TTFF: December Jams 3.0

10.18.13, Hampton, VA (Jake Silco)

10.18.13, Hampton, VA (Jake Silco)

Seven Below -> What’s the Use?” 12.27.10 II, Worcester

Amidst a snow storm in Worcester, Phish paid homage to mother nature with this centerpiece jam of the show.



Tweezer > Caspian” 12.29.09, II Miami, FL

After all these years, the Miami “Tweezer” still holds up as one of the best of the modern era. And this “Caspian” absolutely crushes.



Piper” 12.30.11 II, New York, NY

The only bright spot of a otherwise piss-poor show. How they pulled it together for this one jam, we’ll never know.



Sand” 12.31.10 II, New York, NY

I’ve died and gone to plinko heaven.



Carini” 12.30.12 II, New York, NY

This menacing abstraction was the talking point of the Holiday Run for months after.



Light” 12.2.09 II, New York, NY

Just as “Light” was beginning to break form, Phish thew down this monstrosity at MSG—the most prolific version anyone had ever seen.



Ghost > NO2” 12.31.09 II, Miami, FL

Everyone knows MSG’s “Holy Ghost” of 2010, but do you remember this grimy, funk number from Miami the year before?



Harry Hood” 12.28.10 II, Worcester, MA

One of the truly magnificent jams 0f the modern era—musical perfection.



You Enjoy Myself” 12.4.09 II, New York, NY

This is one of very few worthy “YEMs” of the modern era. This one goes out to Scott—@Tourtweet.

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351 Responses to “TTFF: December Jams 3.0”

  1. bobby weird Says:

    Hunker down east coast bitches. Love it every year. Looking forward to getting my shovelling on. Gotta stay on top of it and not have heart attack.

  2. Stoney Case Says:

    Shooter at Arapahoe High in Co may have suffered from Affluenza.

    Saw photos of the kid holding cash. Another driving a new convertible.

  3. Stoney Case Says:

    Bobby! Could put on dry ice and mail it out. Maybe. SLF loves that stuff. Used to raise goats for a bit. Ruined my ability to enjoy the milk or cheese.

  4. bobby weird Says:

    Are goats as cool as they seem? Always feel like id love to get me a goat. Too bad about the cheese aversion that results. Damn tht sht is good. I just ate the whole (but small) thing. Couldnt stop.

  5. Stoney Case Says:

    Frankie, miner says ‘No’ to the DC Drowned / Waiting All Night connection.

  6. Stoney Case Says:

    Goats are very cool. Handy too. Eat poison oak, thorny berries and such. Also pretty personable. The aversion isn’t universal. Most peeps I know that raise goats use the milk and cheese on the regular. Used to give to my daughter as she’s allergic to cow milk.

    You could get a Pygmy goat. Treat like an outdoor dog. They Give milk too.

  7. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    Looks like first night of Christmas Jam was quite a doozy.

  8. dorn76 Says:

    Was just reading on reddit about goats/blackberry brambles…

    Go figure.

  9. vapebraham Says:

    like stoney’s thoughts re. wingsuit. good stuff there. That one vocal (snow) needs to be sorted and other tuens need polishing, but excited for it. We keep it rollin in our fuego. catchy.

    spinnin englishtown 9.3.77 (a dick’s pick) from the top w/ santa’s little porch garcia helper and IPAs. sculpin in the game now, about to be pulled. Kind Ryed IPA (tasty. a lot going on w/ that one one. sweet and bitter. bitter than sweet) and 1/2 a Lot. No. 3 have already been in the game. It’s been a good game.

    cheers to goats

    cheers to, dorn, who seems to have it dialed in. cheers to Phish and the GD and all tasty tunes (thanks for the list, VW). and cheers to all mankind.

    as it is

  10. dorn76 Says:

    Vape on!

  11. Stoney Case Says:

    Doran, there are businesses where people bring a trailer full of goats to eat your brambles and Clearbrush on your property.

    I know a young couple outlwest that actually walks around throughout the mountains in the summer with a herd of damn goats

  12. vapebraham Says:

    need to check that 8.12.10 Drowned jam for the WAN flavor. nice recon, frankie.

    humboldt fog is tasty cheese. hybird cali style.

  13. Frankie Says:

    Well then it can’t be real! I’ll stop spreading the nonsense… 😉

    Just like the Glens Falls Twist/The Line connection…

    Happy holidays ya’ll!

  14. vapebraham Says:

    i wasn’t doubting it, frankie.

  15. Stoney Case Says:

    I hear it Frankie. Tried to explain. Shot down.

  16. Frankie Says:

    No I was referring to Rob’s comment. It could be just a coincidence too, just thought it was cool enouh to share and see what ya’ll think…


    It felt reminiscing and I remember reading somewhere that they went and checked out old jams to help them compose the new songs so it would make sense…

    MSG WAN!

  17. little umbrellas Says:

    Grass Valley Greg likes Goats
    “Tofutti Break!”

  18. little umbrellas Says:

    Humboldt Fog goat cheese


  19. little umbrellas Says:

    “I Dig a Pygmy by Charles Hortrey and the Deaf Aids, Phase One in which Doris gets her oats”

  20. Stoney Case Says:

    T3, far as I could tell, Widespread didn’t even hit stage till like 1am?! Rock all night/ sleep all day bash. I went back in 07 or 08 when Trey and Mike played. Had a good time. Asheville a cool town for sure.

  21. little umbrellas Says:

    Without a Net by Wayne Shorter Quartet:!/album/Without+A+Net/8722988


  22. little umbrellas Says:

    Guy in Berkeley who sells his Goat’s cheese at the farmers market also gets paid by the UC to walk his herd around the Hills (Tilden, Joaquin Miller etc).


  23. little umbrellas Says:

    Spending the day walking around SF putting up flyers for our upcoming show at Slim’s with the Ethio group.

    and we have to record the show this time!!! Our Nigerian lady is leaving the band after playing since 08 to pursue other interests. So this will be her last gig.
    Gives us some big questions to answer about the band’s future. Perhaps an opportunity to get a true Amharic/Eritrean singer… or to go instrumental.

    Either way last chance to see Sun Hop Fat with Krystal Nzoiwu is at Slim’s on January 10th. Also going to debut a new original by our guitarist.

  24. little umbrellas Says:

    Grass Valley Greg, “anything is possible as long as you Imagineer it!”

  25. Stoney Case Says:

    Whoa lil Umb! Will be in the city on the 10th. Keep reminding me.

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