Roses are Free

“Roses Are Free”

Can’t find the complete “Piper”

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  1. MiA Says:

    RL, I love Constipated Duck. Have OG Japanese pressings of Blow by Blow. Went to see Rod Stewart just so I could watch Jeff Beck play.

    Was one of my favs for years. Beck is a great guitarist. Probably just that he had to play within the confines of Foxy Lady.

    Maybe I’m just being surly.

  2. MiA Says:

    Constipated Duck. A must listen.

  3. roberto luongo Says:

    watch a bit of this MIA. tell me he’s not amazing.

  4. Stoney Case Says:

    Saw Jeff Beck on a double bill with Santana. Put on an amazing show. Carlos played first that night. The big Mexican guys that showed up late to see Carlos were NOT happy.

  5. roberto luongo Says:

    all that hard ass finger picked harmonic whammy bar shit boggles my mind. I like shit I can’t understand and am fuckin clueless half the time he’s playing. genius shit.

    but ya sorry. I thought you were saying Beck was just a blues guy.

  6. roberto luongo Says:

    but of course I like the blues. what music loving guitar playing person besides Trey Anastasio not love the blues.

    may want to put down the hall and oates records and spin some Freddie King and Lightning Hopkins.

  7. roberto luongo Says:


    70’s Live Freddie King. FUCK me this is FIRE

  8. MiA Says:

    And this is tough not to listen to just Vinnie Coliauta just kill it. Tied for my second favorite drummer with Bozzio.

  9. MiA Says:

    Ha ha. I typed my response to RL, guy came into my office, turned and talked to him and when he left I posted.

    RL already had the Ronnie Scott link up there.

  10. roberto luongo Says:

    I think Vinnie is actually on that track with Gibbons also. he’s the drummer in his Trio with that sick ass bass playing chick. amazing band.

  11. Joe Says:

    I wish I could pull off wearing that Freddie king shirt collar.

  12. roberto luongo Says:

    ya man that live Bolero is amazing. such a great composition. band is tight as fuck. damn.

  13. roberto luongo Says:

    this Aint No Sunshine by Freddie is fuckin dirty too.

    and yes most of his licks come from his sicko collars

  14. jtran Says:

    if you guys like shreddy, fusion cats check this out


  15. roberto luongo Says:

    Otis Rush – I Can’t Quit You Baby.

    Chicago stylee

  16. roberto luongo Says:

    check this blues/fusion Scott Henderson track MIA. Herring’s teacher. dirty.

  17. roberto luongo Says:

    holy fuck. Krantz, HErring, and Landau. def check this.

    thank you Lazy Lightning.

  18. MiA Says:

    Taj Mahal playing whatever it is Taj Mahal does. Jan ’17, Fillmore East. Fantastically great show.

    Great stuff.

    It’s not that I don’t love the blues. I don’t like wanky white dudes playing it. Like Mr. C’s comment about Honky White bands. (I think that means in terms of horns, not … well, something Bobby Weird would get offended over).

    I don’t like Clapton either. Or SRV. I have a well chewed ass that is leather from all of my friends telling me how wrong I am.

    Love Hendrix. Love Johnny Guitar Watson, T-Bone Walker, etc. Own a ton of Robert Lockwood Jr, Johnny Lee Hooker, etc.

    But sometimes I only wanna hear Sam and Dave do a track and not the White Blues Brothers version of it.

  19. roberto luongo Says:

    3 cats def older than Troy just destroying their guitars.

  20. aj Says:

    Did someone say Chicago style?

    Lovin this mix, my fav so far. Weird and loud.

  21. roberto luongo Says:

    check this out MIA

    this is my fav cat that plays around the city. Lurrie Bell. Schizo and crack addict. his dad was a famour harp player Corey Bell so he grew up in the sane. supposedly medicated and sober he’s playing the bars again. finger picks everything. tone and emotion for days. very old school.

  22. vapebraham Says:

    this live jeff beck 2012 w/ killer drummer and steady rollin chick bassist — $$$.


  23. MiA Says:

    I should have just gone full bore troll (FBT) and said “Chicago Blues Sucks” and gotten a twofer of things RL likes. Chicago and Blues.

    I’ll quit trolling now.

    Seriously though. Listen to that Taj Fillmore. The Ain’t Gwine To Whistle Dixie Any Mo’ is a massive 15 minute jam that is my kinda of stuff.

    The organ player is killing it and so subtle at the same time.

    Starts around 12 mins.

    “Gyration to the aggragation with a little inspiration and preparation. Sounds to me like you’ve been reading playboy. Gonna take it easy and sprinkle some country dust on ya, because everyone sounds like they are linked together. Some nice people offering me some wine, but I gotta be cool. Ain’t whistling dixie no more. Not a chance.”

    Plays to 27:00.

  24. MiA Says:

    Thanks for the recs RL. Grabbed them all and will hit it tonight in the proper headspace.

  25. dorn76 Says:

    Who you callin’ Honky, Gringo?

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