We’re Going Back to Jazzfest!

4.26.96 - The Fairgrounds - New Orleans

4.26.96 – The Fairgrounds – New Orleans

Yesterday, out of nowhere, Phish announced their return to the greatest festival in the land—The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival—exactly 18 years to the date that they played the Fairgrounds on April 26, 1996. Between then and now, however, Phish has been absent from the annual gathering due to the unruly element that their fans brought to the site. With nearly two decades since their visit, however, the band—and their fans—are being invited back! And with the announcement of a Spring date in the South, fans’ heads are already spinning with the possibilities of what might going on around that date.

urlPhish all but ignored the South last year, stopping only in Alpharetta for a mid-week two-night stand. Additionally, no 3.0 festival date has been a standalone affair, as Austin City Limits kicked off Fall 2010, Outside Lands was in the middle of Summer 2011, and both appearances at Bonnaroo took place in the amidst summer tour. Putting these factors together, along with the already swirling rumor of two-dates in Austin following Jazzfest, we just might be looking at our first Spring tour since 1994! The Mike Gordon Band tours until April 6th, giving the guys enough time to hit the Barn, brush up on things and fly south for Spring!

12.28.12 (J.Silco)

12.28.12 (J.Silco)

Regardless of what dates, if any, are booked before or after this weekend, there are limitless possibilities in New Orleans, alone. Anyone who’s been to Jazzfest knows that the day time Fairground shows comprise only a fraction of the story. Jazzfest goes on 24 hours a day, with musicians performing club shows and sit-ins until the wee hours of the morning. With all four members of Phish in the Bayou, one can bet that they will pop up with musicians all over town. Back in 1996, when the Allman Brothers were the bigger headliner of the festival, they also played an independent, arena gig at Lakefront Arena, a slot that seems perfect for Phish to slide right into. One way or the other, one can be sure that the main stage at the fairgrounds won’t be the only stage that the members of Phish grace throughout the weekend.

Few expected to wake up in the middle of January to news of the next Phish date, but lo and behold, the community has been abuzz all day long discussing plans, booking hotels and getting excited for New Orleans!  The glow of the holiday run had yet to wear off and here we are talking about Phish in the Bayou and beyond. The next thirty years are off to quite a start!



imgres-1Check out the most recent Type II Cast as host Steve Olker, Brian Bavosa, and I break down and discuss each night of the MSG run, with audio clips and anecdotes along the way.

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671 Responses to “We’re Going Back to Jazzfest!”

  1. RicksFork Says:

    Nice Boo. I am really digging this Hop Ranch right now. It tastes like a relative of Heady Topper with a thinner mouthfeel. Downright delicious.

    Big Cypress was unreal for so many reasons. 24 hour drive from Maine made it even better. Drive back, not so much.

  2. vapebraham Says:

    “decent ear for Phish”

    ^^^ my phish ear is not decent, far from it. It’s dirty and lascivious.

    “the once $3.7 billion Portland, Oregon-based hedge fund investment firm saw nearly all of its investors redeem following the arrest of founder Jim Bisenius for soliciting a prostitute.”

    The name of the firm. . .:drum roll: . . . Common Sense Investment Management. protip: If you have a taste for hookers, don’t name your hedge fund Common Sense.

  3. BooVT Says:

    I heard on the radio today that both The Professor and Reuben Kincaid passed away today. And yes, Joe, I am old. And Laurie was hot.

  4. Stoney Case Says:

    miner, the band continues to make gnu music. what else can we ask? only a few things that tend to be personal in nature and trivial to the big picture. Pretty stoked on it all. Not to mention the enormous catalog of freely traded material. Gadzooks! Pretty much a new standard to behold for bands with 30years under their belt. I really dig the new material, and don’t even worry or consider whether they will become big jams or not. The band has plenty of tunes to jam on. The new stuff is just phresh. 555, Fuego, Wombat, The Line, Monica, Waiting, Halfway, Devotion, Say Something. Good times.

