santander Arena. Sliding into a rootsy, Americana outro, this jam hit the feel-good spot as well.



6. “Twist” 10.23 II, Glens Falls, NY

This jam provided the pivot point of tour; from here on out, everything the band touched turned to gold.



5. “Carini” 10.31 III, Atlantic City, NJ

A free-form, third-set joyride that reached profound planes following some early-jam hiccups. The improvisational centerpiece of the Halloween show.



4. “Light” 10.26 II, Worcester, MA

The most slamming “Light” of Fall has so much to offer, including a searing guitar solo, a passionate composed jam and the the most sophisticated groove exposé of the entire tour. Hey!



3. “Twist” 11.1 II, Atlantic City, NJ

The central part of this jam provided the most cathartic group moment of the year aside from Tahoe’s “Tweezer.” Very powerful music; very powerful energy. The band came down from the mountaintop and retained cohesion through a mini-“Under Pressure” jam, continued into a full-blown, psychedelic third segment of music, and finally came down via a dreamy denouement.



2. “Carini” 10.18 II, Hampton, VA

This multi-staged, super-dynamic jam is the only piece of Fall—other than my number one pick—that flows with a completely effortless nature from beginning to end. And that’s quite impressive considering the amount of ground it covers, including a scintillating mid-jam, peak and a funked up final section. Despite Sunday’s scorching final set, this “Carini” is the everlasting gem of Hampton 2013.



1.Tweezer” 10.27 II, Hartford, CT

The guys clicked from this jam’s first note, locking into a sacred stride and never missing a beat. No jam from Fall flowed more effortlessly that this—four-minded, egoless, soulful music from start to finish. As if God pressed play and the band simply allowed the music to flow through them—this is what it’s all about.

Hampton Coliseum (Andrea Nusinov)

Hampton Coliseum (Andrea Nusinov)

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619 Responses to “The Top Ten Jams of Fall”

  1. Spasm Waiter Says:

    Quality Euro Tour golf on GC. Wrapping up race to Dubai this weekend. Big bucks…

  2. chris Says:

    could someone point me to which thread contained that TAB link from vegas 03′?

    please and thank you

  3. Angryjoggerz Says:

    I wish I had an opinion on the best jams of fall, but honestly cannot stop listening to the wing suit set. I had no idea how much I needed new Phish and these tunes really do it for me. Love the title track. Bravo, Phish

  4. Whale returns Says:

    New phish was needed badly. While the tight rotation was cool I guess it was definitely getting to me a little. New phish is always good. Remember when ghost dropped. Wow. Game changer. That what I feel like for 555 and fuego Breathed life back into the band. even waiting all night…dark horse for the album to get into some strange jam territory.

    MSG MSG MSG!!! Haven’t been this fired up for shows in a while.

  5. Whale returns Says:

    Too bad I got shut out. Guess I lucked out on Halloween and crapped out on New Years.

    Stub hub…FTW?!?! FML.

  6. chris Says:

    the only song from the new album that i can say i absolutely love is Waiting all Night. I especially like the part when it switches from Trey to Mike singing. Mikes voice can be strangely beautiful.

    I also can’t wait for them to open up some of these tunes like wingsuit and fuego. Maybe 555 and I can really see Devotion to a dream soaring to some cool places. I know this has all been said before.

    I’ve also criticized the album. My particular qualm is the final 3-4 songs. Seemed to start out strong and end with a wimper.

    Anyone else feel bad for the basketball player that they made the song “the line” about?

  7. Whale returns Says:

    That vocal switch is the best part.

  8. chris Says:

    yeah , it’s a great song imo ..i actually wish they went through those verses twice.

    I’m thinking theres also a lot of room for improvement/reworking of songs.

    still don’t know if i’ll ever like anything that’s close to adult comtemp…i’m talking about the final 3 songs: winterqueen (the only one i kind of like and think might have potential), amidst the pearls, and you never know

    anyone else think Steam would also make a nice addition to the album? or was that tune on Party time(never listened to that album)?

