The Top Ten of Fall Tour

10.24.14, Los Angeles, CA (Jesse Herzog)

10.24.14, Los Angeles, CA (Jesse Herzog)

There’s nothing like making art compete, so welcome to this Fall’s Top Ten Jams! Trying to make this top ten list from was tougher than usual, because simply put, there weren’t that many great jams this tour. The guys did, however, churn out just enough high quality to make a solid top ten list. So without further ado, here we go…

Honorable Mention:  “Carini -> Plasma” 10.17 II, “Light -> Cities” 10.18 II, “Harry Hood” 10.28 II, “Down with Disease” 10.29 II, “Twist” 11.1 II

10. “Harry Hood” 10.17 II, Eugene, OR

To cap Eugene’s second set, the band picked up with “Harry Hood” right where they left off this summer, playing another revitalized and wide-open version of their classic. After navigating multiple themes, the band concluded this version with a proper build and peak. Certainly lesser heard that the San Francisco and Vegas “Hoods,” Eugene’s version was the proverbial cherry on top of a pretty perfect second set and gets my pick for the best of Fall.



9.”Light” 10.29 II, San Francisco, CA

Much like Bill Graham’s “Twist” opened into a slow, dark lair, the next night’s “Light” followed a similar dynamic, traversing more than one ambient realm. This jam highlighted San Francisco’s final set with truly engaging interplay, but it met an awkward ending due to Trey’s hard-headed move into “Possum” as things were getting particularly nasty, costing this jam some serious style points.



8. “Down With Disease” 10.24 II, Los Angeles, CA

A jam that traverses several musical feels comes to a final peak with the same classic rock rhythm progression featured in this summer’s Merriweather “Ghost.” A solid, full-band jam through and through.



7. “Light -> Dogs” 11.1 II, Las Vegas, NV

Phish wasted no time digging into the new music they scribed for their Halloween set. On the next night, they combined “Light” and “Dogs” to form the improvisational centerpiece of the second set. Trey gets into a zone for the few minutes preceding the move into “Dogs,”  unleashing a series of powerful leads with a hard-edged, digitally beserk guitar tone. The band expounded on “Dogs'” theme, jamming the piece out of structure and into “Lengthwise.” I believe this was only the beginning of a new chapter in Phish’s career.



6. “Drowned > Theme” 10.22 II, Santa Barbara, CA

This set-opening sequence from Santa Barbara’s second night totally smokes. “Drowned” moves from a melodic and ethereal space into a far darker second half, landing in “Theme From the Bottom.” Then, in perhaps the surprise move of tour, the band blew out the end of “Theme” into a sinister funk passage could rightfully accompany a bank robbing mission.



5. “Kill Devil Falls” 10.28 II, San Francisco, CA

Add Bill Graham’s second night to the short list of times Phish has blown out “Kill Devil Falls.” San Francisco’s outing got the full treatment in the band’s sharpest show of Fall Tour, opening the second set with a traipse into an abstraction. Though it had been years since the band improvised out of the Joy rocker, they promptly utilized it to sculpt one of the more progressive jams of Fall Tour.



4. “Twist” 10.28 II, San Francisco, CA

“Twist” followed its Fall ’13 renaissance with another strong campaign this Fall. Phish played three great renditions of “Twist” this run, but none reached a more profound place than the version from Bill Graham Civic Arena. What appeared to be a tight though standard run through the song completely opened up as it built towards its final theme. What transpired was several minutes of utter transcendence. The band downshifted into a creeping tempo in which Trey played some of his most mystical guitar of the tour. Completely connected, Phish explored this idea to its conclusion with music that likened ancient myth.



3. “Chalk Dust Torture > Ghost” 10.21 II, Santa Barbara, CA

This Santa Barbara sequence stood out immediately, highlighted by a truly special “Ghost” which slowly slithers into a delicate space that matched the venue’s gorgeous surroundings. In comparison to Vegas’s version, the trajectory of this “Chalk Dust” jam remained a bit more standard, though the band’s interplay throughout is quite on point. It seemed like Trey went all out in this sequence and then ran out of gas for the rest of the set which fell pretty flat.



2. “Crosseyed and Painless” 10.17 II, Eugene, OR

In their first show—and one of the strongest second sets—of tour, Phish blew the doors off this “Crosseyed” jam in the fashion we hope they will every time they drop the Talking Heads’ cover. This multi-tiered excursion fluidly connects several themes, as the band set the bar quite high out of the gates this fall. Moving through a full-on plinko stage before morphing into a soundscaped ambient groove, the Eugene “Crossesyed” is the most accomplished  stand-alone jam of Fall Tour.



