Fall Tour 2018 Discussion

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  1. little umbrellas Says:

    this jam before trey brings back Split riff, pure space cream, and fish holding a quiet break under the whole thing.

    all your phish dreams are come true.

  2. little umbrellas Says:

    i see what peeps sayin about trey bringin in the riff.

    gorge one was a bit like that too. if they could slowly build up to a rocking crescendo from that jam and then drop the riff, …. that might be the next level.

    love the show closing split. tour closer version instead of a Hood or a YEM.

  3. BingosBrother Says:

    Moon Age Space Cream

  4. Random Poster...Nutbag Says:

    Phlo. You had it. Molten Funk.

    At some point after the Halloween set Phlo, with a huge grin and a ton of enthusiasm, said to me “this is our fucking band!!!!”

    That was definitely one of the highlights of my night.

  5. little umbrellas Says:

    Vegas Split

    C sharp minor (C#m):
    Out the gates thePOG-2 Octave generator putting a filthy scuzzy sub octave in trey’s guitar. Crunchy. Loops tapestry dialed and saved during open spaces.

    5:50- opens to space, rhythm cuts out to open symbol washes and drum rolls. long notes, pitch bends, and wild effects from the band.

    7:40- Fishman comes back with the halftime fake out, and quickly moves to double time. Trey bending with the whammy pedal, looping it with the boomerang. Pulsating ryhthmic wails, trza moderna.

    7:50- Mike moves the band to A. Plays a big ole minor 6 and stays there. Like he was going to the chord change in Floyd’s echoes. But doesn’t return to the one.
    A Major’ish (chromatic openess but implied Major resolution, awesome stuff) More oceanic calls from Trey as Fishman swells in more fills, keeping the tension by holding back the groove.

    and as Fish drops the groove back in @8:35, wtf the band moves up a whole step to B minor!!? nasty psychic action.

    8:40 B minor jam-
    Page on the Piano.
    Gordon implying the flat 9, (ie m2 up an octave), adding

  6. vapebraham Says:

    do not sleep on 10.16.18 (albany) ER – keeper

  7. vapebraham Says:

    big ole Crazy Sometimes tease (@6 min) in the jammed! 10.31.18 Halley’s. wow. these guys are good!

  8. little umbrellas Says:

    ^ Gordon adding a halfstep to the Bm jam. Giving it the phrygian vibe.

    9:00 TREMOLO. Bad ass Trey on the Tremolo pedal laying down warbling chords , layered atop his reverse whale bends.
    by 9:40 trey is back to playing single notes with Octave Divider on. Scuzz.
    by 10:00 he’s flicking on the rotating Leslie. Wet wet tone.
    by 10:15 he’s added the delay to the stack. Great echoing bat caves.
    thick stack.

    Fishman and Gordo are really flying along here. Jazzy electric Miles Playin’72 style rock/swing.

    10:40 Trey pulls the Phish move, relative Major, band moves from B minor to D. (Bm > D).
    Band is grooving so hard through this. Rhythmic flight highly sustained.
    11:10 Trey’s melody center’s around three descending chords. Moving down the 4,3,2 (G,F#,E) centered around a counterpoint in the melody. Very beautiful, and in the context of split jam, still oddly haunting.

    So while another tune might have gone full Lion King, this is still Split.
    The consonance, comforts and confines of Major are nudged sidedways in different directions from the band , as Trey’s central melody remains a thread of focus.
    Trey leaning on the 9 harmonically, Page moving chromatics and passing tones on the Piano, Fishman cutting the beat different ways.

    @14:00 The layers of loops of revers’ed rhythm chops from Trey are phasing against the time, and Fishman accents these, adding gaps.
    And Trey abandons the melody.
    Staying in D, the wildness settles back into minor. (D > Dm)

    D minor jam, fish flying, clean tone band.

  9. little umbrellas Says:

    15:40 (Dm – G )
    Trey moves to the 5 of Dm, and ends the jam, resolves the band to G Major.
    Open creamy bliss space.

    Reverb pedals, Trey playing singe notes through the Eventide Space Reverb units he has before and after his re-amping. Giant cavernous room filling tones with the tap of a string, swelling them in from silence with a volume pedal.

