Nassau Wins the Title

Nassau Coliseum

#1 Nassau Coliseum 52 #1 Auburn Hills 36

In the championship game of Tweezer Madness, Nassau Coliseum’s ’03 version took down the Palace ’97 and captured the trophy. Although the game was competitive, the result was never truly in doubt, as Nassau grabbed an early lead and was able to maintain separation throughout the game. The only 2.0 Tweezer in the tournament out-dueled the Fall ’97 favorite in a battle between two defining versions. We caught up with Nassau in their champagne-soaked locker room, and the champ had this to say, ” We want to congratulate the Palace on an amazing season. That’s a nasty Tweezer over there, and it deserved to win as much as we did. In reality, Auburn Hills is a deeper, more psychedelic jam, but we had the advantage of length, and you know what they say—size matters. I want to thank all the voters that came down on our side, and we are happy to represent the much-maligned era of 2.0 in taking home the title.”

The Palace version offered it’s own take. “I can’t say we’re not disappointed, but its no embarrassment to lose to that monumental Nassau version. That middle section of music is as good as anything the band has ever played. I thought the score would have been closer, but sometimes things just don’t fall your way. They started the game quickly and we could never quite catch up. On another day, I think we could have defeated the Nassau squad. It was an honor to play in the national final, and it’s an experience we’ll never forget.”

It was a game for the ages, and the fitting end to an amazing month of music and basketball. It was truly a fun event and a joy to watch unfold. Hopefully people got exposed to some new versions and were able to revisit some old favorites along the way. And that brings Tweezer Madness to a close. The selection committee and Uncle Ebeneezer would like to thank all of the voters who helped make this tournament happen. We hope you’ve enjoyed the experience, and we look forward stepping into the freezer together in a little over a month as we prepare for new versions to unfold. Until then…please her with a Tweezer.

Championship Stub—2.28.03

679 Responses to “Nassau Wins the Title”

  1. uncle-jimmy Says:

    Also the quadruple encore?! Maze, sanity??? Umm, yes, I would like more of that please.

  2. RoosterPizza Says:

    I’m in the middle of Ruby Waves right now. Yes, this is the good stuff. I can’t believe I somehow completely missed this show.

    FYI, SiriusXM is audio streaming the Mohegan run.

  3. Sex&City Says:

    Charlotte’s Runaway Jim. At 14:56 something very special was about to happen. Maybe one of the best tones this summer. Then pulled out of it in 5 seconds..dafuq?!

  4. kayatosh Says:

    Took the bonnaroo Reba for another spin. “clean, tight” 4 way connection. $$$. Trey in flowmotion

  5. kayatosh Says:

    Bangor Cities is one of the best Cities in some time. shit is dank

  6. kayatosh Says:

    Camden Makisupa (6.30.19) – dank, stripped-down reggae funk. keeper. That show!

  7. kayatosh Says:

    MPP (6.23.19) Ruby Waves – $$$. jammed the f out. Page!!

  8. uncle-jimmy Says:

    Page is the man. So, if anyone makes GIF’s, could you please make one of Page twirling around inside of his toy box, but with his head replaced with a Meerkats

  9. Gavinsdad Says:

    @light glaze. Apologies for missing your question – those tics went fast

    @spasm – did my friend E flake on you for Mohegan? Seems unlike him.

    Was happy to have snuck down to MPP2. That show was fun and the cross eyed s2 opener was buttery

  10. Hans Says:

    Ok. Final Current list.

    1. MPP C&P
    2. Charlotte Jim
    3. Fenway Mercury
    4. Louis Light
    5. Bangor Fuego-Cities

    6/30 is set of the year and the jams within are all on the level.

    Overall tour is spotty but these are fully realized gems, can stand up to best of any era.

  11. Hadtohavethat Says:

    Funny story about that Charlotte Jim….”I had a dog….”

    Setbreak, we get a text our dog sitter is locked out of the house. Puppybat has been alone for 6 hours at this point, and the sparkles within us are starting to shine bright. Ren left sitter the wrong house key. He’s buggin. Frantically calling neighbors for another set, whilst telling (new) sitter how to break into the house. We ponder every entry point we’ve been wanting to destroy anyways lol. I get a side text “break down the door? Really?” Me “whatever he says!!” Poor Ren getting all kinds of sideways, debates leaving the show. I assure him everything’s right! Just hold tight! Jim opener like salt in the wound. Non stop checking phone. Turns out sitter knows a mutual friend. One we are not on great terms with. Apparently said friend is a pro at lock picking, kit and all. Dude and duddette come to puppybat’s rescue. With minimal damage.

    The most amazing part was these fringe, friction friends coming to the rescue woth zero hesitation. It touched our hearts beyond belief. Phish, always a crazy effing ride!! Never did I think I’d be surfing along 4 tweezers amidst fur baby drama!!! Lol

  12. Hadtohavethat Says:

    It’s so nice to see the board alive again. Thanks everyone for your sharing and caring, sweet, salty, unadulterated goodness.

  13. Hans Says:

    Sweet Set. This Gin is hot. Feeling this show

  14. uncle-jimmy Says:

    Oh man. That was a filthy tubby.

  15. phishm Says:

    The wind is the music. Blowing differently than ever before.

  16. Hadtohavethat Says:

    And we’re free of time
    Mega feels for this sun

  17. Hadtohavethat Says:


  18. Hadtohavethat Says:

    Omg you gotta be kidding me
    Ghostghost’d?!!! Ha!!!!!!!

  19. Hans Says:

    I had no idea, beneath the sea and stars is breathtaking. If this is a new direction, ambient dad rock, sign me up. They can drop a 20 min version of this in any set they please.

  20. theBaker Says:

    …i am allowed to like This, right?¡?

  21. Hans Says:

    This show is spectacular. Full control and command of their powers. New material is making sense. Tour is building. Buckle up

  22. phishm Says:

    Love the Waste placement. This show has felt amazing. Just what I needed.

  23. theBaker Says:

    Show of Life & (more clearly) Mango-teases pre-FOAM methinks…



  24. Random Poster...Nutbag Says:

    And we’re free of time

  25. Light Glaze Says:

    Weirdest solid set ever.

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