Paradise Waits

Miami 2014-15 (Andrea Nusinov)

Following Trey’s outstanding performance at the Grateful Dead’s Fare Thee Well shows, there has been an anticipatory buzz around Phish’s forthcoming summer tour. With many questions on the horizon and a full slate of shows in which they will be answered, it’s once again an exciting time in the world of Phish. With Bend just around the corner, here’s what’s been on my mind about Summer 2015.

Trey @ FTW (Jay Blakesberg)

Trey @ FTW (Jay Blakesberg)

It wouldn’t be a stretch to posit that Trey’s preparation for Fare Thee Well represents the most focused guitar practice that he has undertaken since returning to the Phish stage in ’09. He has mentioned in interviews that he isolated himself for up to over five hours per day to study Garcia’s playing, to learn Grateful Dead songs, and to practice. When asked in a Rolling Stone what he’s taken away from his work, he said “One is just guitar stuff. I’ve made a conscious effort to learn everything I could about Jerry’s incredible style. I’m playing in different positions on the neck. It’s opened up a whole world of people I’d never listened to before.” While I wouldn’t bet on any stylistic crossover into his own band, there is no doubt that this preparation will affect his sharpness and readiness to tear things apart on the with Phish. During much of 2014, Trey lacked the powerful leads that traditionally have directed Phish jams. He often laid back with quasi-aimless rhythm playing while his band mates stepped up to varying degrees of success. During the Fare Thee Well shows, especially come Chicago, Trey’s lead playing was the undeniable force driving the band and holding jams on course. He took magnificently passionate solos all over the place, often flooring the stadium-sized audience with his six string prowess. If there is one thing that I feel that will certainly carry over from his Grateful Dead project, it will be his assertiveness. I surmise that Trey, the lead guitar player we know and love, will be back in full force this summer, and that alone is enough to make the any fan giddy with excitement. Phish is the best when Trey takes the lead, not necessarily dominating jams, but directing them. And with his chops as polished as they have been in years, things bode well for his musical leadership this summer. It remains to be seen if the overhauling of his tone for Fare Thee Well will spill over into his Phish articulation. While I doubt he’ll bring his full-fledged “Jerry sound” into the mix, he could integrate some new phrasings and effects that he picked up in such a diligent case study of Garcia.

10/31/14 II. Las Vegas, NV (Eric Battuello)

10/31/14 II Las Vegas, NV (Eric Battuello)

While many people in the community have been hypothesizing about Phish covering Dead songs this summer, I think the more pertinent question is what will come of the Halloween material? In Miami, we saw a slight integration of some of the band’s universally loved Halloween set, but will they commit to the material in full this tour? Will we see some of these jams reworked into actual songs? Inquiring minds want to know. Using “Martian Monster” as a set closer over the Holiday Run seemed to imply that it would become a legitimate part of the band’s rotation. I would imagine we see this infectious funk number fully integrated into the live show this tour. But what about everything else? The band used the “The Birds” as a jam motif during the New Year’s “Theme From the Bottom,” and it is more in this fashion that I think we could see these Halloween passages come to life. Most all of the vignettes from the Haunted House set weren’t fully fleshed out pieces of music, and if they stay that way, it would be really innovative for the band to use them as instrumental themes to jam in and out of within larger improvisations in the vein of “”Tweezer -> Shipwreck -> Tweezer,” “Bathtub Gin -> The Very Long Fuse -> Bathtub Gin,” or “Tube -> Your Pet Cat -> Tube.” They could also use them as bridges between pieces like “Tweezer -> Shipwreck -> Carini” or “Chalk Dust -> The Dogs -> Light.” In fact, we already saw this latter use on 11.1.14 in “Light -> Dogs -> Lengthwise.” While there is a possibility that we see a couple of them reworked into legitimate songs, I almost feel that it would be cooler to see them kept as improvisational devices. If any, I think “The Birds” has the best possibility of becoming a formal song. In terms of any real integration of Grateful Dead material? I seriously doubt it.

Summer '15

Summer ’15

Summer tour’s routing sees the band play nine one-off shows, with five of them coming in rarely visited markets. While small market, out-of-the-way shows were not to be missed in the Phish’s earlier eras, they have more or less become greatest hit sampler platters that lack truly adventurous jamming in 3.0. The overnight travel segueing into soundcheck and a one-night performance hasn’t always treated the guys well over recent tours, and from experience, I would be wary before chasing them through their stretch of the Southern and Midwestern single night shows. They represent a serious grind with potentially small payoffs. Or perhaps I’m just getting old. The band’s wheelhouse in this era has clearly been multi-night stands, and if I had to predict where the strongest shows of summer will materialize, it would be within the two and three night affairs—Bend, Lakewood, Alpine, Philly, Merriweather, Magnaball and Dick’s.



Finally, for the first time since IT in 2003 (excluding Coventry), Phish’s summer tour will culminate in a festival. This format of their earlier years always provided a larger than life showcase for the band’s musical achievements of their current tour. They traditionally used their festivals to show what they had learned through their month-long journey, and put their improvisational foci and successes on full display at their August fiestas. This was arguably the best aspect of placing festivals at the end of their tours. Instead of having to gear up for a massive event in isolation, the band was fully in the flow of playing and jamming as they will be this year, and I think Magnaball is primed to explode far more significantly than Festival 8 or Superball, both which were played in detachment. And at Magnaball, we will—in all likelihood—get to experience one more of the band’s hallowed “secret sets.” I find it fruitless to speculate on what will transpire in this year’s installment, because Phish is always one step ahead of their fans and come up with something that we could never have guessed. That said, following their avant-garde Storage Jam, folks will be anticipating this set as much as any other of the three-night festival.

