Fall Tour 2018 Discussion

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  1. The Flesh Says:

    I hate these dates. Will hit dicks this year.

  2. little umbrellas Says:

    It’s a trip how early in July the tour ends this year. Usually there’s a 7/26 bday show for me somewhere.

  3. little umbrellas Says:

    S&C, keep it dapper son. Erryday.

  4. little umbrellas Says:

    Plus S&C , u missed my post that weed job ended already.

    Trying a new gig piloting Lawrence Hall of Science’s K-8 curriculum to interested schools. Slanging science yo.

  5. little umbrellas Says:

    @Bingos & Phishm, Dick’s 2019. Lets do this.

    Glad I did 7 west coast shows last summer wow! I mean dicks yeah. But for actually summer tour, .. zero is less then 7.

    #falltour. See you there.

  6. Lumpyhead Says:

    slangin science
    sesh mode

  7. little umbrellas Says:

    sicko mode https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ONRf7h3Mdk

  8. little umbrellas Says:

    didn’t know ‘anatomy of a jam’ dude did the Island Roses
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=edp2yh8FHyE Published on Dec 31, 2018
    good stuff, on point .
    (not even Prince gets to own ths m7 chord tho)

    but yeah great vid!! Def way easier to absorb this then text on a blackboard.
    ^this vid @23:23, yeee that moment. crushin’ it.


    dat F Dorian dough , when you move to what would be the relative Major, but you imply a key change and keep it minor.
    fav move: from a m7 chord up a minor third.. to another minor chord!!!!

    Island Roses 4 lyphe XOXO
    psychic wizardry going to that Ab Major vibe. Loose time with lines in 7 as they consonance centers the music.

    “Keith Jarrett sitting in with Sigur Ros. Almost as good as two unreleased recordings of the Grateful Dead sitting in with Mel Torme.”

  9. bobby weird Says:

    pretty cool piece on the Ace of Cups, all female psych band from the mid 60’s-ish. used to be on the bills at the major halls with GD, Airplane, etc. only group among those bands that never to cut a record. until now, with a little help from their friends, including Weir. worth the 6 minutes if you’ve got them to spare.


  10. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    Usually there’s a 7/26 bday show for me somewhere.

    there is. it just happens to be TAB at Peach fest :/

  11. RoosterPizza Says:

    Does anyone have access to JGB 2/28/80 Kean College? If so, I’d appreciate the hook up.

  12. willowed Says:

    Mohegan = Casino = Hotel Room On Site

    Drug infused coma…stumbling out of hotel room into venue.

    Yay drugs! and twinkling lights and noise from slot machines.

  13. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    hang on roostar

  14. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    I have the mp3 upped here. if you need lossless I do not have that on this drive at the office

  15. RoosterPizza Says:

    Thank you, TIII! MP3 works just fine.

  16. RoosterPizza Says:

    Re. Mohegan: yes, that sounds really fun.

  17. Spasm Waiter Says:

    I am all about Moheegan. Indoor PH. Place looks like a little hockey arena.

  18. wobs Says:

    Looks like SQB, MPP hometown shows, Camden moat hams, and poppin’ my cherry with Dick’s this time around. Already had my first Phish anxiety dream, taboot!

    Also, Trey obvs reads the BB, as Toronto is certainly Df’s replacement festival.

  19. willowed Says:

    Mohegan will have the intimate setting ala Boardwalk Hall.

    Small place. Will be some fun indoor Phish.

  20. HeadyBrosevelt Says:

    Bobby Ace helping the Ace of Cups… no doubt.

  21. uncle-jimmy Says:

    Roo: Simple twist of Fate $$$$
    After midnight sandwich, you betcha.
    That show’s straight up boobies

  22. RoosterPizza Says:

    @willowed, I looked at rooms yesterday, but they were sold out by the time I checked. Any recommendations on places to stay nearby? I’ve never been down that way.

  23. RoosterPizza Says:

    It sure is, Uncle J.

  24. Spasm Waiter Says:

    Rooster. I went online and searched hotels close to Mohegan sun arena. There are a lot within 1 mile that have free shuttle. $100/night and cancel-able up until July 8th. I believe we chose Microtel by Wyndam.

  25. dorn76 Says:


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