Fall Tour 2018 Discussion

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  1. HeadyBrosevelt Says:

    Stoney, there are so many instances in music where the sung lyrics don’t follow proper pace of speaking. Loving Cup for example:

    Well I can run and jump and fish, but I won’t fight
    You if you want to push and pull with me all night

  2. phishm Says:

    I’m starting to get educated on Alzheimer’s as my dad was recently diagnosed with both Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. He’s on a lot of medicine that is making him nauseous most of the day. I’m trying to help the symptoms by starting him on CBD’s. So far it’s not doing much but I’m trying my best to stay positive. If anyone has any remedies I’d be very interested as I’d love to see him at least not feel sick to his stomach day in and day out. I also tried smoking him up but he doesn’t enjoy being high.

  3. Phamily Berzerker Says:

    Seriously, when does Clueless Voila show up as a handle here,twitter or a weed strain?

  4. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    sounds like you have a project to undertake, pham

  5. phlorida phan Says:

    ^^With a gravatar pic of pulling a rabbit out of a hat. The rabbit should have the face of Alicia Silverstone. You’re welcome

  6. phlorida phan Says:


    Half the work is there, the rest is up to thee

  7. avila Says:

    pb – clueless wallab, no?

    phishm – Alz is terrible. I asked because that sing connects me to it. My Mom has it. There is no rhyme or reason with the meds and the docs admit that they don’t know how certain meds will affect each patient. My Mom went from 6 meds to none and is doing better than ever because of where she is living. I recommend seeking out a brain health or memory care focused medical practice in your area if you haven’t. 9 cubes…..

  8. avila Says:


  9. Bwana Says:

    I highly recommend jumping on the Paul Stamets bus if you haven’t already … and especially in regards to brain health as one ages. He has mushroom remedies for the prevention and treatment of neuroligical damage, including Dementia and Alzheimer’s. This clip is about Lions Mane mushrooms, however, he has expanded his suggestion publicly to now include pysilocybin, as well, as early research suggests microdosing both can help scrub the mucus off your brain! Follow the google rabbit trails wherever Stamets appears and enjoy the ride…


  10. little umbrellas Says:

    Paradise. Chico, vibes♡♡♡♡♡♡

    It’s way smokey down here

  11. dorn76 Says:

    Glue could be found in magnets, @Phishm…


  12. dorn76 Says:

    Vibes to you and Avila, and any facing that scourge.

    Seriously my greatest fear is outliving my brain. You all are witness to my desire to have that not happen to me.


  13. Santos Case Says:

    Sorry, but I need instances in literature where there is a long intended pause without punctuation to indicate such.

  14. Phamily Berzerker Says:

    No Clue, could be Wallab or Voila? My ears are failing incrementally in the details. Being a foreign band I lean toward the franco-phoneme.

    They still don’t know what to like until the peanut gallery confers likability.

  15. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    that interpretation of the outlive our brains line is pretty powerful. wow. best to all those dealing with the fallout from Alz and related illnesses. I know what I’ve seen from how it has impacted my wife’s family with multiple people succumbing to it.

  16. Santos Case Says:

    Name change request:

    HeadyB > HeadyPhree

  17. phishm Says:

    I really appreciate the insight folks. Definitely taking notes. I’d do anything to help him.

  18. little umbrellas Says:

    Dec 8th. Sun Hop Fat w Royal Jelly Jive at the Independent. Fav sound for a venue in the Bay Area.

    Dec 30/31 .. not kangfirmed, but one night Sun Hop one night Hitmen
    opening for Lee Fields and the Expressions at the Chapel.. waiting to hear from ((folkYEAH)) , they hit us up.

    Tonight: thank you lumpy! I’m getting K-Bin’d at the fox for my first time.
    Bringing this very charming young women (a russian) , She’s tripping doing mad work at Mills college, so hopefully this will be radly unwindable. Fox theater , think her first show there.

  19. little umbrellas Says:

    Vibes Phishm, my step mom’s mom going thru all kinds of dementia. Super hard.

  20. dorn76 Says:

    Russian, eh comrade?

    Awesome re the Field’s jawn.

  21. bobby weird Says:

    well i went down the Lion’s Mane rabbit hole. Ordered some up, wtf. apparently the key is to find extracts *not* grown on brown rice, but derived the “fruiting body” instead. got mine from Real Mushrooms. fwiw.

    also looking to buy a bridge.

  22. Bwana Says:

    Nice work, Bobby! I use the powder from Real Mushrooms as well. Good sourcing, process, and price. Of course, Stamet’s company Host Defense is top teir but pricey.

  23. Phamily Berzerker Says:

    ^ The London Bridge has been bought and sold a few times.

    I’ll inquire for you. 1.5% fee

  24. bobby weird Says:

    according to some redditers, even Host Defense is grown on brown rice, but who knows. Stamet is clearly the industry guru. thanks, B!!!

  25. Santos Case Says:

    Phishm et al,

    Try some full spectrum CBD oil. I can get here and send

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