1. “Chalk Dust > Piper” 11.2 II, Las Vegas, NV

Simply put, this sequence blows the rest of Fall Tour out of the water. Trey’s focus, energy and creativity finally reached the level of his bandmates, and the result was a jam that sounds far more locked and inspired than the rest of these pieces on this list. Quite honestly, it’s like night and day, illustrating the relative mediocrity of Fall tour. In this sequence, Phish (read: Trey) actually sounds like the sharpened musicians we know them to be, as it’s amazing what a fully dialed guitar player will do for the dynamic of the band. Both halves of this two-pronged attack thoroughly depart from their conventional jam spaces, providing refreshing takes on “Chalk Dust” and “Piper,” two jams that can often get caught in ruts. On this tour, Phish saved their best playing for the eleventh hour, but better late than never!

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  1. butter Says:

    Boom, great descriptors, thanks Miner

  2. dorn76 Says:

    I’d curtesy if it wouldnt hurt so bad.

    Thanks for the bedtime read. Bliss jam post.

  3. dorn76 Says:

    Our trip was short.

    More Tour.
    Less TAB.

    Probably too trolly for a shirt.

  4. Lumpyhead Says:

    I’d say that’s that, mattress man.

  5. little umbrellas Says:

    dope review Miner, dig the picture your painting here. choice words. makes me excited to spin these selections again.

    * Tame Impala was so much better than i had expected. Waaay more amazing live. I had seen the Coachella set and some other YT stuff, but it doesn’t do it justice.
    All the strengths in the melodies and song writing that are brought to life by the wet effect laden retro’d fuzz, phasers, delay, ring mods and the like, were present just as on the album.. but live were brought to a whole more space age, cosmic and impactful level.
    Much more Space Rock and massively rich and dense in texture. Lots of instruments and parts in the songs had physically palpable frequencies. Overtone like vibrations oscillating at different speeds. You could feel the different rate of the frequencies. ((totally sober writing this. no drugs mom!))

    Was a very cool dichotomy between the warm human introspective nature to the lyrics, melodies and song writing, and the drenched in psychedelia cosmic texture and level at which the songs were hiting.

    –Also many of the songs were extended and re arranged. and differently so even than the ‘Live Versions’ Record Store Day release. They’d often return to some earlier theme but drop it way heavier, prehaps at a halftime feel, or just slowed down a little. kinda like the way the end of ‘Axis:Bold as Love’ works.. Secret reprises with extra extra sauce.
    -Some of the songs had elongated breakbeat sections smothered in synths. Like the idioteque or the KidA’ification of the music. They also had written multiple mini instrumentals that segued into their full songs.

    There sound was incredible live. The music doesn’t rely on some master of solo or group improvisation, it just sounds incredible every time they hit their guitars or keys. Lo-Fi sounds and bended analog bites maximalized through huge amplified production.

    Sick Sick live show. Total surprise. And i already really liked their album. Also the projection visuals used an oscilloscope to grab the actual sound frequency from the guitar and used this as the source image before being fractal’d, delay’d, bent, stretched, strobe’d, color’d, and spun.
    –Also their sound guys at the board wore Lab Coats.–

  6. vegas wolfmans Says:

    Great list, Miner. May be in the minority, but I do dig Vegas Sand->Tweeprise. Thought the Sand peak was standard, but really like the patience and Toby’s rhythm work from 9-13 minute mark and the groove that follows. Wish they didn’t woo it out, but still think the jam has merit. Move from spacey time > big riffs > tweeprise pretty slick too.


  7. Jerome Garcia Says:

    Miner! Thanks for the Top 10 of terr. Let the discourse begin. Looking fwd to spinning ’em all today.

    Morning kids. More The House That Trane Built in the phones to start the day. A Love Supreme.

  8. Jerome Garcia Says:

    Incredible Chevy Impala review lilum. Masterful description. Love the technical aspect & frame of reference you bring. Bravo sir!

  9. MiA Says:

    Up early. I guess the little girl dog doesn’t like peeing “outside” when it’s 30°. And finds the difficult part of the most expensive rig I own to do it.

    So I got to read Miners great writeup on the top 10(ish)

    I 100% agree those were the obvious standout jams of Fall. Enjoyed reading the rationalization for each spot too.

  10. RicksFork Says:

    Nice post Miner. Thank you. I too dug the Sand Reprise VW, but it whaled and wooed and that pushes it out for me. I would still give it honorable mention though. The rest of the honorable mention is right on as well though.

    Day in the office for me today, so time to spin em all.

    Nice photo Jesse. Looks like slapback does not adversely effect photography. Good to know.

