Hampton / Worcester Round 2 Games

Hampton Coliseum (Jeremy Kessel)

MSG Region Recap

#5 Camden 99 35 #4 Lakewood 15 29

The four-five matchup between Camden ’99 and Lakewood ’15 provided the most marquee matchup of MSG’s second round action. A battle of styles, a battle of eras, a battle of tempos—this contest provided an interesting musical juxtaposition. Camden rode in on the strength of its ’99 psych-goo, while Lakewood put forth its stunningly beautiful melodic theme. In the end, however, the molasses of Camden got the better of Lakewood, as the New Jersey rendition jumped out to a comfortable early lead and continued to score just enough to hold off several comeback attempts from the Summer ’15 highlight.

#2 Jones Beach 95 32 #7 Hartford 13 28

The two-seven matchup pitted two versions, almost two decades apart, that are as different as can possibly be—the wooly and  outlandish exploration of Jones Beach’s Summer ’95 behemoth versus the smooth, thematic playing of Hartford’s Fall ’13 standout. The two squads played each other incredibly tough, but the Long Island monster held the lead from wire to wire. Hartford pulled as close as it would come within the games final minute, but never got over the hump. The sneaky-powerful two seed rolls on with a mission to dethrone more widely known versions.

#3 Bomb Factory 51 #11 Laguna Seca 5

This three-eleven matchup saw two classic 1994 Tweezers that are household names—Bomb Factory and Laguna Seca. After pulling a huge upset over Blossom 15, Laguna Seca looked to shock the world by sending the Bomb Factory packing. But the California, multi-band-festival version couldn’t harness its first round magic and got run out of the gym by the iconic Dallas rendition. This was an outright drubbing, and the victory sets up a highly-anticipated Sweet Sixteen matchup between Bomb Factory and Jones Beach.

#1 Auburn Hills 97 62 #9 Gainesville 95 4

Speaking of a drubbing, Auburn Hills annihilated the upstart Gainesville version from Fall 95 with an eye-popping score differential. The Palace Tweezer strolls into the Sweet Sixteen without breaking a sweat over its first two matchups. The tournament starts now for one of the best Phish jams of all time.

Gorge Region Recap

#4 Magnaball 46 #5 Island Run 19

Everyone had this Magnaball-Island Run second-round matchup circled before the tournament started, but it turned out to be surprisingly non-competitive. These versions hail from two of Phish’s most revered events, but whereas the Magna version was, arguably, the highlight of the weekend, the Island version was practically an afterthought to the run’s countless other-worldly jams. Magnaball ran away the contest in the second half in a thumping that few saw coming.

#3 Great Went 34 #6 Alpine 15 21

The Great Went’s afternoon classic coasted to victory in its second round match-up, maintaining a comfortable 10-plus point lead from early in the first half. The impeccable and buttery Alpine version showed some fight in scoring more than expected against the Went’s vaunted ’97 zone defense, but the result was never truly in question. The Gorge region’s second festival version advances, and the Great Went will surely make some noise in the the next round.

#2 Lake Tahoe 49 #10 Lake Placid 13

Following the trend of the Gorge Region, this Battle of the Lakes resulted in yet another blowout as Tahoe easily dismissed Placid. The tour-ending version from Fall ’95 proved no contest for the fan favorite from Stateline, Nevada, as the third Fall ’95 version bows out of the tournament. This sets up a prime-time affair between The Great Went and Lake Tahoe next round.

#1 Alpine 98 42 #9 Vegas 98 16

This battle of 1998 versions provided little drama, as Vegas just didn’t have the mustard to get within an arm’s reach of Alpine ’98s historic outing. Alpine’s victory cemented an all-chalk second round in the Gorge region, and suffice it to say, the next round will provide more drama than this one.

