Early 3.0 Playlists: 2009-2011

Red Rocks – 7.31.09 (Graham Lucas)

About a month ago, a friend of mine who missed the first three-plus years of 3.0 was saying how Phish wasn’t very musically proficient in these years. I begged to differ. First, I started listing great stuff from each year in a group text, but then I decided to show him instead of tell. With the incredibly useful LivePhish app, I created extended playlists of the most relevant jams from these years. In addition to sharing them with some friends, I figured I’d share them with anyone and everyone who’d want to listen as a reminder of how exciting these years actually were. I find that 2009, 2010 and 2011 get a bad rap. Though the band was less consistent during this early comeback era, they did produce quite a bit of good music.

These playlists got quite long, so I most often included only the songs that had the jams and not the come down songs, so some tracks have abrupt endings, but in the end this doesn’t prove too obtrusive. If you have the LivePhish app, these links will open the playlists in your app. Enjoy!

2009: https://livephi.sh/2FywjTv

2010: https://livephi.sh/2GgGzxC

2011: https://livephi.sh/2G5oDs2

Be on the lookout for 2012 and beyond coming soon!

The Gorge – 8.7.09 (Graham Lucas)

13,484 Responses to “Early 3.0 Playlists: 2009-2011”

  1. MrCompletely Says:

    def Stoney, you personally are immune to show experience bias though, we all know that

  2. theBaker Says:

    Literally on the (zero) 0 Line to rendezvous w/Miranda…I could care less if that lil Slut Carrie Bradshaw joins-us–>but I’m PRAYING that that Kim Catrell-character swings by fir a few double-martinis!¡!

  3. Jerome Garcia Says:

    MrC knows. RRK fo lyphe! The Case of the 3 Sided Dream in Audio Color.

    If yuns don’t know edify thyself!!!

  4. dorn76 Says:

    You know what shows REALLY sucked?


    But the weekend will always be remembered as one of my finest Phish experiences.

  5. Stoney Case Says:

    MrCompletely Says:
    September 13th, 2018 at 11:36 am
    def Stoney, you personally are immune to show experience bias though, we all know that

    Finally, someone that gets ME!

  6. MrCompletely Says:

    Spot has many flaws but then I go on a deep dive of someone like Kirk and they just have album after album after album

  7. Stoney Case Says:

    My mountain woook grower friend went to a party that Dan Bilzerian threw last night with his bosses.

    The amount of blow and insta babes present has me really feeling left out this morning. I should have taken a job with a big player in the industry rather than trying to carve own niche! I could have been at that party!!! It’s like the most expensive vacation party house you can rent in California I guess. Guards with AK’s. Rappers, insta models, the works.

    On one hand, I hate these outside culture vultures. On the other hand, me wants to rip lines off these girls backsides.


  8. Stoney Case Says:

    if y’all on IG, give my bro SouthernHumboldt_Terp_Farm a follow and peep his story

  9. Stoney Case Says:

    being a long time humboldt cat, he said he’s never been around so much talent, with so few dudes around. The literal opposite of a mountain party. I can’t even

  10. DaNcInG fOoL Says:

    Stoney is wrong


  11. Stoney Case Says:

    DaNcInG fOoL Says:
    September 13th, 2018 at 12:28 pm
    Stoney is wrong

    Rest of board: “Let me count the ways”

  12. MrCompletely Says:

    “insta models” you can just call em hookers Stoney

  13. garretcorncob Says:

    Nah, C, they all just really like Bilzerian for his personality

  14. Stoney Case Says:

    He’s doing a million dollar model search for his brand of hot dog water carts: Ignite

    I want to enter. I need a good photo in my boxers tho.

    paging DF

  15. BillyCampbell Says:

    Them Puff Puff Pass girls are hard to beat. Lawd. Ain’t winning no Mids America pageant, I tell you what.

  16. Hans Says:

    BG Carini sleeper jam of the year. Pure gold.

    Subtle locked in Gordon Dadrock groove immediately. So Sick. Leads into Hose, it’s again subtle just how sick good the theme Trey arrives at is but rest assured it’s as sweet a joyful peak as you’ll ever hear.

    Top Tier

  17. DaNcInG fOoL Says:

    Done with sweet, joyful peaks yo

  18. DaNcInG fOoL Says:

    Stoney, that’s called an influencer party

    Aka a party filled with the douchiest people in LA

    No fucking thanks

  19. DaNcInG fOoL Says:

    Glad this is still a safe space to objectify women

  20. garretcorncob Says:

    “hot dog water carts”

    I swear to god I spent 5 minutes trying to figure out what carts with hot dog water had to do with anything.

  21. garretcorncob Says:

    Careful DF, some folks get pretty triggered by claims like that

  22. theBaker Says:

    I’d personally rather gag rails offa Reba’s backside…whatta PEACH!¡!

    SO…I have ReUnited w/my SIGN/”CoverLetter” from the WhiskyBar 2&1/2hrs-ago when Miranda & I “finished Lunch”…waddled over to the BallPark; SOLD $9/sativa for a $5-BILL–>purchased $4RockPile fir said $5… walked over to Norm’s section & Happily BAKED IN THE SUN SHIRTLESS & EnJOY’d the 5-run 7th, taBoot!

    Can we play some CribBag€ after-School TODAY?!?

  23. BillyCampbell Says:

    Stoneys getting midfluenced by the rich kids.

  24. Jerome Garcia Says:

    I’d love to whoop your wee gypsy arse but gotta skedaddle for Lwood. Dog duty. Crated since 7AM. That ain’t friendly fire.

  25. MrCompletely Says:

    “Stoneys getting midfluenced by the rich kids”


    hot dog water carts is one of my fav recent coinages. the product is mids but the term is heady af

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