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  1. little umbrellas Says:

    Before I first started coming here, I already had a pretty strong understanding of what musical paths Phish had carved through the different years and eras.

    …but my show listening and knowledge was spotty (and still is, though to less of an extent). Point being:
    ~This place has turned me on to So much good music from Phish’s past.~

    I had never listened to 12/1/95 Hershey for example. I knew what the 95 sound was all about, and had some favorite shows.. but didn’t have a sense of the tours scope and the building that was being accomplished.

    I remember when MiA first linked me to the 12/1/95 Mike’s.
    Complete and total facemelt. So much fire going they couldn’t slow down for H2.

  2. dorn76 Says:

    C, my Caucasian!

    Thx, brazier.

  3. little umbrellas Says:

    @MrC, totally. Well put. That visualization is pretty awesome. Jameson was the bridge.

    Shakespeare of Bass. The Bard.

  4. MrCompletely Says:

    the only reason I’m not in on all the 12.1 talk is that I’ve overdone it so much. one of my very favorite phish shows, maybe my fave pure shred facemelter show

  5. little umbrellas Says:

    12/1/95 set 2 vid

    Dorn loves a good morning time repost:

  6. tela's_muff Says:

    T3 – you’re right, that 11/29 Timber is hot. how about the Lassie Whistling Reprise in the YEM space section, complete with whispering? this show is really great. i’ll que up that Salem show and Split for my drive up to the mountains tonight.

  7. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:


    that 12.1.92 Dennison U. show is not available at or phishtracks. it is on LP obviously but not there for streaming as an aud. just checked and it apparently only trades in the lp flacs? never realized that before. guess I only have listened to that one off of the archival release. score one for LP+, I suppose…

  8. dorn76 Says:

    The answer, my leaves, and yesterday’s posts, are blowing in the wind

  9. jtran Says:

    who’s got my list of more crazy, fast, percussive jams like 12/1/95 mike’s? Not the 95 psych sound, but more so the Trey-on-mini-kit thing

  10. little umbrellas Says:

    Yes, how many years can a mountain exist
    Before it’s washed to the sea?
    And how many times can we share 12/1/95
    before all know its shreddery?

    Yes, how many times must a man look up
    Before he can really see the sky?

  11. phishm Says:

    So the police are upset at the St. Louis Rams players for doing the hands up gesture before their game. I’m guessing if they would just stop shooting unarmed kids all would be good.

  12. little umbrellas Says:

    nice drop @Spasm.
    let the TAB Sand play through the home audio while pickin up round here. agreed, Ray is laying down some thick Clav and Organ funk in there.

  13. little umbrellas Says:

    Bathtub Gin 7-29-98 Maryland Heights

  14. Gavinsdad Says:

    Word C for me it was that 94 red rocks w Wilson opener (6/11). That one always blew my head off. In all honesty I too need to spend time doing a December 95 in its entirety listening project. I’ve tried but can never stay on task.

  15. MiA Says:

    I’m convinced 12/1/95 has RDNZL teases from Page.

  16. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    do you realize how difficult it is to pick out the *one* WITS (or any of a hundred other similarly similar songs) to include in AÜ-II: The Übering?

  17. Gavinsdad Says:

    I finished college in Florida aug of 95. Moved to Brooklyn by Nov of that year. Only two shows I caught in 95 were Albany and 12/30 with the Hood that named Miner. I was pretty lucky even then. Wish I saw more back then but at that point in time Phish wasn’t really my focus. Getting a job was my focus. Such was life.

  18. MiA Says:

    Spinning Cypress Slave. I have 13 mins to conf. call. 11 mins left in song. 2 minutes is enough time to wipe the tears from my eyes?

  19. MiA Says:

    Thanks Stoney. Now I’m verklempt.

    That is AlphaUber material right there.

  20. little umbrellas Says:

    This Gin Gets There. amp’in it.

    modular synths are dope
    …no patch cables though, mixing board?

  21. little umbrellas Says:

    RDNZL (Lather Version)
    -if ye don’t know it, hold on to your chair. masterpiece material.

  22. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    Yes, but is it AlphaÜber material?

  23. MiA Says:

    No umlaut on the work computer. But yeah. It’s AlphaÜber for sure.

  24. neemor Says:

    All hail the 7.24.98 Wolfman.

  25. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    Ï kňöw, jüšţ jökïñğ

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