A Change of Pace

With tour a week away, I wanted to write a note about some changes this summer. I have loved being a one-man newsreel for five years, cranking out pieces before going to sleep each and every night. I have loved the feedback from all Phish fans and I have always enjoyed the conversations that my reviews have sparked. However, I find this Summer Tour to be a good point of transition. As the band enters a new chapter in their 31st year, armed with an album of fresh material, I am going to step away from my at-all-costs commitment to reviewing every show.

This is not to say that I won’t be writing during tour, I almost certainly will. Maybe I’ll write on the off days, maybe I’ll write after some shows—I really don’t know. Because people have come to expect my reviews every day, I just wanted to put it out there before tour that I am not going to hold myself to writing after every show. Perhaps I’ll get bored without writing and I’ll switch back to my old routine. I just don’t know. I am also not positive that I will be at every show. I’m kind of playing this summer by ear. As always, thanks for reading along and I’ll see you out there.

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  1. little umbrellas Says:


  2. Neemor Says:

    Thank you for your dedication, Miner. “It’s only you, be you, cuz you’re the only one.”
    Thank you for the book. Thank you for shrinking this world and introducing me to some great people with only your thoughts.
    Thank you for letting me know that it’s okay to let passion show. I forget sometimes.
    Long live the blackboard.

  3. RoosterPizza Says:

    This place is the bomb. Met many good peeps on here, and I always look forward to meeting more. Enjoy your summer Miner.

  4. Jerome Garcia Says:

    GSBG Fall Tour announced; touring behind new album If Sorrow Swims. Bummed no Austin &/or TX shows but looks like they’ll be the after party for Phish in Vegas over Halloween. Not to mention hitting many of the BBers’ mkts.

  5. Paul Tracy Says:

    Thank you Mr. Miner! I have enjoyed your blogging for the past five years. I use to tour heavily in the early/mid/late 90″s. Your site has been a big part of my mornings since I only do about one or two show’s a year anymore. looking forward to your new style of reporting this summer. All aboard for the tour 😉

  6. bearito Says:

    Miner, I cannot thank you enough for your 5 years of perspective, imagery, and overall allegiance to the Phish experience. Im amazed that you were able to sustain these reviews for this long, especially in a post-show headspace. There is no other forum like it and that is why we come back.

    So cheers to the Fluffers, the Haters, the Trey Fan Boys, the Phishies, the Jaded Vets, the nOObs, the one’s that get IT & the one’s who don’t, the downed Wooks, the Spunions, the Lurkers, the Trolls, the Creepy Glowstick Wranglers, the Flatbrim’s, the Spinners, the Hetty Betty’s & anyone else who gives us something to talk about ad nauseum.

    Thank you Mr. Miner!

  7. Underlurker Says:

    Looking at the Letterman audience . . . it’s nice they finally did something for the interns.

  8. easygoer Says:

    I totally respect your decision, but from a selfish standpoint, I will really miss your recap and analysis of each and every show. That’s coming from somebody who doesn’t necessarily always agree with your assessment of each show. But, it’s become a ritual of mine to check out your blog immediately when I wake up the morning after each show. Best of luck to you.

  9. Blooby Says:

    I echo easygoer. I will miss the morning ritual of checking out the review before/while spinning the show.

  10. sloth Says:

    wow – miner – end of an era. i guess you had to land on planet earth someday. none of us still had the balls, the family situation, the money, to do what you have done – go to every show. then stay up and write about about, man, you have paid your dues and deserve a rest. now, go take your sabbatical and dance without worry of analysing every note like the rest of us do

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