Hampton & Worcester Regions: Round 2 

Hampton Round 2: #1 vs #9

Hampton Round 2: #4 vs #5

Hampton Round 2: #3 vs #11

Hampton Round 2: #2 vs #7

Worcester Round 2: #1 vs #9

Worcester Round 2: #4 vs #5

Worcester Round 2: #3 vs #6

Worcester Round 2: #2 vs #7

16 Responses to “Hampton / Worcester Round 2 Games”

  1. HeadyBrosevelt Says:

    This has been a fantastic listening exercise. So much fun in my own head.

    Front Range BB: I’m heading down on Friday afternoon after morning shred. Let’s party down.


  2. theBaker Says:

    Greetings B.B.!
    Happy SPRING to Y’all’s!!
    ^enJoyed THIS anoché…IT lifted my spirits and has reintroduced some “perspective” for Me–>wishing the same to all of Yous’!¡!
    Best OXOXOX

    *Heady don’t forget your Sal PHasano jersey &/or PHone @Carl’s tomorrow…have a CBD Burger for me 🙂

    Looking forward to the TWEEZER TOURNEY listening-project…thankYou mrminer

  3. phishm Says:

    Good to see your shining face there Baker. Much love buddy. May your spirits continue to be lifted.

  4. uncle-jimmy Says:

    35YL. Whole show is hot fire, but this Estimated Prophet goes straight into the stratosphere. Happy Weekend



    p.s. That Hampton 13 tweezer is serious bizness

  5. sumodie Says:

    My strongest memory of New Haven 95 is the circular concrete car ramp I had to drive up and down at the parking garage next door. The Coliseum was a concrete bunker too.

    Only 3 dates remain on the crazy good Nick Mason Saucerful of Secrets tour (NYC tonight, Philly, DC). I was lucky to catch it twice and I’d easily go thrice as I love that primal acid rock Floyd sound.

    Roger Waters guesting with Mason last night for Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun

  6. sumodie Says:

    Sets from Billy Strings and JRAD today


  7. uncle-jimmy Says:

    That’s raw sumo. Dank waters and mason linkage, too.

  8. RoosterPizza Says:

    This bracket has gone from listening to jams to listening to whole sets. A lot of these jams, not surprisingly, are in really good sets. I think that’s part of what makes Tahoe Tweezer so impressive— it just kind of comes out of nowhere.

  9. sumodie Says:

    I’m never sure if my vote gets counted but I just voted anyway.

    Will the ghosts ever come out of the forest again after tonight?

    A friend saw the Holographic Zappa tour opener at the Cap last night and loved it. I’ll find out for myself on Friday in Boston.

  10. jonacho Says:

    GOTF was the real deal –
    Huge amount of new material, creativity abounds.
    Sure, not every song is a keeper, but consider how special and unique this project was.
    An incredible night at the Greek.

  11. garretcorncob Says:

    Wasn’t part of the Ghosts of the Forest deal that Trey was collaborating with another guitarist? Some woman?

    Am I imagining that? Was it just the songwriting part?

  12. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    Wasn’t part of the Ghosts of the Forest deal that Trey was collaborating with another guitarist? Some woman?

    Am I imagining that? Was it just the songwriting part?

    Cerisse Henderson who was the non-Hartswick backup singer, is in fact a guitar player who has her own band/releases. there was speculation that she would be playing PLUS the snippets were dissected as people heard more than one guitar part in there which turns out to be Trey playing multi-tracks on the eventual album.

  13. garretcorncob Says:

    Ahhhh, gotcha. Thanks TIII.

    Have the mkdevo 4.12 JFAT vid going at work, good stuff. I’d definitely put it a notch above TAB in my book so far.


  14. garretcorncob Says:

    Was excited to hear Trey in a two-guitar band, but alas!

  15. Joe Says:

    Was excited to hear Trey in a two-guitar band, but alas!

    There was a second guitar player who doubled as a second keyboard player and sketchy looking drug dealer in treys 70 volt parade

  16. garretcorncob Says:

    There’s a pretty wide gap between “excited” and “willing to listen to 70 volt parade”

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