TTFF: December Jams 3.0

10.18.13, Hampton, VA (Jake Silco)

10.18.13, Hampton, VA (Jake Silco)

Seven Below -> What’s the Use?” 12.27.10 II, Worcester

Amidst a snow storm in Worcester, Phish paid homage to mother nature with this centerpiece jam of the show.

Download audio file (ph2010-12-27t15.mp3)
Download audio file (ph2010-12-27t16.mp3)


Tweezer > Caspian” 12.29.09, II Miami, FL

After all these years, the Miami “Tweezer” still holds up as one of the best of the modern era. And this “Caspian” absolutely crushes.

Download audio file (ph2009-12-29t12.mp3)
Download audio file (ph2009-12-29t13.mp3)


Piper” 12.30.11 II, New York, NY

The only bright spot of a otherwise piss-poor show. How they pulled it together for this one jam, we’ll never know.

Download audio file (phish2011-12-30d02t03.mp3)


Sand” 12.31.10 II, New York, NY

I’ve died and gone to plinko heaven.

Download audio file (ph2010-12-31t14.mp3)


Carini” 12.30.12 II, New York, NY

This menacing abstraction was the talking point of the Holiday Run for months after.

Download audio file (2.04-Carini.mp3)


Light” 12.2.09 II, New York, NY

Just as “Light” was beginning to break form, Phish thew down this monstrosity at MSG—the most prolific version anyone had ever seen.

Download audio file (ph2009-12-02t13.mp3)


Ghost > NO2” 12.31.09 II, Miami, FL

Everyone knows MSG’s “Holy Ghost” of 2010, but do you remember this grimy, funk number from Miami the year before?

Download audio file (ph209-12-31t19.mp3)
Download audio file (ph209-12-31t20.mp3)


Harry Hood” 12.28.10 II, Worcester, MA

One of the truly magnificent jams 0f the modern era—musical perfection.

Download audio file (ph2010-12-28t19.mp3)


You Enjoy Myself” 12.4.09 II, New York, NY

This is one of very few worthy “YEMs” of the modern era. This one goes out to Scott—@Tourtweet.

Download audio file (ph2009-12-04s2t10.mp3)

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