Hampton Coliseum Region: Round 1

Hampton Coliseum

Gorge Region Round 1 Recap

The first round play in the Gorge region was dominated by blowouts, though two games were as close as possible. Let’s recap each game, starting with the most exciting.

#9 Vegas 98 27 #8 Hartford 97 26

The eight-nine match-up came through with drama once again, as Vegas 98 edged Hartford 97 by only one vote. This one was neck and neck the whole way through, as neither squad created any real separation throughout the game. The teams exchanged buckets down the stretch and the score was tied as the clock moved under five seconds. Vegas called a timeout and set up a final play. On the inbounds, they executed a perfect back pick off the ball, the Hartford defense did’t rotate, and Vegas hit an open layup as time expired! This game illustrated what Tweezer Madness is all about!

#6 Alpine 15 26 #11 Charlotte 95 26 tie

In a battle between two wildly different versions, Charlotte jumped out to a big lead, but Alpine chipped away and chipped away, tieing the game several times but never getting over the hump. And in the final minute of play, they hit a three pointer to tie the game yet again. Charlotte was set up to win, but their attempt at the buzzer wedged in between the rim and the backboard as time expired. This brought the tournament its first tie, and following the Tweezer Madness bylaws, ties are broken by the seeding committee. The committee issued this statement:

Though we love both versions, and Charlotte has the clear edge in length, we find Alpine to be a perfect Phish jam. This Tweezer jam has no extraneous notes, features laser-like focus between band members and a criminally smooth, one-minded flow. For these reasons, Alpine will be advancing.

#5 Providence 98 37 #12 MSG 17 19

This modern-day MSG version, though two-pronged and with a blissful peak just couldn’t keep up with the much-loved, late-90s grooves of the Island Run. This one was never competitive.

#4 Magnaball 42 #13 Finger Lakes 95 13

The centerpiece jam of the Magnaball weekend annihilated the super-long Fleezer of legend, lending the 3.0 era some more street cred in a tourney pitting era against era. Of the four standout Summer ’15 versions, three have now advanced to the round of 32.

#10 Lake Placid 95 28 #7 Barcelona 98 17

The final Tweezer of the band’s famed Fall 95 tour drubbed the bass-led version of Barcelona 98 in the region’s most significant upset. Barcelona, not as well known as the potentially under-seeded Lake Placid version, had a steep hill to climb in this contest, but it was thought that its delectable dance club grooves could make a run for the money. But it wasn’t to be as the guitar and piano led psychedelia of Lake Placid dominated the game from the tip.

#3 Great Went 38 #14 Dick’s 11 18

The Great Went smothered Dick’s 11 with it’s raw Summer 97 funk stylings, moving out to an early lead and expanding it throughout the match-up. Colorado’s early 3.0 highlight couldn’t generate consistent offense against Limestone’s stone cold classic, as it was plagued by turnovers and poor decision making from the jump. The Went advanced easily and could make some legitimate noise in this tournament before all is said and done.

#2 Lake Tahoe 13 44 #15 Randall’s 14 13

Fan favorite, Lake Tahoe, put the beat down on Randall Island’s version in a battle of 3.0 standouts. Randall’s never truly stood a chance against Tahoe’s 30-plus minute journey who many have pegged for a final four appearance.

#1 Alpine 98 51 #16 Eureka 92 7

Once again, the number one seed rolled as Alpine 98 dominated Eureka 92 from the outset, shutting out the 16th seed for the first 15 minutes of the game. Eureka 92, though ahead of its time and deserving of a spot in the tournament, wasn’t thought to truly compete. The pundits were right, and the oldest version in the field will head back to the redwoods, but has nothing to hang its head about.

Thanks to everyone who listened and voted in the Gorge Region! The Hampton region’s first round will run for 72 hours from the time of this posting. Enjoy the next eight matchups and continue to enjoy your time in the freezer!

Hampton Region #1 vs #16

Hampton Region #8 vs #9

Hampton Region #5 vs #12

Hampton Region #4 vs #13

Hampton Region #6 vs #11

Hampton Region #3 vs #14

Hampton Region #7 vs #10

Hampton Region #2 vs #15

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  1. Hadtohavethat Says:

    Oh shit!!! New post!!! Mmmmmm perfect timing
    On floor, minutes from rail
    SO ghosty and ready to get forestry

  2. Hadtothavethat Says:

    Fuck yes!!! Mothership nonetheless!! I cannot wait to chomp this
    Wish me luck tonight
    Been so upside down I’ve never felt more right since China

  3. Hadtohavethat Says:

    Wish me luck tonight
    Took some big time upside in China, never felt more rightside up
    This place, this vibe, this POST!!!! all of it

  4. DaNcInG fOoL Says:

    wtf has nobody heard the eureka 92 tweezer or something

  5. DaNcInG fOoL Says:

    that mountain view 2000 tweezer date is wrong

    and the site isn’t saving my login info

  6. newhusband Says:

    Who won the 3/14 matchup?

  7. joe Says:

    Stumble into Pigtail

  8. uncle-jimmy Says:

    2/22/19 Mexico Tube is straight fire. Rawsome sauce .

  9. uncle-jimmy Says:

    11/15/71 dark star>el paso>dark star.
    Psychedelic cowboy sando. Very nice.

  10. kayatosh Says:

    In the wake of a 4 day panic attack that culminated in an ER visit, MFMF has been undergoing some adjustments in diet, as well as some major shifts in mindset and behavioral patterns. He’s feeling great today, feeling like he’s on the other side with a tremendous sense of relief and gratitude. What’s the first tune that comes up on the shuffler out of a possible 4,196 tunes:

    Everything’s Right (TAB 5.3.17)

    love yourself

  11. kayatosh Says:

    and lighten up, cuz everything’s right. just hold tight

  12. kayatosh Says:

    sorry for the non-Tweezer related posting. This tourney and the way Miner’s writing about it is some high level phish shenanigans. way to be, team!

  13. BingosBrother Says:

    Been there brother. Vibes my friend.

  14. kayatosh Says:

    MFMF thanks you, brother bingo

  15. kayatosh Says:

    know thyself, manage your mind & cultivate peace up there or else stress and anxiety will ultimately get the upper hand, no matter how much one masks and waylays

    from the Louisiana pines to the Mississippi moon

  16. uncle-jimmy Says:

    Welcome back Vapeski. That shit sucks so much, dude. Cheers buddy.

  17. uncle-jimmy Says:

    Spinning tears of rage from Garcia’s how sweet it is release. This shit always makes me feel better, jah keeper.

  18. kayatosh Says:

    2.6.72 It takes a lot to laugh, it takes a train to cry over here

    if i don’t make it, i know my baby will

  19. uncle-jimmy Says:

    Word dude. 12/30/16 Tweezer does not suck at all. Plus Sparks??? Giggidy

  20. BingosBrother Says:

    A few years back, I called 911 and ran out in the street in my underwear waiting for them. Wife and kids came home like wtf? Panic attacks are a bitch.

  21. uncle-jimmy Says:

    Oh man, I remember that shit. D-Bo chicken coupe’d.

  22. Kayatosh Says:

    Bingos: sounds like a very dignified PA 🙂

  23. duuude Says:

    Pulling out the tweeze this very evening

  24. phishm Says:

    Panic attacks are no fun whatsoever. Vibes man. I haven’t had one in a while. Hope to never have one again. The key is to breathe. You know when they’re coming if you’ve had one before. The key for me is to breathe meditatively until the feeling passes.

  25. Todd Jordan Says:

    This should say 10/7 or 10/6

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