Thirty Years Later

12.31.13 (Andrea Nusinov)

12.31.13 (Andrea Nusinov)

What a finale! Capping a year of shows that were etched into our collective memory one by one, Phish destroyed Madison Square Garden over the course of four nights in a style unseen since the late-Nineties. Dropping a bevy of timeless jams, sought after bustouts and an array of new material, the guys showcased all the reasons that they are now—after their thirtieth year of existence—riding a wave like never before in their career. In a calculated move, Phish filled their Holiday Run with nine sets of exclusively original material, showcasing their eclectic musical virtuosity that won over all of our hearts in the first place.

12.31.13 (A.Nusinov)

12.31.13 (A.Nusinov)

Over the past couple years, the band had fallen prey to their extensive autumnal offseason, rolling into Madison Square Garden with little momentum and dropping spotty performances. This year, however, following a fall tour and the recording of a new album, that was not an issue. Finely oiled and playing with precision from the first set of the first night, the guys made no bones about their single minded holiday mission—to take care of business. Through the course of four nights, Phish nodded to their roots, the three “eras” of their career and a bright future, bringing the audience on a musical tour de force that cut to the core of this grand experiment. I said before this run that it had all the ingredients to become the most prolific stand of the modern era, and lo and behold, that is exactly what happened.

On each night the band dropped top-level improvisation, the likes of which we dream. “Steam,” “Disease,” “Carini,” “Chalk Dust,” and “Light” led the way with outlandish, mind-bending excursions that we will be listening to until the end of time. “Wolfman’s Brother,” “Sand > Piper” and “Simple” played supporting roles in the open jam category, while “Stash,” “Twist,” “David Bowie,” “Harry Hood” and “You Enjoy Myself” anchored the band’s structured improv—all pieces with ample playback value.

12.31.13 (A.Nusinov)

12.30.13 (A.Nusinov)

But this holiday run was about so much more than jams. This run was a celebration of our four musical super heroes from Vermont, and their illustrious thirty-year history. The band’s own nod to their earliest days culminated in an unforgettable second set of New Year’s Eve atop a faux tour truck in the center of the Garden. Ever lessening the gap between themselves and their audience, Phish replicated the stage set up of their first-ever show at the University of Vermont and played a set’s worth of über-old school material, the most recent of which was “Glide” debuted in 1991. Along side a divine “Reba” and a closing “Split Open and Melt,” the set featured the central Gamehendge tales of  “Colonel Forbin’s Ascent > Fly Famous Mockingbird,” “Icculus” and “Lizards.” And amidst “Icculus,” Trey cut to the chase, instructing the audience in the ways of The Book, imparting the message of Gamehendge to a new generation on the most high profile night of the year. In another setting in another time, one might have taken move as being drenched in nostalgia, but as Phish has now reached a modern peak that few believed was possible, this message was an affirmation of all that was right in the land of Lizards as we crossed the threshold into 2014.

12.29.13 (A.Nusinov)

12.29.13 (A.Nusinov)

Beyond celebrating their unequaled past, however, this holiday run also kick-started the future as the band brought back most of the songs from their Halloween set. Phish interspersed their Wingsuit material throughout the four nights, highlighted by the dramatic placement of “Fuego” directly after midnight on New Year’s Eve. While all the other new songs were delivered in straightforward fashion, “Fuego” featured a tasty improvisational segment in a sure-fire preview of the next big jam in the Phish universe. Each new piece brought a jolt of excitement, as it evoked memories of Halloween while upping the ante of what is to come next summer.

To end their thirtieth year, Phish—finally—played a modern Madison Square Garden run that both upheld and paid homage to their prestigious past in the World’s Most Famous Arena. Scribing an unforgettable four-night chapter in their ever-expanding legacy, Phish—the four-headed, one-minded musical monster of Vermont—proved, once again, that it has no parallel in the history of live music.

12.31.13 (Andrea Nusinov)

12.31.13 (Andrea Nusinov)

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1,265 Responses to “Thirty Years Later”

  1. marcoesq Says:

    Maybe if they had dropped that Tweez in someplace more sexy, Detroit let’s say, it’d get more love.

