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  1. Selector J Says:

    Last year at MSG, we had an usher that was fucking amazing, too. He introduced himself as Michael C. Holmes and laid down the ground rules: You can do anything you want (makes universal joint smoking signal) but you can’t be in the aisles.

    We talk a little during before show and during set break. Tells us he got the job so he could watch the Knicks for free, and how he loves reggae, even gives me some recs on where to catch reggae on the lower east side where he grew up. Nite
    Nurse hooks him up with a glow stick and he’s grooving with it the whole show. High fives were given every time we pass him at the section entrance. Michael C. Holmes was the man.

    At the end of the show I got him to autograph my ticket. Funny thing was, he didn’t hesitate at all. Like, of course you want my autograph. Ha!

  2. bobby weird Says:

    can we have a 10 minute seminar at Squabetty called Modern and Evolving Cannabis Terms, Apparatus and Methods?

  3. lumpyhead Says:

    hot AF here today

  4. Willowed Says:


    What Just Happend?

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