Early 3.0 Playlists: 2009-2011

Red Rocks – 7.31.09 (Graham Lucas)

About a month ago, a friend of mine who missed the first three-plus years of 3.0 was saying how Phish wasn’t very musically proficient in these years. I begged to differ. First, I started listing great stuff from each year in a group text, but then I decided to show him instead of tell. With the incredibly useful LivePhish app, I created extended playlists of the most relevant jams from these years. In addition to sharing them with some friends, I figured I’d share them with anyone and everyone who’d want to listen as a reminder of how exciting these years actually were. I find that 2009, 2010 and 2011 get a bad rap. Though the band was less consistent during this early comeback era, they did produce quite a bit of good music.

These playlists got quite long, so I most often included only the songs that had the jams and not the come down songs, so some tracks have abrupt endings, but in the end this doesn’t prove too obtrusive. If you have the LivePhish app, these links will open the playlists in your app. Enjoy!

2009: https://livephi.sh/2FywjTv

2010: https://livephi.sh/2GgGzxC

2011: https://livephi.sh/2G5oDs2

Be on the lookout for 2012 and beyond coming soon!

The Gorge – 8.7.09 (Graham Lucas)

13,484 Responses to “Early 3.0 Playlists: 2009-2011”

  1. Kaveh Says:

    My favorite part from this interview, is Trey’s GLOWING appreciation of Fishman. I haven’t been to shows recently that I’ve tuned only into Fishman, but I need to re-focus my energy on him for this summer/fall shows.

  2. Kaveh Says:

    A Story of the Ghost (Ghost – Guyute) -> BD Moma Dance -> A Story of the Ghost (Fikas – End of Session)

  3. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    @kaveh and his gushing about Page as well

  4. sumodie Says:

    DF, no, but my irritation with the Baker’s Box price and your comments on the It’s Ice print made me wish I had.

  5. ColonelJoy Says:

    Does anyone know if previous Watkins Glenn fests have offered single day tickets. I’ll be in Maine and I’m considering rolling in for Saturday only. Google searches haven’t proved fruitful. Thx, Colonel

  6. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    FAQ says they have no plans for single day tix


    No, there are currently no plans to offer single day tickets.”

  7. ColonelJoy Says:

    That blows, type III…at least I’m in the Camden Pit

  8. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:


  9. ColonelJoy Says:

    I might just show up and see what I can finagle.

  10. sumodie Says:

    Didn’t SuperBall have unannounced reduced ticket prices at the gates for days 2 & 3?

    But no, no single day tickets. They have no way to screen out daytrippers once they get inside.

    Joy, maybe you could find someone who only wanted to go on Sunday and split the cost (4 Saturday sets vs. 2 Sunday sets)

    The kicker is you also need a $60 pass for your vehicle, which I assume could also be shared with the Sunday taker.

    Another consideration this year is that the ticket bracelets will have RFID chips in them. Not sure how easy it is to remove a RFID bracelet.

  11. dorn76 Says:

    We were with a gal who walked right in all three nights of Magnaball with no wristband/ticket.

    She is a petite little ninja though. ymmv

  12. dorn76 Says:

    RFID? Oh there goes the neighborhood.

    We’re all being tracked on the soul planet.

  13. dorn76 Says:

    “Petite little” is one of my better descriptors in some time. As an author you should appreciate that turn of phrase, @Joy.

  14. little umbrellas Says:


  15. ColonelJoy Says:

    It’s not a turn of phrase, but rather redundant adjective employment. However, I appreciate you, dorn…

  16. sumodie Says:

    Yup, Big Brother will know your every beer purchase & porta-movement at Curveball

    It won’t be long before the nitrous mafia also start accepting payment using RFID bracelets

  17. dorn76 Says:

    being wrong on purpose is jokez

  18. dorn76 Says:

    Which is why my music opinions get all the effortless laughs

  19. sumodie Says:

    A WG local, “phishyem3″‘ says Curveball is ~85% sold out (as of June 7)

    Apparently day passes will be provided to locals, VIPs, and sponsors


  20. realoutcasty Says:

    still blown away with your Oneness of Juju recognition @Dorn. respect.

  21. dorn76 Says:

    The 70’s and I have a oneness of our own, it’s led me down some righteous music paths.

  22. dorn76 Says:

    paths of righteous music…

    Now Joy has me feeling self conscious about my usage.

  23. sumodie Says:


    Live nation is giving away miracles to DerpCo Citi Field at Grand Central Station 6pm today

    For realz

  24. dorn76 Says:

    Popping back in to pamp Karina Rykman (sup?) again. Vape knows.


  25. jtran Says:

    lol trey didn’t know WTU is a fan favorite

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