  9. Mr. Palmer Says:

    Chris- not sure if this is what you are looking for.

    This is the TAB link from 5.27.03… It’s from NYC

  10. chris Says:

    I was surprised to not see the Hampton Tweezer in Miner’s top ten but I can see why it might not make it. While I think it’s an incredible jam that covers a lot of territory and is very creative and hits some original dark ground, the band just seems to not quite be as hooked up as any of the versions miner listed for his top 10.

    One thing about this tour that I would say from Glenn Falls onward is how hooked up they were. There were times in Ac when I felt like the band was swinging, kinda like a jazz band. No doubt Fishman’s playing this year has been a big factor in how good this year sounds compared to any other for 3.0.

    If you take the Tweezer together with that golden age though, it becomes a tall order to top. I’m trying to think of other combo’s that could match that quality and length. I’m thinking AC 2 Tweezer>jibboo>makisupa(i usually don’t like this song at all but i appreciate this version)>light as well as Drowned>Light from Woosta

  11. chris Says:

    yes Mr Palmer, that’s the Tab show i meant….thanks!

  12. Litteringand Says:

    Started listening to this before seeing the most recent post. Relevant and very enjoyable-

  13. Rob Ford Says:

    No way miner believes GF twist is actually a better jam overall than Hampton Tweezer.

  14. jdub Says:

    Miner must’ve been in a drunken stupor Mr. Ford. Hence his preference for the crack like Hartford Tweeze over all else.

  15. Mr. Palmer Says:

    I got the impression that Tom Ford didn’t give a shit what anyone else thought…

    His internet persona is quite the opposite. Maybe if Miner could tell him to lay off the crack and hookers, he might listen???

  16. Mr. Palmer Says:

    haha…. make that Rob Ford…

  17. garretcorncob Says:

    Dayman! Great call on the MSG Piper. Face melting powers so intense grey reached the 400s behind the stage.

    Great run, despite the so-so music

  18. jdub Says:

    Haven’t listened to MSG’11 Piper in a minute. That jam is one helluva drug. Timeless.

  19. chris Says:

    i’ve been searching for that piper 12.30.11 sbd for a loooong time …anyone kind enough to post it?

    loved that jam

    also, watched 6.22.12 Twist video today. So sick. I forgot that it had a dark, storagey sounding intro before they started this up. The lights in the intro are sparse and just swirling around. So sick. Trey lays down some dark blues licks during the jam and then it moves into storage jamming with loops and darkness all around.

    One of my favorites of 3.0

  20. bobby weird Says:

    “I don’t want to get too personal here, but most of my relationships have been very sexually influenced. Haven’t met a female I couldn’t please type of thing.”

    ^ this is pure fucking gold!

  21. Mr.Miner Says:

    No way miner believes GF twist is actually a better jam overall than Hampton Tweezer.

    ^ yes way. 100%. This twist was the first jam—other than hampton carini—to see the band fully lock in for the duration. Hampton Tweeze doesn’t get good until deep into the jam. As I said, I’ll back these picks till the end. Last 8 minutes of Hampton Tweeze = $$$. All other parts = $

  22. Mr.Miner Says:

    I was surprised to not see the Hampton Tweezer in Miner’s top ten but I can see why it might not make it. While I think it’s an incredible jam that covers a lot of territory and is very creative and hits some original dark ground, the band just seems to not quite be as hooked up as any of the versions miner listed for his top 10.

    ^ exactly @chris

  23. Rob Ford Says:

    How long is the actual jam in twist after the song? Maybe 9 mins? So are those $$$ 8 mins of Tweezer not as good as the 9 min twist jam?

  24. Mr.Miner Says:

    hartford tweez? really? hamton tweezer blows the hartford tweez away, IMHO.

    ^ honestly, what are people listening to?

  25. Mr.Miner Says:

    agreed. Twist is a tighter, more successful jam. 100%

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