Mid-Tour Awards

7.20.14 (Graham Lucas)

7.20.14 (Graham Lucas)

Best Show: 7/13 Randall’s Island

Runner up: 7/4 SPAC

 Best Set: 7/13 Randall’s Island Set II

Runner Up: 7/12 Randall’s Island Set II

Best First Set: 7/13 Randall’s Island

Runner Up: 7/11 Randall’s Island

Best Stand: Randall’s Island

Runner Up: SPAC

MVP of Tour: Jon Fishman

Runner Up: Page McConnell

 Jam Vehicle of Tour: “Harry Hood”

Runners Up: “Chalk Dust,” “Light” and “Down with Disease”

Best Segue: “Piper -> Halley’s” 7/18, Northerly Island

Runner Up: “Ghost -> Weekapaug” 7/20 Northerly Island

Top Jams of Tour

(In chronological order after 1 and 2)

1. “Chalk Dust Torture” 7/13

2. “Fuego” 7/8

“Harry Hood” 7/1, “Bathtub Gin > Limb” 7/3, “Fuego” 7/4, “Piper” 7/5,  “Chalk Dust” 7/9, “Bathtub Gin” 7/11, “Down With Disease” 7/11, “Ghost” 7/12, “Harry Hood” 7/12, “Light” 7/13, “Tweezer” 7/13, “Down With Disease” 7/15, “Wombat” 7/18, “Light” 7/19, “Harry Hood” 7/19, “The Wedge” 7/20, “Ghost” 7/20

7.16.14, Detroit (Jesse Herzog)

7.16.14, Detroit (Jesse Herzog) 

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2,513 Responses to “Mid-Tour Awards”

  1. jtran Says:

    2:30 of tweezer3 = welcome

  2. Drewcluley Says:

    Interesting concerning the webcast replay:
    I started my replay of last Sundays Chicago webcast on Wednesday 7/23.
    It’s says its good for 24 hours right . . But I left the browser window active on my ipad. So it is still active and still plays the show for me. Last nights webcast is still active but I haven’t clicked play cause I don’t want to start the 24 hr clock on that one yet in case this phenonom reverts.

    Anyone else experience this “feature”?

  3. tela's_muff Says:

    i still can’t believe that Fish went with Jenny Dances. I wish i could have seen Miners face. now i just need a HYHU>Spread It Round>HYHU.

  4. MrCompletely Says:

    It doesn’t upset me but it does have negative, dismissive connotations that I think are unwarranted. Use it if you like but I think it rings judgmental and a bit false. To me they’re jokes, not gimmicks, it’s that simple…but a semantic argument isn’t really appealing…

    I don’t see the KISS parallel at all but okay

  5. MrCompletely Says:

    yeah @telas. that’s just deeply hilarious. such a knowing in-joke, no matter how you interpret it

  6. Guyute711 Says:

    So I guess no one wants to talk about the Charlotte show….ha ha

  7. tela's_muff Says:

    The Wilson/Cavern mashup is one of my fav shows ever. no such thing as describing that as gimmicky at that time. it was Phish, that was it. but yeah, semantics and such.

    i hear what Stoney is saying, but when they (Fish?) dropped immediately into BOTT to start the Tweez jam, it seemed very intentional. not as in we’re going to do a segue fest, but more as a response to critique about chopping jams, i.e. Tweez>Ghost, or Piper>Rift. but, that could be me projecting. The past few shows they’ve been very eager to play with segues, and overall have been nailing them. either way, hold on, it looks like they’re having lots of fun.

  8. Kaveh Says:

    Totally Random:

    Do we have a fantasty football BB edition?

  9. bob dylan Says:

    Anyone mind telling me the mac torrent app they use and like? I haven’t torrented in a long time but wanna grab these jerry shows linked last week.

  10. DaNcInG fOoL Says:

    so in 2020 are they gonna do a parody version of the line?

  11. DaNcInG fOoL Says:

    bob i’ve used vuze forever and never had any problems

  12. Stoney Case Says:

    I hear you Tela.

    ” but more as a response to critique about chopping jams, i.e. Tweez>Ghost, or Piper>Rift.”

    ^ that’s criticism well earned right there. probably better to apologize to bandmates than poke sticks at the fans. but what do i know.

    I guess I would lose a bunch of respect for these cats if I thought they spent time trying to ‘fuck with fans’ more than learning how to play ‘With’ sans whammy, or how to actually shred Sugar Shack.

  13. Guyute711 Says:

    I sure hope so Df, that song stinks. It needs to go the way of TTE, which will be played soon.

  14. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    I use utorrent and have for about 4-5 years with no issues

  15. dusty Says:

    No idea why they like dropping saw it again there. I think that might be the only venue I’ve had multiples of that song and defiantly they only one with 1st set and 2nd set versions. Here’s to hoping they drop a real tasty segue, ala alpine, into WTU somewhere soon.

  16. MrCompletely Says:

    the thing is that utorrent turned into some crazy bloatware recently. seriously, it’s nuts. if you already have it installed it’s fine but a the current versions come with a loaded installer, total bullshit. you can track down previous clean versions though

  17. Stoney Case Says:


    Saw It Again > Fuego is the tongue in cheekiness, combined with the songs propensity to surface at MPP. Serendipity

  18. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    huh. haven’t had that problem with utorrent, thankfully. I’ve been delaying any update installs too (which I will continue too, thank you sir) so that might explain that if it has in fact gone all bloaty

  19. DaNcInG fOoL Says:

    does anyone have the new seun kuti to upload for me yet?

  20. tela's_muff Says:

    well Stoney, as AJ pointed out to me the other day, that Harpua skit about doing it, “The Right Way”? The NYE Icculus narration. Jenny Dances goof. The FYF show Farmhouse>Alaska (2001 pump fake), Persnickety. I wouldn’t put it past them to tease us, along with teasing themselves. we’re all friends, family, etc. goes with the territory. again, i could be totally projecting, and wrong.

  21. skunk521 Says:

    They told us last year, MOST SHOWS SPELL SOMETHING. I felt more than anything, this show was a loose sunday in a shed they love and decided to show how much they love the fanbase. Really cool that they are self-aware of their history with their catalogue and with our knowledge of the catalogue.

  22. Kaveh Says:

    @bob: I use the Mac torrent: uTorrent. Simple, straight forward and reliable.

  23. MrCompletely Says:

    yeah I think if you just already have utorrent installed you’re basically fine, the bloatware is on the new installer

  24. Stoney Case Says:

    15 years to get Jennifer Dances chorus out of my head. 1:43 for Phish to shove it back in there. FML

  25. Shred Says:

    Big Birch is an all timer show. One of the greats. Just never really got a hard on for the wilson cavern thing.

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