Mid-Tour Awards

7.20.14 (Graham Lucas)

7.20.14 (Graham Lucas)

Best Show: 7/13 Randall’s Island

Runner up: 7/4 SPAC

 Best Set: 7/13 Randall’s Island Set II

Runner Up: 7/12 Randall’s Island Set II

Best First Set: 7/13 Randall’s Island

Runner Up: 7/11 Randall’s Island

Best Stand: Randall’s Island

Runner Up: SPAC

MVP of Tour: Jon Fishman

Runner Up: Page McConnell

 Jam Vehicle of Tour: “Harry Hood”

Runners Up: “Chalk Dust,” “Light” and “Down with Disease”

Best Segue: “Piper -> Halley’s” 7/18, Northerly Island

Runner Up: “Ghost -> Weekapaug” 7/20 Northerly Island

Top Jams of Tour

(In chronological order after 1 and 2)

1. “Chalk Dust Torture” 7/13

2. “Fuego” 7/8

“Harry Hood” 7/1, “Bathtub Gin > Limb” 7/3, “Fuego” 7/4, “Piper” 7/5,  “Chalk Dust” 7/9, “Bathtub Gin” 7/11, “Down With Disease” 7/11, “Ghost” 7/12, “Harry Hood” 7/12, “Light” 7/13, “Tweezer” 7/13, “Down With Disease” 7/15, “Wombat” 7/18, “Light” 7/19, “Harry Hood” 7/19, “The Wedge” 7/20, “Ghost” 7/20

7.16.14, Detroit (Jesse Herzog)

7.16.14, Detroit (Jesse Herzog) 

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2,513 Responses to “Mid-Tour Awards”

  1. gavinsdad Says:

    Make sure to bring a unicorn portal backup inhaler for @roosterpizz calpain…or a Vicks mask 93 raver style.

    DF – these Fall dates didn’t lay out exactly how I would have personally liked…boo hoo whatever…sitting here kinda mulling it over. Im in Palmers situ….it’s either the first two nites w some driving and longer flights or the last two nites of Vegas with the early am flight on Sat w fingers crossed that it makes it to veas w/o a hitch. I lean slightly toward the latter scenario on some bullshit thinking about how hot the shows post Halloween were last year? I know it’s pure speculation but I feel like they will be looser on the other side of Halloween which comes with its own set of pressures (and awesome Internet fights!)

  2. calpain Says:

    Marco, missed you at the mann. Ill be at the top of the MPP lawn on that perch next to the “beer deck.”

  3. garretcorncob Says:

    Definitely a Tela chant, not a Reba chant. I figured Trey was just trolling them

  4. bob dylan Says:

    That would be funny if that was trey trolling them by playing a diff song and thanking them.

  5. Kaveh Says:

    @tela: we stayed down around Union Square for NYE 2002. 30 minute walk, which is fine by us. Or anywhere down around there. And like everyone said, getting around SF is super easy. Pick a place you want to stay, pull the cord, put your Wingsuit on and have a great time!

  6. RicksFork Says:

    @Kaveh, no argument. I may be deaf, but it sounds like Tela on here…


    Doesn’t matter either way because he was psyched to play it.

  7. aj Says:

    “or a Vicks mask 93 raver style.”

    ^Haha, classic. I once saw a friend take a dab of tiger balm and put it into his eye at a rave. He wanted to see clouds. That is back when kids knew how to take mahl the right way.

  8. bob dylan Says:

    I’m gonna toss my opinion in the hat. It’s not the mandarin oriental but it wins for uniqueness/funkiness points.

    The Red Victorian. It’s on Haight and each room has a diff theme. We ended up in the Japan room. It’s different that’s for sure.

  9. bob dylan Says:

    Exactly garret. Same idea. Trey is a prankster.

  10. dusty Says:

    @Tela hit me up for beer bar suggestions when time gets closer. I’d get a house. Honestly, there isn’t any tough hoods in SF until you start going south. The loin is just cracky. I know I owe gdad a beer or two and I’d love to turn you all on to Moonlight death and taxes.

  11. vapebraham Says:

    “Vape, C was telling you to download the 24 bit and convert. You punched your own dick.”

    ^^^ wasn’t skilled enough to convert. ludite’d. plus, I didn’t see any 24 links for 7.20.

    circle’s getting smaller all the time.

  12. Kaveh Says:

    Doesn’t matter either way because he was psyched to play it.

    ^ This. And what a version it was! So, the moral, start chanting Tela and get an exceptional Reba out the request.

  13. bob dylan Says:

    Tried to see your flacs from the line.

  14. gavinsdad Says:

    I don’t care what anyone says about it there are good pressies on this tour just keep your mouth shut u yapper.

    Not that anyone cares but I may keep my vehicle excursions to nature settlings moving forward…it completely obliterates my show…just my opinion here….2nd nite of Randalls I got spat out the other side….don’t really need that particular show experience anymore as much as I truly enjoy the stuff and especially the aural enhancement. Some tasty herb and friends and strangers dancing near me on nite 3 did me perfect. Endorphins and dancing really took me there. Just one mans hind sighting…

  15. Kaveh Says:

    just keep your mouth shut

    ^ Always; rule #1; the golden rule.

  16. vapebraham Says:

    anyone doing ntelos? 5.5 hour drive. any decent lodging down there.

  17. aj Says:

    GD, that is MO, for sure. Actually never done “that” at a Phish show (or for the past 25 years for that matter). Jaherb, water, music, friends for me.

  18. marcoesq Says:

    Sounds good, calpain. Let’s dig

  19. marcoesq Says:

    Vape, most of the lodging is in Norfolk nearby. Stayed at the Embassy Suites last time, bunch of heads there

  20. RicksFork Says:

    Some tasty herb and friends and strangers dancing near me on nite 3 did me perfect. Endorphins and dancing really took me there.

    ^This sums it up for me. Well said @Gdad. This was exact experience at Randy’s night 3 (sad that I missed out on one of your famous pre-rolls though Gdad).

  21. aj Says:

    A fellow BB’er on here who I shall not name in case this embarrass him has an awesome show ritual I witnessed. He brings a clean shirt, changes his shirt at set break and eats an apple. All fresh and new. That shit is on point.

  22. bob dylan Says:

    of course the endorphins worked on Randy 3. Thats peak phish! but I hear you, I dont love it when the show is one big blur. I guess we can file that under fresh head vs. multiple in the same tour.

  23. gavinsdad Says:

    Off to the bay….enjoy your day y’all…to each their own for sure.

    Real curious to see how the South plays out.

  24. Kaveh Says:

    @vape: are you in need of nTelos tickets? I can help you out with N1. Let me know.

  25. bob dylan Says:

    first time I saw a guy bust out a fresh pair of socks after the show I realized how much I had to learn about show going.

    if we’re talking about the same BB’er, that shit is out of necessity. dude dances his ass off.

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