  5. Stoney Case Says:

    “I’ve read people claim the music in general was not great at cypress ”
    I’m just quoting hoedown. I don’t personally know anyone with that opinion, because if I did they wouldn’t be my friend.

    Jtran is a trouble maker.

  6. vapebraham Says:

    stoney keeps it rollin . . in his fuego.

    ricks: glad the HR is treating u nicely. winner.

    beer gut developing, despite decent efforts to stem the tide. 3-4 per will do it.

  7. Mr. Palmer Says:

    $$$$ post by Stoney up there re: new music. Great to Grumpy Case and Troll Bear take a backseat to huggie bear..

  8. MiA Says:

    I haven’t laughed as hard reading these last two pages in a long time.

    BB funny commentary went Type II there.

  9. Stoney Case Says:

    i’m even pretty stoked about Jim Caldwell. He already got a new d-coordinator. things are coming up roses. Ken Whisenhunt couldn’t win with Matt Leinart! Who needs him?

  10. aj Says:

    Just stopped in at my other local beer spot and grabbed a sixer of Hopslam, just poured one, lets see what the hype is about. Shit is taxed as fuck at $17.99 a sixer.

    Also got a Three Floyds Arctic Panzer Wolf IPA bomber and a new one from Spiteful called Demanda Double IPA. Spiteful quickly becoming in my top 3 fav’s right now, super reliable, great cans available, super local.


  11. Stoney Case Says:

    Haven’t had a beer since the Bell’s Porter Stout one two punch.

    do a Pliny in the fridge though

  12. joe Says:

    apparently I’m not the only one who had a thing for Laurie. This is way creepy


  13. RicksFork Says:

    Interested to hear your take on the Hopslam AJ. Just had my first Hop Ranch and now on to a Pipeworks Citra Ninja that I received in another beermail today.

  14. stapes Says:

    Have never had Hopslam. Don’t get it out here. Never back in the Midwest while it’s around. Interested in hearing your thoughts @AJ.

    12/28/03 Set I. That’s the way to start a run.

  15. phishm Says:

    Ever had one of those weeks where you smoke so much kind that your head just feels weird yet you can’t seem to get high anymore? I know, weird question. Just seems that I’ve been so high for so long this week that I can’t tell anymore if I’m high or not. Going to try and drink some beers to wake me up a little. I’m not complaining at all. Just very high I think. I really can’t tell. Working from home with no conference calls for 2 days has it’s benefits. Think I’ll get down to some BC tonight. Sounds like fun.

  16. BooVT Says:

    Joe – youtube searching for Laurie Partridge – love it. Ha!
    Fellow Dirty old man.

  17. aj Says:

    Hopslam tasty – bitter, robust, caramely aftertaste. Nice and fresh, smelled great when I poured it. A few minutes after my first sip I still have an aftertaste that is almost herb-ish. Good stuff. Taxed, but good.

  18. phishm Says:

    Or now. I guess it’s already night. See what happens when one doesn’t leave the house for 2 days. Shit, I need to get out more. Maybe next week. Starting set 2 from 12/30/99 and think I’ll go all the way through to the meatstick 2 mornings later.

  19. Snow Says:

    Yeah, whatever you do phishm, don’t try not ingesting intoxicants to feel normal. Personally, I’d go dabs.

  20. phishm Says:

    Awesome advice Snow. I don’t know how to dab. Never dabbed. Would love to try it sometime however.

  21. Snow Says:

    Stoney is apparently not having trouble getting high.
    That said, totally agree on the phish. Future so bright, every phan should be wearing shades. Except shred. He’s fucked until trza gets bionic fingers.

  22. phishm Says:

    And honestly, I feel much more normal when I’m high. Always have.

  23. BooVT Says:

    Ok, Hop Ranch is incredibly delicious. And very light and smooth for 9% ABV.
    But I just paid $12 for a 4 pack.

  24. vapebraham Says:

    Boo: where’d you grab the ranch? state?

  25. vapebraham Says:

    alert: hop ranch is a winter seasonal, according to the brewer. so it’ll be gone by spring. unless they realize what a hit they have on their hands and keep it alive.

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