Fall Tour 2018 Discussion

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  1. bobby weird Says:

    great memories of Alpine for one of those GD reunions, The Dead, maybe (w Warren, I think). highlight of highlights was that we noticed an elderly gentleman lingering near the perimeter of the parking lot as we were on line to enter. my buddy yelled out, asking if he was going to the show. guy says, no, but i live right over there and am just curious at this scene, the enthusiasm, etc.he joked, people keep telling me i should go in. my buddy gets out and says, here’s a ticket, please come with us if you like,we would love to have you. guy gets in the car, in we go. turns out he’s 93, his wife died recently, and he’s lonely, but also curious. guy puts up with 20 or so of us at the back of the lawn (where else are 20 folks w a 93 yo going to go?) and loves it.even got up and danced some. we all showered him with attention. he was disappointed that we couldn’t all sleep at his house (he had a big yard, he kept insisting. but we had hoteys, obvs.)

    he promised he would go again the next night. we showed up to pick him up but he was physically exhausted. such a sweet old guy. Ray. never forget.

  2. HeadyBrosevelt Says:

    AJ- those decks are way fun. Skatedown Street.

    BW- that story made me all teary eyed. Absolutely love that kind of shit.

    Almost got busted outlaw shredding today. Dude threatened me with county sheriff, night in jail, 1000 dollar fine. I was sweet, polite, and played stupid. Got away Scot free. Sometimes a smile and mellowness is slicker than bravado and heaviness. I have spent more than one night in jail in my life, but never for outlaw shredding. I summoned Woody Guthrie, this land is my land, yo.

  3. Hans Says:

    Agreed Raleigh II is perfect distillation of 99’ psych. Spinning now and floored. Was and am digging Prov Sand but Raleigh is clearly levels deeper. Waves of driving deep sick psych. Probably underrated in the context that I loved it but never considered it a potential best ever jam. Right, it’s Sand and Gordon never moves.

    Sand battle that vs BC for best Sand ever. Might back to back this and come back with a definitive answer.

  4. uncle-jimmy Says:

    That’s real good shit Bobby. Cheers to Ray. Warms my heart so much to hear stories of my fellow man dishing out so much pure love and awesomeness.

  5. BingosBrother Says:

    You going straight to heaven B Dubs.

  6. vegas wolfmans Says:

    Worth noting that, great as that Raleigh Sand was, it’s the second best jam of that show. Raleigh tweez is a top 10 all timer and you won’t convince me otherwise. Not even you, Hans.

  7. Mr.Palmer Says:

    That Tiger deck was gorgeous.

    Nice read back fellas.

  8. bobby weird Says:

    aw, thanks dudes. made me sad for a second to realize Ray is surely no longer with us. but also happy we provided him an experience he very likely would not have had if his wife was still alive. (best of a bad situation i mean to say)

  9. Hans Says:

    BC Sand is king sand. Perfect and then some. Raleigh is too, and between them it’s clear why they moved away from this old Sand build, idea fully realized, nothing left to say. Although if they broke it out in 19’ for a sick 22 min Sand with full new Page synth effect action, there’d be zero complaints here.

    The transition into QT is a peak phish moment. In the afterglow of a sizzling full blown explosive Sand peak, Gordon (18:12) scoops it up into the palm of his hand and creates the backbone for the pure grooving liquid transition into the ambient bliss of QT. The transition itself is sublime and moves the soul. Someone musically smarter than me could explain what they do here, all I know is it’s unbelievably great phish.

    In full 99’ hype mode. Need to do Raleigh Tweezer proper next together with BC Tweez.

  10. Sex&City Says:

    Where can I find this Raleigh set 2 ?

  11. Sex&City Says:

    Nevermind… found on LP app.

  12. gavinsdad Says:

    I like the “linear” 99 sands but chucktown 10 is my ride or die y’all. And I love the msg 10. It’s when mike moved the baseline. Stupid funky.

