TTFM: Lesser Knowns—’98-’00

12.28.13 (Jake Silco)

12.28.13, MSG (Jake Silco)

I had a lot of fun putting together Friday’s playlist, so I assembled another for Monday. Again, I tried to stick to jams that aren’t super popular—quite a tough task in this day and age of stacked hard drives and social media, as just about everything gets played. Nonetheless, maybe I nailed a few you’ve never heard before. I’m gonna pull out some older tracks this week as well. Stay tuned.

Ghost” 7.30.99, Nigaata, JP

This little-known, daytime “Ghost” from the band’s first trip to Japan at the Fuji Rock festival is an absolute beast.

Download audio file (1-07-Track-07.mp3)


Wolfman’s Brother” 8.6.98 II, Atlanta,GA

This set-opening jam flies under the radar with so many heavy hitters littering Summer ’98. A quintessential Summer ’98 groove fiesta.

Download audio file (15-Wolfmans-Brother_.mp3)


Piper > 2001” 11.4.98 II, Denver, CO

This show is constantly—and rightfully—overshadowed by Utah and the UIC run that surround it, but this segment has legitimate merit.

Download audio file (ph1998-11-04d2t03.mp3)
Download audio file (ph1998-11-04d2t04.mp3)


Stash” 9.9.99 I, Vancouver, BC

I’ve featured this dark and ambient, first-set-of-tour “Stash” a bunch throughout the years, but it totally fits this thematic playlist. When’s the last time you spun this one?

Download audio file (1-08-Stash.mp3)


 “Mike’s Song” 11.7.98 I, Chicago, IL

Speaking of UIC ’98, this “Mikes” kicked off the entire run (after a “My Soul” opener), but is often lost in the three-night fray. Trey sets this jam off with a series of swank rhythm grooves, and the band brings it home with a bliss-laden second jam.

Download audio file (02-Mikes-Song.mp3)


Halley’s > Tweezer” 10.8.99 II, Uniondale, NY

A slow, slinky and methodical ‘Tweezer” that moves out into an increasingly ambient-experimental soundscape. (Contrary to the mp3 tag, there is no performance of “My Left Toe.”) Not a bad “Halley’s” either—a complete juxtaposition of sound and tempo.

Download audio file (ph1999-10-08d2t01.mp3)
Download audio file (ph1999-10-08d2t02.mp3)


Limb -> 2001” 10.9.99 II, Albany, NY

Another under-the-radar sequence that absolutely typifies where Phish’s stylistic progression was at the time.

Download audio file (II-01-Limb-by-Limb-.mp3)
Download audio file (II-02-2001-.mp3)


Down with Disease” 6.15.00 II, Osaka, JP

After years of anonymity, the first set “Ghost” from this show finally gained its proper recognition as an all-time version. I’m not sure the same can be set for this outlandish, near 30-minute “Disease,” as it still lies in the shadows on Japan’s more well known masterpieces.

Download audio file (ph2000-06-15d2t04.mp3)


Slave to the Traffic Light” 11.18.98 II, Greenville, SC

One of the truly memorable “Slaves” of the late-’90’s. Are you familiar?

Download audio file (2.05-Slave-to-the-Traffic-Light.mp3)


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