    16:45 – this phasing synthy twinkle. Have noticed it since the 2017 synth additions. Always thought it was the Prophet, but they captured Page’s hand movements on the webacast.
    It’s the Voyager. now I see the Moog Voyager has a little touch pad like Trey’s Kaos pad from the LemonRadiohead>Dicks2017 run. You can see he’s holding down a button, and the sliding his hand in a circle across the little touchpad.
    dank effects, lab science. Page the cicada master. Dream sequence effect creator. im in love.

    Fishman playing quiet breakbeats under the whole thing.
    This is my kinda bliss jam. Phish Major psychedelia 4lyphe. G Major jam of the year.

    18:30, out of G space camp, Trey moves the band back to C# minor and the Split basic groove.

  10. little umbrellas Says:


    C#m > A > A/Am > Bm > Bmb9 > Bm > D > D7 > Dm > G > C#m

  11. MrCompletely Says:

    “i see what peeps sayin about trey bringin in the riff.”

    yeah I see it but especially when you watch the vid I don’t think it was badly done or clumsy like some of the other ones.

    In previous versions when the ending comes back in suddenly it’s always felt like it was because they had lost control and that was the escape hatch. In the vegas one I felt like the simmer down to nothing and then sudden build back up was a conscious choice, to hit people with it between the eyes, kinda 94/95 style with the hard dynamics? You know what I mean?

    So sure it’s fair to not prefer that style but I do think it’s different in a meaningful way, and I actually really like it in that context. In abstract I like the idea of a different contour but I thought this worked. And I def don’t think it happened because they had to bail on the jam like it has before. Just my thoughts on it

  12. little umbrellas Says:

    I didn’t think it was clumsy def not. Super rad!

    I could also see them building it all up and hitting the riff having a certain je ne sais quoi.

  13. little umbrellas Says:

    I loved that whole jam.

  14. Jerome Garcia Says:

    The Baker has left the bldg…

  15. little umbrellas Says:

    Trey’s face to start Vegas during Moma. Cold and calculating. I like it.

  16. vapebraham Says:

    to lie with you, once more. to lie with you

  17. vapebraham Says:

    ^^^ 9.18.74 To Lay me Down

    could be my fave 30 trips show – 9.18.74

    finally taking a breather from Phish, at least mixing in some other stuff. now 5.15.70 (RT.3) Dire Wolf

    GD + Phish = great listening for the rest of your days

  18. little umbrellas Says:

    Was it Dicks 2013 when Trey first started using the delays?
    I remember that Dicks Mike’s where it almost seemed like they would hit the 2nd jam and Miner posted about it. Then the MSG Carini in 2013 , sick sick delay fantasy peak with organ.

    Hearing this Vegas KDF, im thinking about how profoundly impactful Trey playing Fare Thee Well was to his sound. He always avoided those Jerry pedals. Envelope and Octave changed Phish.
    Moving from the Mu Octavider to the POG-2 (poly octave generator) was a great evolution more personalized to Trey.

    But he’s fully the scuzz master now. With tears of high and low, scuzz vs squishy vs glassy. Bat caves.

  19. little umbrellas Says:

    That and page being able to play leads on the moog Voyager.

  20. vapebraham Says:

    9.1.18 Fuego ($$$) – goes off the rails in a great way. Those last few minutes = some of the greatest Phish ever

  21. bobby weird Says:

    ok, hat in hand. per usual, my knee jerk reaction to the costume was wrong. still not digging the first half of the record, nor the silly, redundant lyrics throughout, but the second half does impress. and the whole thing does work as a collective whole, almost a concept album (Havent read anything, don’t know if I’m echoing established points). just the way I feel, at this moment. well done boys (tho there’s room for improvement!)

  22. HeadyBrosevelt Says:

    Bobby Weird- I have been slowly writing my thoughts about the concept I’ve picked up. I told MamaLos, “I know I’m on to something… or maybe I’ve just eaten too much L over the years”, ha!

  23. butter Says:

    yup LU – i hear the same thing post fare the well. fun to read it broken down thru a musician

    echo plex and that 13 Disease > Carini

    FTW in 2015 > heavy treytron Mu > Blaze and No Men’s drop in Bend

    Fun to look at the chapter flow of their sound as time passes by

  24. little umbrellas Says:

    word Butter!

  25. little umbrellas Says:

    finally hittin this whole second set of Vegas 4 and what the fuck, why where you guys hiding it from me that this Carini was so f’n sick!?!?

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