Nassau Wins the Title

Nassau Coliseum

#1 Nassau Coliseum 52 #1 Auburn Hills 36

In the championship game of Tweezer Madness, Nassau Coliseum’s ’03 version took down the Palace ’97 and captured the trophy. Although the game was competitive, the result was never truly in doubt, as Nassau grabbed an early lead and was able to maintain separation throughout the game. The only 2.0 Tweezer in the tournament out-dueled the Fall ’97 favorite in a battle between two defining versions. We caught up with Nassau in their champagne-soaked locker room, and the champ had this to say, ” We want to congratulate the Palace on an amazing season. That’s a nasty Tweezer over there, and it deserved to win as much as we did. In reality, Auburn Hills is a deeper, more psychedelic jam, but we had the advantage of length, and you know what they say—size matters. I want to thank all the voters that came down on our side, and we are happy to represent the much-maligned era of 2.0 in taking home the title.”

The Palace version offered it’s own take. “I can’t say we’re not disappointed, but its no embarrassment to lose to that monumental Nassau version. That middle section of music is as good as anything the band has ever played. I thought the score would have been closer, but sometimes things just don’t fall your way. They started the game quickly and we could never quite catch up. On another day, I think we could have defeated the Nassau squad. It was an honor to play in the national final, and it’s an experience we’ll never forget.”

It was a game for the ages, and the fitting end to an amazing month of music and basketball. It was truly a fun event and a joy to watch unfold. Hopefully people got exposed to some new versions and were able to revisit some old favorites along the way. And that brings Tweezer Madness to a close. The selection committee and Uncle Ebeneezer would like to thank all of the voters who helped make this tournament happen. We hope you’ve enjoyed the experience, and we look forward stepping into the freezer together in a little over a month as we prepare for new versions to unfold. Until then…please her with a Tweezer.

Championship Stub—2.28.03

649 Responses to “Nassau Wins the Title”

  1. aj Says:

    Yo freaks, just posted my summer/sqb mix. Hope it may provide fun times for you and your crews this summer.

    Junior D – Nite Moves

    Workin on mysteries without any clues.

  2. kayatosh Says:

    6.12.19 Lope is a keeper

  3. uncle-jimmy Says:

    I’m so down with heady and vapes Stash thoughts. That’s the most beautiful piece of the run IMO. Stash rose like the Phoenix. Superb Phish.

  4. kayatosh Says:

    gave the 6.12 Lope another spin and it has now gone the way of the Dodo.

  5. RoosterPizza Says:


    – That moment I realized Loving Cup was getting jammed. Reminds me of that same moment from DCU Roses in 2012.
    – Twist at 9:20 when Page opens the door for the rest of that jam
    – The whole Light jam, which kind of has two parts ( at least to me). The jam until about 9:50, and then what breaks open after
    – Mr Completely always a treat

  6. kayatosh Says:

    Love that Roggae, though. keeper. Cup jam ftw! $$$. jam’d Cup. lovin life!!

  7. kayatosh Says:

    word, rooster. 6.12 pretty good show.

  8. HeadyBrosevelt Says:

    I thought the Completely was waaay cool. Some brilliant moments in there.

    Spun Phisharoo this morning. A very well played, greatest hits festival set with sprinkles of fantastic improv- looking at you ER. A great set of Rock and Roll, know what I mean… Definitely a festival set, but not jukebox. I dig it for what it is.

  9. RoosterPizza Says:

    My thoughts exactly, Heady. I think it was great for what it was. Beside ER, the other highlight for me was Hood.

  10. kayatosh Says:

    fresh spin of the St. Louie Twist. $$$. such a keeepr

  11. kayatosh Says:

    St. Louie nt. 1 NMINML – major, major keeper. $$$+ impressive jamming

  12. stapes Says:

    Love that ER.

    I’m digging where they’re at 2.5 shows in. Some new fresh sounds.

  13. vegas wolfmans Says:

    Agreed on that Bonnaroo set. Super solid.

  14. uncle-jimmy Says:

    Stapes loves him some ER. ‘Twas dope throwing down together during that rosemont ER, brah. Sure was a fire one. I love that shit, too. Annnd…I totally forgot they played a bonaroo set. Dank. To the phish app I go.
    Happy Fathers Day to all you Dad’s.

  15. uncle-jimmy Says:

    And thanks for the mix AJ. Always a welcome treat.

  16. stapes Says:

    you know it UJ! Pleasure getting down with y’all that weekend. Love that version.

    This ‘roo set is solid from start to finish. Nice Hood too.

    Fish with some new cymbals? Man is a machine.

  17. McGGGGG Says:

    They should cut the festy greatest hits vibe and just go all in…. Like a dark Bowie opener… just come out sizzl’n and keep the foot heavy to the petal.

    You can’t please everyone… So they might as well go all in and melt some faces!

    Own it Phish! No prisoners!

  18. kayatosh Says:

    Need to hear the Roo ER. Anyone got flax of that one?

  19. kayatosh Says:

    who’s castin? price is right

    we will rise to glory

  20. Joe Says:

    Out of left field fluffhead could spin this one all around

  21. Hans Says:

    Where’s the tour chatter? Pretty light here… is that due to Roo?… haven’t heard a note or a peep yet. Hopefully it picks up.

    Stlouis II is really good. Twist $$+ Completely $$+ Light $$.
    All very good. Especially completely, really unique place they went. The tail end of light
    Portends monster jams to come this week. O

  22. McGGGGGGG Says:

    It seems like a lot of the old guard have moved to another site which is a bummer. I don’t know where they have all gone to chat amongst themselves away from the BB.

    I’ve never posted much as I’m in the UK and with the time difference it makes so I’m always catching up on the discussion and no one on when I’m on. So I guess I’ve been a very long time lurker (big fan of Miner’s work) and have always enjoyed the banter on here. I particularly like hearing the in-house impressions of those that were at the shows.

  23. kayatosh Says:

    no bummers, just change. here’s a visual Phish thought:

  24. Fly Says:

    Twist from last night is quite good – Trachea cord’s it for Paug it typical ripcord’ant fashion but still some nice stuff in there

    Also first few minutes of Ghost very tasteful


  25. HadToHaveThat Says:

    It’s true the chalk has gotten dusty here these days
    But the vibe is lurking as hard as you are McG! Don’t let it dissuade you from posting 🙂
    My turn this Friday in Charlotte…all eggs one basket so far this year. Stark dramatic shift of priorities has overwhelmed me. So much so that my spark has faded a bit. Can’t wait to crash into my sparkle like a ton of bricks on lot!

    Hopin for a Bat that’ll confuse the hell outta Trey as much as it did in NC last year!

    Gettin ghosty this spring was such a beautiful experience. Looking forward to unlocking more doors and supernova level energies

    Wishing everyone all the best this tour! Please throw me some love n light this Fri-to the ultimate YAY!!

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