TTFF: December Jams

Fall 2013 (Andrea Nusinov)

Fall 2013 (Andrea Nusinov)

Tweezer” 12.16.99 II, Raleigh, NC



Reba” 12.31.95 I, NYC, NY



Ghost > Mike’s” 12.13.97 II, Albany, NY



Simple” 12.6.96 II, Las Vegas, NV



Weekapaug” 12.9.97 I, State College, PA



Free” 12.15.99 II, Washington, DC



Bathtub Gin > 2001” 12.2.99 Auburn Hills, MI



You Enjoy Myself” 12.9.95 II, Albany, NY

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400 Responses to “TTFF: December Jams”

  1. butter Says:

    @Vegas if Casal did lead, it didnt stand out much on night 2. his “leads” were probably when the 3 guitars were meshing like one sound, also i was on Jimmy Herring side and thats who i could hear best. last night i tuned in for a bit of the webcast and he led more for sure on night 3. Phil will often play quite different shows in a 4 night run like this. we didnt get any other1, st stephen, the eleven, bertha type of big Phil bombs, nor did we get much of the space jazz, at all. last night had much more of the loose space jazz. Phil even mentioned twice “thanks for keeping it weird” to his band mates

  2. butter Says:

    jambase’s NYE live music guide's-Eve-Concert-Guide-2013-2014

  3. Mr.Miner Says:

    thought warren led a fair amount as well

  4. butter Says:

    for sure Miner. it was a big Herring/Haynes night. rockin guitars front and center. not a ton of soloing by Phil. there was much more of that last night on the 45 min of stream i caught. (back half of set 2) these set 2’s are fairly long. played till at least 12:15 last night

  5. Ulysses S. Wingsuit Says:

    Sweet. Gonna tune in tonight.

  6. Gavinsdad Says:

    These last few pages were great. I like hearing about folks hanging out, music, beer and ants.

    Miners awesome Free post from ’08:

    Lights on the house! Gets sketchier every year creeping on the roof.

  7. butter Says:

    yea, talking about 08 GD, i was watching that 09 RR video w/ Billy K “7below” that someone linked, and realized this 5 years – 1/2 a decade of 3.0 … that the guys and i’m sure all of us, physically look older than when it started. kinda tripped me out

  8. garretcorncob Says:

    What’s up folks?

    Spinning some vinyl and getting started on packing for my second move in a month.

    First was out of my place, where my roommates, friends since HS, weren’t crazy about my slf de facto moving in, which is cool, but handled it extremely poorly (passive aggressive, anti-compromise, etcl), which wasn’t, and into her place, which is a cold, crowded, converted dining room with an annoying, kind of neurotic roommate. Now we’re heading somewhere where we have our own room and a roommate who actually wants us there. Has the bonus of being closer to my new job and being pet friendly, which may lead to us getting a dog in the next couple weeks, which would be off the hook awesome. We’ll see about that part though.

    So yeah, that’s more information than you needed to know about my Saturday.

    Roxy Music’s Avalon first, just dropped the needle on American Beauty on that sexy, hefty 180-gram vinyl.

  9. garretcorncob Says:

    Is it weird that when I listen to studio Dead I’m always surprised that Jerry doesn’t forget any lyrics?

  10. Ulysses S. Wingsuit Says:

    Right on garretcc..movin’ on up!

    ..socioeconomically, at least. Clearly you don’t need to move up height-wise.

    Dig your blog, keep it up!

  11. garretcorncob Says:

    Thanks, USW, for kind words on all subjects.

    Really enjoying the furniture stuff so far. Meditative and productive simultaneously. And a tangible productive taboot. Good music listening time as well. Figure it’ll be fun to look back someday at my documented progress. Not to mention that having that physical evidence is nice for job hunting/advertising someday if it comes to that.

  12. garretcorncob Says:

    Next up: first pressing copy of Damn The Torpedoes – Tom Petty

  13. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    sparty came to play tonight

  14. jdub Says:

    These December tunes are making me salivate for MSG in 3 weeks time. Yeah for Free, hears to hoping they either jam some Wingsuit tunes or take the stale ones of the shelf.

    So we have a deer that has a broken leg and is chilling right by our back door. He can’t move and needs to be put under. Kids are a little freaked. Time to call my hunting buddy. My wife is giving it water with arnica in it, she is such a bleeding heart. At any rate, hug your animals.

  15. BooVT Says:

    Spent all day in hockey rinks, coaching 3 games for my 12 yr old son’s team. Two ties and a win. I’m cold and exhausted. But I wouldn’t trade a minute of it for anything else. Hockey rules.

    GD So Many Roads to rock me to sleep…

    STILL trying to finagle my way to Sunday night at MSG. It’s not as far fetched of a possibility as it once was…

  16. Gavinsdad Says:

    Anchors holiday this year is delish. I am very loyal to it. Only been a couple of meh years since who knows when

  17. Gavinsdad Says:

    Dump Buddy Bible Study

    The League is a phenomanally slept on show.

  18. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    And Bucky too, apparently

  19. ae Says:

    Stoney, maybe first time ever I’m actively routing for MSU. Special occasion.

  20. phishm Says:

    That game was a bummer. Oh well. Maybe next OSU.

  21. phishm Says:

    oops, next year I meant to say.

  22. Stoney Case Says:

    MSU! MSU! MSU!

    Love kids hockey. Hats off BooVT!

  23. Fly Says:

    I’m still looking for a 12/30 ticket and floor space for 12/28-30. If you can help, email me at flytoMSG at gmail

    Thank you

  24. Stoney Case Says:

    Shit me Butter! When 3.0 came online, Stoney sported a full fluffy head of hair. Near bald on top now.


  25. ren Says:

    Deep into a “League” bender myself lately Gdad…has to be one of my all time favorite shows at this point. Even mrs ren digs it.

    Chalupa Batman FTW!

    Between that and Breaking I’ve got some nice yin and yang going…fire and ice if you will 😉

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