December ’95 Haiku Finalists

Fall 2013 (Andrea Nusinov)

Fall 2013 (Andrea Nusinov)

Here are the ten finalists of the December ’95 haiku contest. I put the names into a hat and drew three winners, who are highlighted in blue. Winners, send me your mailing address and I’ll get these out in time for the holiday. Thanks to all twenty-five people who entered a haiku! (I wanted to publish em all but thought it might be overkill!) Happy Holidays!


It’s cold in Gamehenge.

Hershey to Garden we step

Into the freezer.

– David Herscowitz


Surgically precise

Firing on all cylinders

‘Free’ used to get weird

– Jon Wozniak


Underground no more

Unstoppable express train

Next stop, MSG

– David Shutan


A band on a peak

Excitement ever splendor

A garden party for all

– @MaggiesFarm2001


iced brains elevate

unbridled, psychedelic

MSG awaits

– Sean Hanna


Let’s scare the children

Make ’em think they’ve really flipped

Push and pull and squeeze

– Tony Gray


short days, chilly nights

fiery facial peak onslaught

deftly thrilling phans

– Vapebraham


We all stopped at once.

And the stars all turned around.

The Four Wiseman played.

– @Nateek


Polished and gleaming

’Twas a culmination, man

Pinnacle of Phish

– Brennan Tiffany


New Year’s Is Brewing

Like Sketches From Ol’ Vermont

Seven Steps Beyond

– Corey Lareau

2,443 Responses to “December ’95 Haiku Finalists”

  1. Jerome Garcia Says:

    Highly rec the previously linked Pure Jerry Bay Area ’78. Tis $$$.

  2. Stoney Case Says:

    G’dad, hilarious! Wife getting annoyed with Rotation Jam. Crazy set. How was the walk JG?

  3. Jerome Garcia Says:

    I’m sorry to report that 8/10/97 has been postponed until this evening’s walk Stoney. Ending up spending a readicculus amt of time at friend’s salon waiting to get mop cropped & then had to unexpectedly head home for dog duty; salon owner is wife of my medicine peddler before ball busting commences for going to a ‘salon’. Bust away if you must; I am a pretty sonnuvabitch fwiw. But rest assured…6:30PM CST is scheduled 8/10/97 blast off. Powercooked of course.

  4. dorn76 Says:

    You know the real problem with women riding horses in bikini tops?

    Bikini tops.

  5. Brostafarian Says:

    I have obviously underestimated the public demand for girls in bikini tops riding horses.

    Keep it coming A&E. Can we agree Zombies and Vampires are passé?

  6. vapebraham Says:

    spinning 12.31.11 light – storagey.

    thanks, miner for the haiku contest. funstuff. and great haikus, everybody.

    peace, love, and light


  7. phlorida phan Says:

    No mani/pedi action JG? Couldn’t help myself!

  8. Brostafarian Says:

    Or put them in Bikini tops?!

  9. vapebraham Says:

    keep me in the loop for the headyB philly rendezvous.

  10. Jerome Garcia Says:

    +1 for phlorida

  11. phlorida phan Says:

    Only thing left that is cool are dragons.

  12. vapebraham Says:

    I got a problem w/ one of the winners

    Surgically precise

    Firing on all cylinders

    ‘Free’ used to get weird

    – Jon Wozniak

    ^^^ That’s 6 syllables n the first line

  13. ren Says:

    Back in the day when I was younger and I let others cut my hair I didn’t mind a visit to the salon…it was closer….usually had hot 80’s looking chicks with low cut tops and would spend 75% of the visit with a nice rack right in my face. Better than trusting some shaky old man with a razor.

    I cut my own hair now. I estimate I save $300-600 a year in doing so.

  14. Spasm Waiter Says:

    I rocked the salon yesterday. Baby Spaz had them in the palm of his hands. $15 is tough to beat.

  15. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    gotta love it when your boss knows you well enough to give you a mixed six of quality beers for a Chirstmas gift. He was a little surprised that I had heard of all of the beers (though I’m psyched because most I haven’t tasted yet)

    Troegs Dead Reckoning Porter
    Ithaca Casca Zilla Red IPA
    Flying Dog Raging Bitch Belgian IPA
    Lagunitas Censored Copper Ale
    Bear Republic Red Rocket Ale
    Boulevard Long Strange Tripel Belgian Ale

    Well done, Mr. VP. Now I really need to get him that JGB show I have been trying to put to CD for him. Voopa helped me track it down earlier this summer but I had some technical issues with my initial DL. Time to get that one to him…

  16. Jerome Garcia Says:

    Very fortunate to still have a full head of bushy curly hair that needs periodic wrangling & she trims my beard which might be the best part. This bond company stooge has to keep it looking respectable; already get enough funny looks as it is what w/ all the crunchy jams eminating from my office. But yeah ren I’d wager it’s closer to $600 in annual savings. That’s a Phishcation right there!

  17. gavinsdad Says:

    technology sometimes a drag. have old imac running OSX and itunes 10 something. i have an iphone 4. all i want to do is drop music from itunes library onto the phone when it’s plugged into the imac (i sync iphone against this imac) but it’s not as easy as drag and drop. hence the reason i put all my music on a little nano i use in the car.

    anyone know how to get this done? seems way simple and i’d like to lose the extra device/nano. but i think i’m suffering from old versionitis.

  18. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    vape, the convention of syllabic numbering is a guideline, not a rule, and comes mostly from the anglicized take on the art form anyway, iirc.

    and besides, it is a matter of pronunciation for that particular line (whether you enunciate the “ically” fully in “surgically” or elide it slightly to more of a “cly”).

    that may come from regionality or poetic license and considering we are dealing with haiku, the poetic license is already implied.

  19. Jerome Garcia Says:

    T3 who is that in your avatar?

  20. vapebraham Says:

    Problem solved. Thanks for the clarification, T3. I think i was nitpicking cuz i really wanted to win those niagra discs.

  21. vapebraham Says:

    forgot it was poetry and not physics. : )

  22. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    c’mon, you can figure it out.

  23. Stoney Case Says:

    vape, miner chose his ten favorites to publish. He chose the 3 winners at random by drawing names from a hat.

    next year, let’s do a BB ‘secret santa’ deal.

  24. Spasm Waiter Says:

    Really enjoying Sco’s Uberjam from Allgood. HAdn’t hearrd this SCO incarnation yet:

  25. Jerome Garcia Says:

    It’s a chick. She looks delicious. Wearing a GD tshirt? I can’t really make it out that clearly. Goning to take a shot in the dark & guess Jill Lesh?

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