  2. aj Says:

    Just listening to the pre-DWD “thank you, we wrote that” music again… yes. That was a spectacularly good night of Phish. I think it is the best show I have personally seen since fyf show.

  3. Jerome Garcia Says:

    Fishman did not end up getting on the boat for JC12 & left Pork Tornado drummerless. Staton Moore filled in during their set yesterday. Guess Mrs Fish said no way Jose get your greasy troll ass back up here & help me w/ these 47 kids of ours.

  4. bob dylan Says:


  5. vapebraham Says:

    marco: don’t let em rattle ya. that hrtfrd tweezer is a top 3 jam of fall. so enjoyable.

  6. marcoesq Says:

    Driving dogs, awesome.

  7. marcoesq Says:

    They’re rattling me, kaya! HFD Tweez the most polarizing jam of Fall? Need a Mayne Event to hash this out

  8. Dorn76 Says:

    That dog needs to be on soyeahbrah.

    Cool customer.

  9. marcoesq Says:

    That dog IS the dog from soyeahbrah, he’s fuckin multifaceted.

    Wingsuit tracks growing on me. DTAD, Line, Waiting…

  10. Spasm Waiter Says:

    First workout in years is complete. 20 mins stationary bike (first run through MSG Cdust so I can live while I am young), 10 mins pushups, plank, situps, and stretching (Dev. to a dream bc. I am devoted to my dream of being a healthier 50 yo than I am currently as a 40 yo.). Not so bad actually. Started slow today. Gonna do 4 days a week and no booze mon-thursday.

  11. marcoesq Says:

    10min of continuous pushups? badass, bruh

  12. Kaveh Says:

    @spasm: you can do it! pedal to the metal. keep after it.

  13. Dorn76 Says:


    Do 30 pushups. lay on floor for few minutes. Do 30 more pushups. lay on floor for few minutes.

    10 minutes pushups done!

  14. Jerome Garcia Says:

    Work in some manual squats Spasmo. One of the best manual exercises you can do for yourself. Important to get to at least 90 degrees when squatting down. Weight on your heels just like when you’re fixin to take a shit in the woods. Ha!

    MSG Steam is dank. Not sure if it’s my fav though. Lots of in the room bias for Dicks Steam. BGCA’s was no slouch either. MSG a bit slower tempo than BGCA & Dicks…not as conducive to deep knee bends…

  15. Jerome Garcia Says:

    ^MSG Steam much more menancing than previous versions that’s for sure

  16. MiA Says:

    For those who missed it, I have added Alf’s awesome mix to my orange also. Limited time offer.


  17. Jerome Garcia Says:

    Good quick Silent is $$$

  18. Jerome Garcia Says:

    Good quick Silent is $$$

    ^wtf? Obv having Techno Fear this AM…machines are conspiring against me…let’s try this again.

    Good quick Silent is $$$

  19. Phamily Berzerker Says:

    Hold full extended plank one minute

    Rotate to left side

    Hold full extended left side plank one minute

    Rotate through center to the right side

    Hold full extended right side plank one minute

    Drop to forearms, elbow directly underneath shoulders

    repeat plank cycles from above

    6 tough minutes

    Anybody need a 12/28 code?

  20. Jerome Garcia Says:

    It did it again…truck me

  21. Spasm Waiter Says:

    10 mins total of situps, stretching, pushups, etc… 20 mins bike. Doing manual squats/shits momentarily…

  22. Spasm Waiter Says:

    No way I can plank that long. Soon though I hope

  23. Jerome Garcia Says:

    3rd time’s a charm?

    Workout < 10 min if you're pressed for time. 3 min push ups 3 min sit ups 3 min squats. Do 3 min of as many push up as you can; when clock hits 3:00 switch immediately to sit ups; hits 6:00 switch to squats. Record results ie # of each you were able to complete. Try to best yourself next time. Def not easy if you push yourself. But tis a quick one.

  24. BingosBrother Says:

    Start slow people. Tomorrow may discourage the next day.

  25. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    nah, go super big today, blow out all of your major muscle groups, decide it isn’t worth it by tomorrow, return to overeating and drankin’ by the time the weekend’s slate of nfl games come around.


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