Miner’s Dicks Picks

8.30.13 (Jake Silco)

8.30.13 (Jake Silco)

Here are my selections for the top 10 jams in Dick’s history.

10. “Carini” 8.31.12 I

This surprise jam, early in the first frame, set the tone for the FYF show.



9. “Runaway Jim” 8.31.12 II

A rare siting of an exploratory, second set “Runaway Jim” in the modern era. This one is kind of aimless for a while but comes together in the second half. Some might rank this higher, but it just doesn’t hit me very hard at all. It’s kind of messy and all over the place.



8. “Sand” 8.30.13 II

This “Sand” opens up into a gorgeous passage of Phish. While not quite 2012’s version, this “Sand” is quite good in its own right.



7. “Piper” 9.4.11 II

An airtight excursion that passes through several themes, one that Page laces with his magic Theremin.



6. “Sand” 9.2.12 II

A far more fluid jam than I ever gave it credit for, and sick throughout.



5. “Chalk Dust Torture” 8.31.13 II

A defining moment of late-summer ’13, as the band set the course for Fall.



4. “Chalk Dust Torture” 8.31.12 II

An incredibly cohesive monster with some of Trey’s most inspired work of the year.



3. “Tweezer” 9.3.11 II

One of the bands most triumphant moments in 2011.



2. “Undermind” 8.31.12 II

This set closer confirmed that something special was going at Dick’s in 2012.



1. “Light” 9.1.12 II

The mac daddy highlight from Phish’s years at Dick’s. It’s just so good.

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3,444 Responses to “Miner’s Dicks Picks”

  1. Sex&City Says:

    STAPES!!! You are good to go. I bought 2 for me and 2 for you. Let me see what the mark up is looking like on these tickets. I’m seeing $1,000 or more online already. I think $750 is fair.

  2. MiA Says:

    “I would never physically touch anything with a brazzers logo on it. like drinking ebola cola.”

    I was thinking the same thing. Like those forensic black lights that show all the bodily fluids in a hotel room … I’m guessing that couch just glows under that.

  3. stapes Says:

    Damn dude! Nicely done. I had absolutely zero luck.

  4. MiA Says:

    Heady, you’ve got mail. Or am I posting too fast again?

  5. Sex&City Says:

    @I didn’t have luck at all either but I never give up… I’m thinking I found tickets because there were some people that maybe had it in their cart and then lost it and bam! That’s when S&C STRIKES!!!!

  6. little umbrellas Says:

    Ohhh, did Dylan tickets just come and go.. he’s got multiple nights at the Paramount, Thinkin that won’t be an instant sell out..

  7. stapes Says:

    Yea I was entering captchas for 15 straight minutes.

  8. Sex&City Says:

    good thing I joined the BB…

  9. dorn76 Says:

    Looks like I picked the wrong day to stop sniffing glue.

  10. aj Says:

    Go Miranda!

  11. RicksFork Says:

    Good heads up on the Dylan tix Stapes. Grabbed two for the Boston show.

  12. dorn76 Says:

    Anyone have a link to a rip of the custycast from any night of Dick’s?

    I’d like to have a concert in my living room this evening. See if the wife will put on a cute costume. Then I can stand a few feet behind her, drink IPA, smoke prerolls, stare at her ass.

  13. stapes Says:

    S&C – shoot me an email…. m j s t a p l e t o n 17 at the g mailz

  14. snow Says:

    hey snowcones- come ride at Mt Baker with me sometime! If you can’t ride high, you will learn quick! Full mountain tours and canadian snowboard team stretching sessions included at not extra cost.

    @C- the key caveat there is ‘over the course of the game’. Packers Defense is far from our biggest challenge this year, but our offense has not looked that dominate in a decade against any team. the way percy spreads the field is redic.

  15. verno329 Says:

    @dorn YT links suffice?

  16. MrCompletely Says:

    they’re around @dorn. do you have my email stored anywhere?

  17. snow Says:

    oh and totally agree on earl. Seahawks Defense: rush 4, earl plays cover 1 and everyone else in man.

  18. snow Says:

    @dorn- Can I come over and smoke cigarettes, talk and play with my phone next to you?

  19. snow Says:

    Oh and can I tape down a tarp on your floor?

  20. MrCompletely Says:

    earl thomas is the axis that makes that whole thing work.

    gotta also take pix of dorn’s wife’s ass and talk about “tapping dat” while you spill beers

  21. MrCompletely Says:

    Srsly doe. Webcasts with the wife are A+. Still have last Saturday’s saved, she hasn’t heard a note. She’s a big fan of WTU, Carini, Light, will love it.

  22. snow Says:

    the thing about Dicks is that there was something top shelf from every night. pretty hard for me to pick a clear favorite…. so my clear favorite is the variety of styles over the weekend.

    dark tension jams, storage, space camp, funk, prog rock anthems, infectious dance grooves, anthemic jams, all kinds of joking/fucking with the crowd and cathartic peaks. complete package really.

  23. snow Says:

    there is even a joy dickpunch!

  24. dorn76 Says:

    I will designate a “TahoePoo” section, a loud talker section, a cell phone vid section, and a cig section.

    I should be able to watch from the yard through the front window in peace.

    Had all your BB emails somewhere, lost ’em.

    dorn76bb@gee whiz mail

  25. RicksFork Says:

    Well said Snow. Totally agree.

    Havent been to Baker yet, but I love Crystal and Stevens.

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