  11. RicksFork Says:

    Bingo’s, how’s the pup?

  12. Jerome Garcia Says:

    Bingos got a pup? What kinda breed? Still reading back last few pgs of prev post so perhaps things will become more clear…

    Sup Ricks & MiA. 30 at your casa in ATX = colder than State College this AM.

  13. Phamily Berzerker Says:

    Nice recap!

    Keep up the good work when you can.

  14. jerseyjim Says:

    Thank You, Mr. Miner…

    some dark, some light, throughout the tour.

  15. sumodie Says:

    Big Cypress – new audio rips, with improved transfer lineage, of the VHS pro shot video recently released

    “Here are the audio files of the new VHS restoration in three flavors. Please feel free to share but also please DON’T modify the files. All of these are restored, remastered, and prepared for delivery. They are not “completely flawless” of course. The tapes had some inherent issues burned into them that are not fully repairable. Mainly gaps (tape cuts) and channel dropouts (right channel). Though clicks, pops, buzz, crackle and some other issues were addressed. These are a significant upgrade to every other versions that came from the first “leak” and should be a good replacement for those files in your collections. It was a deliberate choice NOT to try to “frankenstein” a source to fill those few edit points with other currently available sources. It just won’t make sense sonically. The exception to this was adding the end of Piper and Free from the Vimeo rip source. Different circulating audience sources were used to bring in the concert ambiance. Ideally I would discourage further attempts at a so called “matrix”. The restoration of this audio was time consuming, tedious, and meticulous. It was done to create THIS version. Not to create a starting point for tangential projects. But whatever.”

    MP3, flac, ALAC links:,v5xm0hxk9l14c,4hkw46alhxn6x/shared

  16. sumodie Says:

    “What’s the source lineage? I didn’t see any specifics in your text file.

    Is this from the same leak as what’s been circulating since late summer, or did you have access to a lower gen VHS tape? I know there is an ongoing effort to do a new capture/cleanup from VHS masters – for clarity it would be nice to know if that’s what you’re releasing, or is this a remaster of stt4’s leak? What was your starting material?

    Thanks for clarifying.”

    “This is from the project you are referring to. From VHS tapes. Not from DVD-R. Not a lower gen VHS tape. From what understand there were two sets of tapes made back in 2000, or maybe 2001. One was recorded and never played back. One was played back from time to time over the years. The later was used to make the original stand along VHS to DVD-R that was not supposed to but did leak online. This is from the set that sat in storage since they were dubbed. This is all to the best of my understanding. I don’t know if they are digibeta to VHS or digibeta to VHS to VHS. I think it’s the later though.

    Also the preemptive answer regarding tape two is that no, it is not plagued with crackling like the first so called leak was.”

  17. Jerome Garcia Says:

    Ha! Bingos pup ate a weed cookie. Hope everything worked out. Standard schnauzer I had w/ ex-wife ate a ‘special’ brownie off the kitchen counter one time…was staggering like a mofo motor skills shot. Held the lil fucker & kept a close eye on ’em all night. Was cool as the other side of the pillow the next AM.

  18. sumodie Says:

    Miner, thanks for the list!

    For better or worse, the Vegas Sand > Tweeprise has already gotten more spins on my pod than several jams above. The jam (& SBD recording) features great 4 way interplay, with standout work from both Mike & Page

    Page was fantastic this tour

  19. HeadyBrosevelt Says:

    dig this playlist and a new post taboot. word. i like to come here because there is some sense of grounded discussion and discourse. i talked to this dude this weekend and he told me that fall 2014 was the best tour of 3.0. and i told him i thought it was the weakest, imho. he called me a hater and told me to be grateful, etc. he would not even try to discuss why. he was also drunk. and a redskins fan.

    i love sundays. i had a magic one yesterday. the eagles loss was so huge, it was comical and could not dampen my day. nothing left to do but smile, smile, smile. enjoy the day.

  20. illbuyyouaewe Says:

    Also, 10/31 Sand; Martian Monster

  21. dorn76 Says:


  22. stapes Says:

    Thank you Sumo!!!

  23. MrCompletely Says:

    Hatey McHaterson

  24. Kaveh Says:

    Morning BBers. @sumo thanks for all the info…much appreciated.

  25. Kaveh Says:

    Sorry to put this out here again. I have two tickets left to get rid of, of all my Miami tickets. 2 tickets for the 2nd; sec. 322. Knowing these seats aren’t the best, I’m willing to go 2 for 1 on these. So if you are interested or know of anyone looking for a swinging deal to get them in the door. Let me know here or at kjrahimi at yahoo dot com. Thanks BBers!

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