Refreshing the Board

Dayton, OH (Michael Stein)

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  1. Kaveh Says:

    Thanks @miner!

  2. MrCompletely Says:

    thanks amigo!

    hope you had a great Dozen! I bet you did

  3. Kaveh Says:

    From VW: (HD flac)






  4. Phamily Berzerker Says:

    El Tercer

  5. Kaveh Says:

    From Snowbanks: (HD flac)



  6. Willowed Says:

    Refresh – engaged!

  7. Stoney Case Says:


  8. phishm Says:

    There is a Dicks re re today starting at 2:15pm est.

  9. Willowed Says:

    Just created a BD jams playlist.

    45 songs

    11 Hours

    21 Minutes

    That is great. And I left a few heaters off.

  10. jonacho Says:

    what a truly incredible run!
    Floating in the afterglow, working to reattach the brain

    I love how each night had its own character, but there is a coherency to the run as well.
    another magical phish experience, and certainly a major step up from much of 3.0


  11. Darth Vaper Says:

    Thanks Phishm. I know some people are looking.

  12. Willowed Says:

    I am looking. Now I just need a place to stay.

  13. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

  14. HadToHaveThat Says:

    Hi OH! reset!
    THANK YOU PHISHM!!!!!!!!

  15. dorn76 Says:

    Let’s grab some fuckin’ tickets for the crew.

    Can’t make it as you know. Fuck off. I’m in to help though.

  16. wilbard Says:

    Thanks Miner. Nice to finally meet you and dance near you Friday tho I don’t think I properly introduced myself at the time

  17. HadToHaveThat Says:

    Yes dOrn! And anyoneone else available and willing to help, we’re seeking (2) 3day tickets and 2 camping passes. I can immediately transfer funds to you in any preferred method!! Hope this is true and successful!! (Heart lodged in throat)

  18. stapes Says:


  19. Sally Says:

    I’ll be on phone and laptop trying!!!

  20. jdub Says:

    Yeah, if I can get tickets to dicks im going. So any help would be great as well.

  21. Marty party Says:

    I’ll be helping trying to grab some tickets from anyone That needs them
    2:15 Mountain time or eastern time ???

  22. [Not Tom] Says:

    The ticket gods will provide, @HTHT. The waiting is the hardest part.

  23. [Not Tom] Says:

    Is the proper site for the rere?

  24. jdub Says:

    Eastern time

  25. jtran Says:

    FIRST PAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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