TTFM: Lesser Knowns—’98-’00

12.28.13 (Jake Silco)

12.28.13, MSG (Jake Silco)

I had a lot of fun putting together Friday’s playlist, so I assembled another for Monday. Again, I tried to stick to jams that aren’t super popular—quite a tough task in this day and age of stacked hard drives and social media, as just about everything gets played. Nonetheless, maybe I nailed a few you’ve never heard before. I’m gonna pull out some older tracks this week as well. Stay tuned.

Ghost” 7.30.99, Nigaata, JP

This little-known, daytime “Ghost” from the band’s first trip to Japan at the Fuji Rock festival is an absolute beast.



Wolfman’s Brother” 8.6.98 II, Atlanta,GA

This set-opening jam flies under the radar with so many heavy hitters littering Summer ’98. A quintessential Summer ’98 groove fiesta.



Piper > 2001” 11.4.98 II, Denver, CO

This show is constantly—and rightfully—overshadowed by Utah and the UIC run that surround it, but this segment has legitimate merit.



Stash” 9.9.99 I, Vancouver, BC

I’ve featured this dark and ambient, first-set-of-tour “Stash” a bunch throughout the years, but it totally fits this thematic playlist. When’s the last time you spun this one?



 “Mike’s Song” 11.7.98 I, Chicago, IL

Speaking of UIC ’98, this “Mikes” kicked off the entire run (after a “My Soul” opener), but is often lost in the three-night fray. Trey sets this jam off with a series of swank rhythm grooves, and the band brings it home with a bliss-laden second jam.



Halley’s > Tweezer” 10.8.99 II, Uniondale, NY

A slow, slinky and methodical ‘Tweezer” that moves out into an increasingly ambient-experimental soundscape. (Contrary to the mp3 tag, there is no performance of “My Left Toe.”) Not a bad “Halley’s” either—a complete juxtaposition of sound and tempo.



Limb -> 2001” 10.9.99 II, Albany, NY

Another under-the-radar sequence that absolutely typifies where Phish’s stylistic progression was at the time.



Down with Disease” 6.15.00 II, Osaka, JP

After years of anonymity, the first set “Ghost” from this show finally gained its proper recognition as an all-time version. I’m not sure the same can be set for this outlandish, near 30-minute “Disease,” as it still lies in the shadows on Japan’s more well known masterpieces.



Slave to the Traffic Light” 11.18.98 II, Greenville, SC

One of the truly memorable “Slaves” of the late-’90’s. Are you familiar?

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352 Responses to “TTFM: Lesser Knowns—’98-’00”

  1. sumodie Says:

    I caught that Toronto show after getting baked at Oswego

    Liked the venue on the water, raged the show all pressed out mitsubishi stylee

    Then weird awful overnight in a hotel where I was supposed to meet a family friend but he never showed leaving me worried sick. Turns out hotel had us in separate rooms and failed to connect the dots (despite both of us separately and repeatedly asking the front desk if the other had arrived). Major WTF morning with the hotel manager when we discovered each other checking out

    Never wanted to visit Toronto since

  2. sumodie Says:

    Ugh, got comment moderated…

    Loved ’99 immensely. Whole year built up to the biggest phishgasm that far exceeded my wildest dreams

  3. sumodie Says:

    Sure, cultivate your shrooms in NM, just dont get caught in possession of said fungus


  4. Stoney Case Says:

    UIC Mike’s just disgusting. Trey stalking the crowd with his Languedoc. Fuck

  5. DirtReprise Says:

    That Halleys > Tweezer is grade A whale meat. Just how I like it…. DARK AND FUNKY.

  6. Jerome Garcia Says:

    Nonphishthought: stoked to catch Thundercat (perhaps w/ Flying Lotus) at FFF Fest & as such been spinning this great version of Lotus & The Jondy. Been linked here before but hot damn if it ain’t the dope shit!

    Carry on.

  7. Cheard Says:

    Love that Wolfman’s from Hotlanta in 98. Best Caspian Intro ever too in that set imo.

  8. little umbrellas Says:

    We’re living in Brazil! I am so getting fucked by the man.

  9. little umbrellas Says:

    We’re living in Brazil! I am so getting fucked by the man.

  10. Stoney Case Says:

    official video from the greensky archives

  11. little umbrellas Says:

    Watch as 22cents gets turned into a $350 dollar fee.

    ##sorryforpukingupontheBB. .but fuck man!!

  12. MiA Says:

    Any Mike’s with a Fikus in it is probably gonna be good.

  13. BingosBrother Says:


  14. MiA Says:

    The 2nd jam in This UIC mike’s had a CCCC flavor to it. Into an acoustic Driver? Fantastic.

  15. Jerome Garcia Says:

    official video from the greensky archives

    ^Bravo Stonerific!

    we been skippin around blind
    somebody’s probably gonna lose an eye
    pokin round in the dark
    somebody always ends get gettin fucked
    we’re all drivin cars drunk
    someone’s gonna end up locked up
    tossin around all the blame
    we’re all goin down on someone else’s dime
    we have no idea
    we have lots of ideas
    bury the way I fear w/ ambition
    discover what we fear w/ ambition

    Was getting the funk down next to Mike Devol @ Maceo late night at Tips post GSBG w/ Anders. Some blissed out convo & high 5s were exchanged. Great dude. They all are actually.

  16. Mr. Palmer Says:

    Yeah, I had forgotten all about this Fox ’94 Tweezer.. Pretty much a top 5 all timer for me..or , at least, now it is.

    While I abandoned my project of listening to the entire year ( ’94) I’ve still been taking my time going through shows and listening to highlights…

    Great year for Reba, Maze, and Hoods…

  17. Jerome Garcia Says:

    I’ll see your Summercamp No Idea & raise you full set late night @ Harvest Fest. Boom!

    My end of the work day listening for the next hr or so.

  18. MiA Says:

    Yeah Palmer that Fox Tweezer is fantastic. I had forgotten about that. Also a great year for Fall Bowies.

    Spun the Great Woods Reba today and it is great.

  19. Jerome Garcia Says:

    ^GW Reba on the RLP. Tis a beaut!

  20. Jerome Garcia Says:

    Snowcones go funkify your life eat some mudbugs & get down to some NOLA goodness in NYC on Governors Island on Fri 6/27. Great lineup & a real deal Holyfield CFB by Shaggy NOLA’s Crawfish King. Do it for me for my bday which is 6/28; you’ll be glad you did 😎's-Island


    ren think you & the missus would dig.

    Be a New Orleanian. Wherever you are.

  21. vapebraham Says:

    12.7.97 tube and tube jam — $$$

    more greensky:

  22. RoosterPizza Says:


    You got me going on 94 Rebas the other day as well. 5/27/94 is my favorite from 94 and also a candidate for 20YL in a few days. Some borderline Jimi Hendrix foxy lady into the Page jazz lounge and finally ending on full band jam. Who needs whistling with jams like that? Also goes to show that patient jamming doesn’t have to take 20 minutes and reasonably be done in the 12 minute range.

  23. vapebraham Says:

    i too love the 11.23.94 tweezer — $$$+

  24. Jerome Garcia Says:

    kayabrah nice GSBG linkage on that Leap Year. Took quick Harvest Fest interlude to spin.

    Roo 5/27/94 aka Warfield Reba on the RLP. As in the next night’s Laguna Seca Reba. Not often that they played Reba on consecutive nights. & both 2nd set Rebas. That’s ’94 for ya though.

  25. Jerome Garcia Says:

    & Ed Zachery Roo re where they get to in 12-16 min in ’94 Rebas. Blissfully patient jamming.

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