Fall Tour 2018 Discussion

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  1. uncle-jimmy Says:

    Fuck it dude. I just cracked open a tall frosty of the IPA sort, myself. Cheers

  2. phishm Says:

    Right on vape. I quit everything for a while. No drinking. No puffing. Nothing. I guess I felt it was time to clear my head. A change was needed.

  3. vapebraham Says:

    word. step back. relax. it’s okay

  4. uncle-jimmy Says:

    I feel you dude, truly. It is all good though. You’re cool.
    I’m spinning dicks picks 32 at alpine 8/7/82. Ship of fools is on, so clutch. Raw, strained, emotive as fuck Jerry. Awesome

  5. vapebraham Says:

    i wanna be your lover baby, i don’t want to be your boss. (5.5.73)

  6. DavidSilver Says:

    You’re all good Kaya. Forgive yourself. Pretty cool Phil covered Misunderstood in Chicago. Love that song. Love that whole double record too.

  7. uncle-jimmy Says:

    Forget anything I’ve ever recommended and do yourself a favor: spin James Booker -Junco Partner 10/30/76. A true mad genius.


  8. uncle-jimmy Says:

    To come full circle in today’s rec’s: James Booker 10/30/76 -rocking pneumonia and the booger blues.



  9. Vapebraham Says:

    Turned it into a party night. Half pints of premium ipa and Star Kitchen at amh. Tiers for fears. Live music, yall

  10. phishm Says:

    MGB should be on soon.


  11. phishm Says:

    In the meantime I just stumbled on this. Acid Test Graduation Ceremony 1966 (Actual Footage)


  12. little umbrellas Says:

    Gumbo, jamin your tunes☆ noice☆

  13. little umbrellas Says:

    ‘ tierrived ‘


  14. little umbrellas Says:

    Thanks for the K-Bin vape!!

  15. DavidSilver Says:

    Reminder to grab that K Bang.

  16. uncle-jimmy Says:

    9/3/11 Dick Tweezer
    Dank AF

  17. vapebraham Says:

    scored a mint copy of Ethiopians & Gladiator’s Dread Prophecy LP (1986) and Roots Reggae Party Vol. 2 (1982)

  18. uncle-jimmy Says:

    Yah Mon! You don’t have to dread to be Rasta .
    Blaze on

  19. vapebraham Says:

    in jah sun, there’s a place for everyone

  20. verno329 Says:

    Dropped our Top 50 PJJ tracks for 1995



  21. guyute711 Says:

    Long time no speak folks. The winds of change. New full time job, quit my part time job. No more 7 day work weeks. Picked up another part time job that I can do from home on my computer whenever I want. I start that when I feel like it. Looking forward to a little more freedom. Today I was off for the first time in 4 years that wasn’t a scheduled vacation. Of course my daughter woke me up at 7:30.

  22. DavidSilver Says:

    Damn G. That sounds tough. Hope you get some phish this year.

  23. uncle-jimmy Says:

    3/10/81 MSG – half step->franklins opener.
    So much money. https://relisten.net/grateful-dead/1981/03/10?source=92951

  24. little umbrellas Says:


  25. RoosterPizza Says:

    Verno is the man.

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