  13. gavinsdad Says:

    Hit the 99 hamptons – the sand was tight but not baked into the synapses

  14. uncle-jimmy Says:

    That Raleigh Tweezer is also one of my favorites. Don’t sleep on that Limb tho. It’ll give you wings.

  15. garretcorncob Says:

    Phil sounds on the new Dave’s is $$$$$$$$$

  16. DaNcInG fOoL Says:

    Oh shit garret link me

  17. DaNcInG fOoL Says:

    Found it

  18. more Says:

    sweet story bw. love those feels.
    tahoe getting buried n the pats bout to get another ring. life is good!
    pats moneyline pod

  19. RoosterPizza Says:

    So here’s what I’ve been working on:

    Hypothesis: Something seemingly happened in 2018 where they decided to jam the two spot. This caught my attention in the 7.27.18 ER (13:17; Forum, and fully had my attention with back-to-back two spots of 7.31.18 Light (9:58; Austin) and 8.3.18 NMINML (10:07; Lakewood) showing up in the two spot in back-to-back shows.

    Research Question: Was the first-set two-spot in 2018 jammed more than the first-set two-spot in 2017?

    Method: Paired samples t-test

    Sample: To establish my 2017 sample, I recorded the length of the two spot (in seconds) from the first show of 2017 through NYE (n=22). However, the process for 2018 was a little bit more complicated. The Fall tour put n above 22 in 2018, so I had to consider which shows to sample. The 22nd show of 2018 was the opener of Fall Tour in Albany (10.16.18), so included shows up to that point. The problem with that sample is that that the next four shows jammed the first-set two-spot beyond the norm: 10.17.18 CDT (16:49; Albany 1); 10.19.18 Blaze On (12:40; Hampton 1); 10.20.18 Fuego (11:11; Hampton 2); 10.21.18 Skin it Back (9:49; Hampton 3). I will come back to this (see Reconsidering the sample).

    Results: I did not complete the paired samples t-test, as the sampling methods left me with two outliers in each year. The sample size of 22 was not large enough, especially given that it violated the assumptions of normality. The most notable outlier was BD Lawn Boy in 2017, which is an extreme score that is represented by an asterisk in the box-and-whisker plot (see link below).

    The other outlier in 2017 that caught my attention was 12.18.17 Wolfman’s Brother (13:14; MSG). The is notable for two reasons: (1) because this was the first jamming since summer, and (2) they jammed the two spot with intent the next night as well with 12.29.18 Blaze On (12:15; MSG). It should be noted they open 12.30.18 with Mike’s Song>I am Hydrogen>Paug.

    Reconsidering the sample: My original research question was to compare 2017 to 2018, but I am now more interested in sampling from before and after BD to see the effect that it has had on two spot jamming. This also prevents me from throwing out all of the spot jamming that happened after Albany 1, which was not included in my current data. The two-spot is a really specific thing to look at (determining BD’s effect on first set jamming may be more logical), but onward I go…

    Revised research question: What effect did BD have on two spot jamming?

    Revised methodology: I will sample all two spots after BD, and sample that same amount from before BD. This will likely get rid of the outliers in my prior sample that were merely a symptom of a small sample size (n= 22). BD Lawnboy will always be an outlier. As planned before, I will run a paired-samples t-test on that data.

    Box-and-whisker plot for 2017 two spots (in seconds):

  20. RoosterPizza Says:

    Sorry for the shitty writing, but i think the point is there. I did it on an iPad keyboard, so i couldn’t spend any more time editing.

  21. DaNcInG fOoL Says:

    Shitty writing? Good to know I shouldn’t read it

  22. RoosterPizza Says:

    Reviewer 1 is always such a dick.

  23. Turkey Leg Says:

    In house bias, but I’m a big fanner of Gorge ‘99 Sand- Phish debut. Linear? Sure. Running in place with hair on fire? Also yes. Popping out of that second set Wolfmans tho.

  24. Turkey Leg Says:

    That is some strong Phish needing right there, Rooster. Respect.

  25. Turkey Leg Says:


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