Early 3.0 Playlists: 2009-2011

Red Rocks – 7.31.09 (Graham Lucas)

About a month ago, a friend of mine who missed the first three-plus years of 3.0 was saying how Phish wasn’t very musically proficient in these years. I begged to differ. First, I started listing great stuff from each year in a group text, but then I decided to show him instead of tell. With the incredibly useful LivePhish app, I created extended playlists of the most relevant jams from these years. In addition to sharing them with some friends, I figured I’d share them with anyone and everyone who’d want to listen as a reminder of how exciting these years actually were. I find that 2009, 2010 and 2011 get a bad rap. Though the band was less consistent during this early comeback era, they did produce quite a bit of good music.

These playlists got quite long, so I most often included only the songs that had the jams and not the come down songs, so some tracks have abrupt endings, but in the end this doesn’t prove too obtrusive. If you have the LivePhish app, these links will open the playlists in your app. Enjoy!

2009: https://livephi.sh/2FywjTv

2010: https://livephi.sh/2GgGzxC

2011: https://livephi.sh/2G5oDs2

Be on the lookout for 2012 and beyond coming soon!

The Gorge – 8.7.09 (Graham Lucas)

11,745 Responses to “Early 3.0 Playlists: 2009-2011”

  1. jerseyjim Says:

    got clearance, Clarence – but paying an extra $5 for ticketing-fee is harshing my mellow. I will see you there, avec sign.

  2. little umbrellas Says:

    This song gets jammed

  3. sumodie Says:

    isle of dogs the film
    wes’s beautiful wasteland
    3 out of 4 woofs

  4. Phamily Berzerker Says:

    3.75 woofs, Sumo plus military grade implants

  5. water8retaw Says:

    Freight Train Bluz

  6. Jerome Garcia Says:

    Which song teeny b? Album link’d.

  7. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    wait til ROC finds out Lettuce is doing a residency at the BLue Note

  8. sumodie Says:

    3.75 woofs
    military grade implants
    Sumo Yoko hai!

  9. little umbrellas Says:

    ^ahh Jerome, the song Brain.

    The guitar solo part over the upbeat groove 2/3rds of the way through.. gets extended for awhile and ends up jamming and going places before hitting the halftime stuff.

  10. little umbrellas Says:

    Dusty Fingers – Volume 1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d9Fc_mbRVsk&list=PLBpRiZJYrzv76SEbtZVLl3DdqE8D3I4qi&app=desktop

    “Tense Preparation” – Nick Ingman
    “Lady Love” – Ferrante & Teicher
    “The Windmills of Your Mind” – Dorothy Ashby
    “Forty Days” – Billy Brooks
    “Get Thy Bearings” – Donovan
    “Hogin’s Machine” – Les Baxter
    “Kismet” – Amon Düül II
    “The Warnings” – David Axelrod
    “On the Hill” – Oliver Sain
    “Bamboo Child” – Ryo Kawasaki
    “Holding You, Loving You” – Don Blackman
    “Hey Jude” – The Overton Berry Trio
    “Survival” – Annette Peacock
    “Dee Dee Drums” – Dee Dee Warwick

  11. HeadyBrosevelt Says:

    any mix tape with some Hurdy Gurdy Man Donovan on it is a-okay in my book. so many late night spunion activities and shanagians with Donovan- especially the album Hurdy Gurdy Man- grooving out of the Jerry Box.

  12. HeadyBrosevelt Says:

    yo, Vape- how about them ‘Ers?! 16 straight and the 3 seed. Should be a fun series against the Heat. First time I am actually stoked for the playoffs since ’03 or something like that. I don’t have to adopt a team this year.

  13. HeadyBrosevelt Says:

    here you go, Vape:

    clap your hands, everybody, for Philadelphia Seventy Sixers…


  14. Jerome Garcia Says:

    dusty Fingers?!?! I didn’t know salty d made YT playlists. Radical.

  15. HeadyBrosevelt Says:

    LU- your set will be over by 8:45? i may just cannonball run to and from Leadville due to the fact that i need work Monday and I have no desire to see Chris Robinson suck from the dry teat of the Black Crowes. wheels are spinning…

  16. Dusty Says:

    So, as the merch table was getting crushed I recall looking into the eyes of the poor chica working that swag. Right as the moment her eyes changed from fear to anger it reminded me of this one night crashing a party in SF. Reminded me of the Swedish party planner screaming not the lilies as my friends jumped into the pool with tons of lit candles floating on lilies.

    I might be salty, but at least empathetic. You got to pick up ever stitch…

  17. Jerome Garcia Says:

    Heady you’ll be down here that Sat 5/5 for Phil & The Terrible Family Band w/ LoS @ RR. Why not just stick around for OF&B’s opening set on Sun 5/6 then skedaddle?

    Silly Brosevelt Tricks are for kids!

  18. Jerome Garcia Says:


  19. vapebraham Says:

    10 – 9 -8-76ers! My boy and I have been lovin this team and the heart with which they play. Ben Simmons is the MAN – big, natural leader, and passing genius! Fultz back in the fold is a big plus – rested and ready. The international role players – Dario, Belli, Ersan, TJ – provide a spark. Richaun Holmes is underrated, can jump out of the gym and run the floor like a gazelle. Redick having one of the best seasons of his career – lethal shooter. Embiid loves the limelight and should step up in the playoffs. This team is fun and should win 2 rounds and give Toronto a run in the conference finals. Miami scares me a little, but the Bucks or Celts should fold like a cheap lawn chair.

  20. vapebraham Says:

    been enjoying the 12-2, 12-3, and 12-4-83 JGB shows up on bt.etree. Jerry’s voice is less than ideal, but there’s soul. big Melv and Kemper in fine form.

    can’t get enough jerry.

    day 14

  21. dorn76 Says:


    I got your Bklyn Knitting Factory ticket for 4/16. Help me and Jdubs class up that hipster borough.

  22. little umbrellas Says:

    “Play Shade”

  23. dorn76 Says:

    Gonna stand in front of stage with my arms crossed until it drops.

  24. realoutcasty Says:

    i’m def not sticking around for the Robinson snooze fest. won’t wear my flatbrim so the single ladies can get a good view of the bearded bassist. #showusyourbass

  25. BingosBrother Says:

    Tighty whities will be hanging from his beard by the end of the night. C Rob be like who dat bass man?

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