Fall Tour 2018 Discussion

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  1. dorn76 Says:

    Phish jammed Halley’s.

  2. Jerome Garcia Says:

    ^kinda sorta…

  3. dorn76 Says:

    3 mins is 3 mins.

    Ask Mrs dorn.

  4. dorn76 Says:

    Having read back your voluminous takes (my goodness, people) on the set, and played it back a time or two myself, I guess I’m ready to let more goofball half assed songs into my soul.

  5. dorn76 Says:

    Still not gonna pretend I loved it in house.

    The replacement fest hams served over Christmas won’t be free. New York ain’t cheap.


  6. Jerome Garcia Says:

    ^^HIGHLARIOUS. Bc it’s true.

    Goofball mids assed songs you mean. Set You Midsoul Free’d.

  7. Jerome Garcia Says:

    Mmm…Christmas hams…

  8. dorn76 Says:

    I did hear great grooves I danced to, and potential for liftoff, potentially sideways, in a couple of the tunes. Surprised to hear LU doesn’t dig the middle section of Hurrah.

  9. dorn76 Says:

    Play by play has that middle dark and driving section. Like.

  10. DaNcInG fOoL Says:

    merry christmas dorn

  11. theBaker Says:

    PHILthY has been KISS’d…she threw SN0WB∆LLS @me!

    I just dusted a Bag of HERR’s pork-rinds & STARED @pretzels&chips @WegMann’S for Forbinty minutes!!

    *I get to be UncleBakerJohn to one of My FAVORITE meat-p0pscicles on the Blue MARBLE in less than 1/2-hour…her 9th BornDay PARTY is Saturday afternoon…we’re making gluten-free apple crisps after h0mew0rk!¡!


  12. dorn76 Says:

    I felt so trolled I turned red during that vocal section of Hurrah though.

    “Taste the humidity”. Funny guy.


  13. Santos Case Says:

    dammit i really like WHCTOLOB

    and sally’s def the glue in our magnet

  14. Santos Case Says:

    i fell dirty even trying to make up an acronym for that song. T3 help a brother out with proper lettering

  15. phlorida phan Says:

    WACTOOB Bro 😉

  16. little umbrellas Says:

    ” The building was FLAT AS A PANCAKE during most of the costume.

    #NeedMoreHeadyB ”

    ^ yeah it’s really true, as awesome as the thing was. People having a good time, but the amount of energy/dancing/movement that went on at any of the other sets I saw, was undeniably noticeable.

  17. little umbrellas Says:

    I’ll peep it again for ya Dorn. Growing on me. Agreed about in house.

  18. DaNcInG fOoL Says:

    People were wiped out and leaving the show by set 3

  19. dorn76 Says:

    LightGlaze sorta blew my mind with his interpretation of the line, too. Surprised no one pounced on that.

    Band was planning on calling it quits after a massive Curveball Fest, then had no choice but to play on, trying to figure out how to recycle the final hurrah.

    Brilliant and hilarious.

  20. dorn76 Says:

    Lol, DF, they had just installed some new mechanical/magnetic horse game at the Midscalibur. We needed to get back.

  21. Santos Case Says:

    whoever said play by play was the dank tune, collect your prize, you won

  22. DaNcInG fOoL Says:

    They probably should take a break till they figure out the next festival

    Cancel Mexico too since no one is going

  23. garretcorncob Says:

    Okay, but that interpretation relies on the band to be making Mexico their last shows before hiatus, right? Which would be really dumb. Although also maybe the only way to sell those out…

  24. Jerome Garcia Says:


  25. DaNcInG fOoL Says:

    Mexico. Live. Bait. Bitches.

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