Only a few days separate us from the beginning of another summer tour. When Phish came back in ’09, nobody knew exactly what to expect from them, how long they’d stick around or to what level they’d perform. Now, six years later, the band is going strong, surpassed most expectations for this era and the guys seem committed for the long haul. They have struck a balance in their personal lives and have no signs of slowing down. Having fully righted their ship and restored their legacy, it’s full steam ahead into 2015.


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  1. MrCompletely Says:

    I heard that story on the way into work. Hot rats!

  2. sex&city Says:

    LU… I was listening to NPR this morning and heard the story. It was insane. They said the rat’s were more accurate than humans and robots. There was a rat he was showing off that has NEVER taken false bait and has sniffed out C2 or dynamite or whatever every single time. God Bless it!

  3. little umbrellas Says:

    Beatles anomalies list, thanks. The lady is already weirding out over it.

  4. sex&city Says:

    I also heard about Trump being the big runner up. Can some of you politicians who are republican explain how this isn’t going to just crush any hopes for a republican president? I feel like he would be doing more harm than good?

  5. neemor Says:

    I just saw a video of 46 dogs (St. Bernards) in the woods as a pack.
    Not really the same thing, but…

    Back to the next band to carry the torch theme:
    I just listened to Lettuce again to see if they might be onto something.
    Heard a lot of buzz recently.
    At the Vibes this weekend.

    Then they played four songs in a row with a singular baseline and no lyrics.
    So I fell asleep at work.

  6. little umbrellas Says:

    Aphex is slowly putting out all the weird shit he’s never released.

  7. neemor Says:

    Trump is a Democratic plant.

  8. Lycanthropist Says:

    man Neemor..

    I have had so many people recommend Lettuce to me because they know I like funk.

    I just can’t get into it..

    It seems so stale to me.

  9. neemor Says:

    Isn’t all of Aphex’s stuff weird?

  10. Lycanthropist Says:

    ha was just gonna say the same thing.

    wonder what HE thought was too weird to release?

  11. neemor Says:

    Also, with Lettuce, I’m pretty sure there’s at least two dudes on the stage that are there by mistake.
    Sometimes it pays to stop funking and look around.
    “Who the f*ck is that guy?”
    “Dunno. Thought you brought him.”
    “He’s been at practice. Like all month.”
    “Huh. Here. Hand him this cowbell.”

  12. Lumpyhead Says:

    My spleen hurts

  13. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    wonder what HE thought was too weird to release?

    I don’t have the link at the ready on my phone but he popped up with a massive dump of such stuff on soundcloud under a pseudonym not too long ago

  14. garretcorncob Says:

    No, Jtran, everybody’s driving from Toronto on Thursday. You should think about it.

  15. neemor Says:

    At least with Bisco, you can find your head by lathing onto some lyrics from time to time. Get your bearings.
    Not so with Lettuce.
    Eight songs deep, no idea if they’ve changed chords.

  16. neemor Says:

    TIII, check bottom of last page.

  17. Fly Says:

    @Kaya: What a kind invitation! Itinerary is fluid. Shoot me a message at flyonthebb at gmail so we can connect.

    Come on Phish! Free the Jamz tonight!

  18. MrCompletely Says:

    I’m not a republican but I am a politics nerd, here’s my #HotTake

    1) Trump is the evil genie that the R’s let out of the bottle by catering to more and more extreme fringe/radical types. He’s not under R establishment control at all.

    2) I think a certain amount of his support literally amounts to trolling. People who love the fact that it freaks people out, and are basically making a statement about how much they hate everything about politics.

    3) In the long run, the R strategists (and most people) think he will fade and will not actually win primaries. We’ll see, because so far they’ve been wrong about this.

    4) If that happens, though, it actually helps the eventual Republican nominee with mainstream voters because of a very real thing called the Overton Window effect. The TL;DR on that (you can google it, it’s established right wing propaganda strategy) is that it makes guys like Bush, Walker etc seem mainstream by comparison.

    In other words the new standard for Republican nominees will become “well, he’s not as crazy as Trump!” So guys who are actually extremely right wing seem relatively moderate and sane by comparison.

    (FWIW this is why Fox News etc push the super-extreme personalities like Coulter, it reframes their primary personalities as “moderate” conservatives)

    We generally shy away from politics here since it can lead to bad juju but I doubt we have any Trump supporters among us.

    #HotTake complete

  19. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    Here is a good entry point for it

  20. jtran Says:


    already booked my flight yo.

    PS, did you see this –

  21. neemor Says:

    Gloucester wekend planned for 8/21,22
    Nawth Shoah Mass.
    Whale watch and wake ups on the Bass Rocks.
    So New Englandy.
    Can’t wait.

  22. jtran Says:

    trump vs bernie 2016!!

  23. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    Yeah that’s the “official” page but you need to check that generic user one. It is ridiculous

  24. neemor Says:

    “(FWIW this is why Fox News etc push the super-extreme personalities like Coulter, it reframes their primary personalities as “moderate” conservatives)”

    That *BOOM* was the sound of my head exploding.

  25. little umbrellas Says:

    Unknown Mortal Orchestra
    new music video .. trippy Bollywood film.

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