Nassau Wins the Title

Nassau Coliseum

#1 Nassau Coliseum 52 #1 Auburn Hills 36

In the championship game of Tweezer Madness, Nassau Coliseum’s ’03 version took down the Palace ’97 and captured the trophy. Although the game was competitive, the result was never truly in doubt, as Nassau grabbed an early lead and was able to maintain separation throughout the game. The only 2.0 Tweezer in the tournament out-dueled the Fall ’97 favorite in a battle between two defining versions. We caught up with Nassau in their champagne-soaked locker room, and the champ had this to say, ” We want to congratulate the Palace on an amazing season. That’s a nasty Tweezer over there, and it deserved to win as much as we did. In reality, Auburn Hills is a deeper, more psychedelic jam, but we had the advantage of length, and you know what they say—size matters. I want to thank all the voters that came down on our side, and we are happy to represent the much-maligned era of 2.0 in taking home the title.”

The Palace version offered it’s own take. “I can’t say we’re not disappointed, but its no embarrassment to lose to that monumental Nassau version. That middle section of music is as good as anything the band has ever played. I thought the score would have been closer, but sometimes things just don’t fall your way. They started the game quickly and we could never quite catch up. On another day, I think we could have defeated the Nassau squad. It was an honor to play in the national final, and it’s an experience we’ll never forget.”

It was a game for the ages, and the fitting end to an amazing month of music and basketball. It was truly a fun event and a joy to watch unfold. Hopefully people got exposed to some new versions and were able to revisit some old favorites along the way. And that brings Tweezer Madness to a close. The selection committee and Uncle Ebeneezer would like to thank all of the voters who helped make this tournament happen. We hope you’ve enjoyed the experience, and we look forward stepping into the freezer together in a little over a month as we prepare for new versions to unfold. Until then…please her with a Tweezer.

Championship Stub—2.28.03

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  1. kayatosh Says:

    Yall surviving the Prairie dog apocalypse in CO? Donut print surgical masks for Dick’s?

    What if Fishman’s last name was Bushman? The band we know and love would be known as Bhush

  2. RoosterPizza Says:

    August 2018: water turbidity
    August 2019: praire dog plague
    August 2020: Phish plays a festival that revolves around condensed jamming

  3. theBaker Says:

    8/13/96 MIKE’s is a Mr.Toad’s WildRide!
    If the Boys busted-0ut “one of these” Today the interbrowzers&SIGNAL would be going NUTs’!¡!Today

    *full-concerts On SiriusXM 🙂

    Happy Sunday B.B.!
    Inna PHortNight I’ll have my Buddy’s F-150 packed&teeming w/DICK’S CampGround TREASURE…excITing

  4. theBaker Says:

    Answer Strange phone#’s Today 😉

  5. uncle-jimmy Says:

    That deer creek mikes is straight fire, Baker.


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