TTFF: Dreaming of Summer

7.22.13, Toronto (Jake Silco)

7.22.13, Toronto (Jake Silco)

Mike’s -> Simple” Clifford Ball 8.16.96 II

A historic chunk of Summertime Phish.



Reba” 8.2.03 Limestone, ME

A daytime, post-hiatus gem.



Sneakin’ Sally” 8.8.98 Columbia, MD

Quintessential Summer ’98 grooves here.



Disease -> Free” 6.26.95 I, SPAC, NY

Simply put, one of Phish most superbly executed  psychedelic odysseys.



Chalk Dust Torture” 8.31.12 II, Commerce City, CO

Some of Trey’s most blissful and cathartic playing of Summer ’12.



Light” SPAC, NY 7.5.13 II

This dense, virtuosic conversation kicked off Summer ’13 in earnest and is now my go-to version of the song.



Crosseyed and Painless” 7.10.13, Holmdel, NJ 

This jam has so much staying power—truly an all-timer.



Harry Hood” 7.22.97 II, Raleigh, NC

After an intense, power-packed set of Phish, the band encored with this sublime “Harry Hood.”



Rock and Roll -> Meatstick” 8.5.11, George, WA

A jam—especially in context—that caused ripples throughout the modern Phish universe.



Ghost” 8.15.98 II, Limestone, ME

The essential nugget of late-Summer ’98 Phish foreshadowed the shift to ambient jamming come the fall. This relatively under-the-radar “Ghost” sneaks into my personal top five.

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3,385 Responses to “TTFF: Dreaming of Summer”

  1. Dorn76 Says:

    Maybe “get your ass to NOLA” was a bit off-putting.

    Asses are fine but I enjoy the entire human form.

  2. Dorn76 Says:

    Sucks, Stoney. You’re a bad ass Dad. Not easy to be.

  3. MiA Says:

    Vape’s 2 beer lunch has him putting Bangor Golden Age over Tahoe Tweezer?


  4. bob dylan Says:

    and like we talked about yesterday.

    notice how they are doing UM bowl V at the cap and then then the following night are doing their own label release party at bk bowl. all in the family.

  5. Thomas Says:

    Donna was a siren of Muscle Shoals before she was Dead

    but yeah, girl done gone and had to get intervened out of the band

  6. vapebraham Says:

    i stand by that. tahow tweez is not equal to its hype. long it is. interesting throughout it is not.



  7. Stoney Case Says:

    dorn, to say it’s had a terrible affect on my kids would be an understatement. oldest went from hiking, biking, playing sports, playing in band, to shutting self in room all day everyday reading. no sports. no musical instruments.

  8. Stoney Case Says:

    Fuck me Thomas! Amazing find there! She admits it herself in the first two paragraphs!!!! Bwahahahahahaha. I almost felt bad for pointing it out. Apparently she knows

  9. garretcorncob Says:

    That’s madness, Vape. You must not be listening to Page.

  10. Stoney Case Says:

    vape, the fact you fall into slumber before the half-way point of the Tahoe Tweezer ought not to count against it.

  11. Jerome Garcia Says:

    Ah man that sucks Stone. Anyway you can get kiddos? Pretty hard to get them from their momma in the court system…

  12. Jerome Garcia Says:

    vape, the fact you fall into slumber before the half-way point of the Tahoe Tweezer ought not to count against it.


  13. Stoney Case Says:

    JG, I have my daughter more than half the time. son too debilitated to travel back and forth. i’d have to move to maine to get him back.

  14. bob dylan Says:

    so you’re telling me she was married to keith but hooked up with bobby on the side? that must have made some uncomfortable tour bus rides.

  15. Jerome Garcia Says:

    Here’s hoping your daughter returns to her ‘from hiking, biking, playing sports, playing in band’ self when she’s w/ Papa Case. Sorry for your stresses. You’re def one of the Good Guys.

  16. bob dylan Says:

    phil looks awesome in that pic in the rolling stone article.

    shirt says “hi mom”

  17. garretcorncob Says:

    That’s the scuttlebutt, Bobby D.

    Who could blame her? Keith was a greasy piano gremlin.

  18. vapebraham Says:

    gorge ’13 waves — $$$

    garretc: tend not to miss page. he is a main point of interest for my ear. no doubt he was the mvp of that jam novel. caveat: have only spun the audience tape of tahoe.

    perhaps, i’m a contrarian. similarly, many here regard reading dwd as tantamount to the second coming. not me.

    stoney case: jah bless.

  19. bob dylan Says:

    one drawback of seeing shows at bk bowl is that you dont get ticket stubs. no idea which bowlive shows i caught. would have to ask purplehumback and dukeoflizards if their memories are better than mine. i do remember scofield at one of them.

    anyway, i dont have spotify so i googled and found soulive with karl d from a bowlive show on youtube. jen hartswick is in there for good measure.

  20. Jerome Garcia Says:

    Nice find bob! Gonna see if my reg Sprint connection doesn’t make above linkage freeze on youtube app. Here’s SPARK! via the Shark:

  21. DryIceFactory Says:

    Top 5 Slaves of All Time… Go.

    I just heard 7/4/99 for the first time in a while and don’t remember anything that beats it. Maybe 11/21/97?

  22. Jerome Garcia Says:

    Solid trumpet work by Jen on this one bob. Does Freddie justice.

    Also did not know Freddie’s from Indianapolis. No wonder he’s one of your favs.

  23. Ulysses S. Wingsuit Says:


  24. Thomas Says:

    whoa. is, like, trippy today, maaaaaaaan

  25. bob dylan Says:

    freddie hubbard and cannonball adderley were my 2 takeaways from jazz history in college. i learned about a shit ton more but those 2 guys are some of my go-to’s.

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