Mid-Tour Awards

7.20.14 (Graham Lucas)

7.20.14 (Graham Lucas)

Best Show: 7/13 Randall’s Island

Runner up: 7/4 SPAC

 Best Set: 7/13 Randall’s Island Set II

Runner Up: 7/12 Randall’s Island Set II

Best First Set: 7/13 Randall’s Island

Runner Up: 7/11 Randall’s Island

Best Stand: Randall’s Island

Runner Up: SPAC

MVP of Tour: Jon Fishman

Runner Up: Page McConnell

 Jam Vehicle of Tour: “Harry Hood”

Runners Up: “Chalk Dust,” “Light” and “Down with Disease”

Best Segue: “Piper -> Halley’s” 7/18, Northerly Island

Runner Up: “Ghost -> Weekapaug” 7/20 Northerly Island

Top Jams of Tour

(In chronological order after 1 and 2)

1. “Chalk Dust Torture” 7/13

2. “Fuego” 7/8

“Harry Hood” 7/1, “Bathtub Gin > Limb” 7/3, “Fuego” 7/4, “Piper” 7/5,  “Chalk Dust” 7/9, “Bathtub Gin” 7/11, “Down With Disease” 7/11, “Ghost” 7/12, “Harry Hood” 7/12, “Light” 7/13, “Tweezer” 7/13, “Down With Disease” 7/15, “Wombat” 7/18, “Light” 7/19, “Harry Hood” 7/19, “The Wedge” 7/20, “Ghost” 7/20

7.16.14, Detroit (Jesse Herzog)

7.16.14, Detroit (Jesse Herzog) 

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2,513 Responses to “Mid-Tour Awards”

  1. Vlad the Impaler Says:

    Classico Ricks. But you’ve left me thirsty for more…

    lilum that was fracking hilarious. You know that’s like most of the Bay Area residents though right?

  2. bob dylan Says:

    still with the spice?


  3. tela's_muff Says:

    Catapult – Lagunitas Sucks

  4. bob dylan Says:

    dont listen to em palmer. fight the good fight.

  5. RicksFork Says:

    I’ll let it go. Me thinks you guys are trolling me now…

    Trolling Rock

  6. Arty Rankin Says:


    1. 06.22.94 Midnight Rider Catapult. There is no debate so don’t try.
    2. 10.27.96 Double Mule Duel Theremin’d Supreme
    3. 07.18.03 Frantically Diseased version in your ween
    4. 12.31.99 Might be the Melt talking, but give it a whirl
    5. 07.16.94 Set the gearshift for the wedding of your ween
    6. 02.16.03 Pult provides pause prior to punctuation for powerful preface
    7. 08.12.04 Admist the Maze You Enjoy Your Catapult
    8. 07.24.99 Tweezer’s harmony twas not cold to put out the flame
    9. 12.08.94 It’s quite Simple how funky this one is, really
    10. 06.29.94 Bowie’s a good friend to this patient of ours, eh?

  7. Stoney Case Says:

    Last night review.


  8. bob dylan Says:

    catapult for lagunitas sucks works on so many levels. well done tela’s.

    i ldo ove me some lagunitas sucks, however, be warned: if you are finding bottles on the shelf, they are way past their prime. its a seasonal and those are way out of season.

  9. verno329 Says:

    Omaha ’96 Catapult was a nice one for me, complete with Mike’s veil dance


  10. vapebraham Says:

    spinning charlotte (7.25.14) now. started w/ bowie. so far so great. CDT is a $$$ number.

  11. Cheard Says:

    Guyute=Guyutica Club
    miner tweeted that Charlotte CDT is jam of weekend: discuss

  12. btb Says:

    Harry Hood = Bomb!

  13. Cheard Says:

    brief hush hush homage in NICU jam?

  14. MrCompletely Says:

    great work @arty! high five! http://i.imgur.com/M0bWify.gif

    I like phish but think beer sucks, can we do weed strains and extract types next?

  15. RicksFork Says:

    @Bob – I thought the new 32 oz. format of Sucks was a year round thing, no?

  16. Mr. Palmer Says:

    My boys in PDX must run with a baller crowd…

    Talk of Friday night Eugene Ph show> Sat Afternoon Duck/ Huskies F-ball game> Private Jet to SEA leaving at 5pm to Key Arena…

    I’m in.

  17. vapebraham Says:

    I feel that, cheard. spinning it now and loving it. Light was also a keeper.

  18. bob dylan Says:

    Scents and Subtle Sounds – Nugget Nectar

  19. dorn76 Says:

    LU can host a “Waving Hands in the Dark” Set, Thursday overnights maybe, interspersing tracks off Mwandishi with “dark jams” he culls from the archives.

    Thinking also about a 60 second thing popping up in between longer segments…. “And now for a Pint of Rick’s Beer Thoughts”…

  20. MrCompletely Says:

    workaround for downloading Archive.org mp3s – they closed the previously existing hole

    “Download the m3u and open it in notepad. Copy a url of one of the mp3s and you’ll be brought to the black screen where you can play the file. Delete the filename in the url and you should have access to the mp3s”

  21. bob dylan Says:

    Ricks, I keep going back and forth myself wondering. I had a quart bottle recently that tasted fresh to me. Got another one and it was a malt bomb. Either way, its off of lagunitas.com front page where they advertise the bears of the season.

  22. Kaveh Says:

    Beer labels:


  23. vapebraham Says:

    sour D – first tube

  24. bob dylan Says:

    Mr C FTW! gonna try that now

  25. Cheard Says:

    yeah I think carini through steam and light trumps CLT. had a great time there though, segues in and out of twist are $$$

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