Early 3.0 Playlists: 2009-2011

Red Rocks – 7.31.09 (Graham Lucas)

About a month ago, a friend of mine who missed the first three-plus years of 3.0 was saying how Phish wasn’t very musically proficient in these years. I begged to differ. First, I started listing great stuff from each year in a group text, but then I decided to show him instead of tell. With the incredibly useful LivePhish app, I created extended playlists of the most relevant jams from these years. In addition to sharing them with some friends, I figured I’d share them with anyone and everyone who’d want to listen as a reminder of how exciting these years actually were. I find that 2009, 2010 and 2011 get a bad rap. Though the band was less consistent during this early comeback era, they did produce quite a bit of good music.

These playlists got quite long, so I most often included only the songs that had the jams and not the come down songs, so some tracks have abrupt endings, but in the end this doesn’t prove too obtrusive. If you have the LivePhish app, these links will open the playlists in your app. Enjoy!

2009: https://livephi.sh/2FywjTv

2010: https://livephi.sh/2GgGzxC

2011: https://livephi.sh/2G5oDs2

Be on the lookout for 2012 and beyond coming soon!

The Gorge – 8.7.09 (Graham Lucas)

13,484 Responses to “Early 3.0 Playlists: 2009-2011”

  1. Sex&City Says:

    Hahahaha… biKer Jimz has the dogs you are looking for. Then off to pac man with some legs.

  2. Sex&City Says:

    Y Dr. Hobbes Ewe says?!

  3. phishm Says:

    It’s basically JRAD without Tom Hamilton and they’re not playing Dead music. So far it’s pretty good.


  4. little umbrellas Says:

    Dirty Dances with Wolves

  5. Jerome Garcia Says:


  6. Jerome Garcia Says:

    Trying to send missives from Bernie’s. Hope yuns well. Phriendly reminder to pls leave Everything (‘s Right just hold tight) EXaCT!y as you found IT. No Bakerization of a Nation ie Lair yuns sonnuva. Ha! Luv yuns. Go Rockies!

  7. sumodie Says:

    PTBM ends tomorrow Monday October 8th 10am ET

  8. RoosterPizza Says:

    Being a New York Giants fan is quite the experience.

  9. DavidSilver Says:

    Love me some Eli. Gamer.

    Kirk Hammett tone gets me rock hard.

  10. BooVT Says:

    Fellow NYG fan sufferer here. Ugh.

  11. phlorida phan Says:


    ^Shaggy needed to have a little moar FAITH.

  12. dorn76 Says:

    Do you people even speak English in here anymore?

  13. Sex&City Says:

    Dolphins choosing to lose… been hard to be a fan since the 80’s

  14. garretcorncob Says:

    Imagine speaking English when they still haven’t announced the replacement fest

  15. Stoney Case Says:

    +1 for GarretC

  16. Lumpyhead Says:

    abysmally unsuccessful drop kicks make me mad sad for some reason, especially from shaggy 2 dope

  17. phlorida phan Says:

    He was either really schwasted or trying to be over the top WWE

  18. theBaker Says:

    Chris PHlew the Spanish Kingdom’s FLAG, prolly spoke Latin & Forbin+ moahr tounges…but rest-ASSured–>the “language of Monies” was utilized…& threats & violence & non-negotiating negotiations, taBoot–>throw in quite aBit of “rape & pillaging”, then methinks 0ne could just argue that we have a proceeded (w/0ut PHault) to “Right here”/RIGHT Me0w!¡!

    *Capitalism TALKS, theQueen could care-less if’N ANYBODY speaks herTongue…as long as she gets her Rent$ by the 1st


  19. lumpyhead Says:

    lol, bAker

  20. Fly Says:

    iS AnYoNE cOmINg To hAmPtON?

  21. HeadyBrosevelt Says:

    Viking day was on Sunday, Baker… they beat the Eagles, ha! And it’s snowing… coincidence? I don’t think so.


  22. MrCompletely Says:

    Sons of Kemet tonight for me

  23. phishm Says:

    So my boy saw them when he was 11 and had a great time. Saw them when he was 13 and we had a blast. He’s now 15 and about to see his first multi night run. I’m so stoked. We all knew what we were like at 15. He’s so not like I was thank God. Such a good kid. I’m hoping he gets one of them shows.

  24. Lumpyhead Says:

    Nice @ C

  25. little umbrellas Says:

    Good shit C! Score.

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