Please Her with a Tweezer

Atlantic City [Scott Harris]

Atlantic City has been a destination point for Phish throughout the 3.0 era. From Boardwalk Hall to Bader Field, from “Waiting For Columbus” to “Wingsuit,” the Jersey Shore has hosted its fair share of historic music from the Vermont quartet over the past decade. As the band descended upon A.C. to close out the opening leg of a torrid summer tour, one had to expect that another storied chapter of Boardwalk Phish would ensue.

Though part one of the weekend trifecta shaped up as a strong two-set affair, popping with highlights from start to finish, the lead actor in Friday night’s musical drama was unquestionably the multi-dimensional “Tweezer” that ignited set two in a blaze of glory. This jam touched on so many facets of the band’s musical repertoire, that when assembled as a single piece of music, it created quite a voyage through the galaxy of Phish. However, I have to highlight the journey’s initial section. The band laid waaay back as they dropped into the jam, creating an epically gooey, open air soundscape that I would pay good money to reside in. Fish and Mike lock into a filthy, spacious groove as Trey and Page slowly drip in sonic layers like food coloring slowly spinning into a glass of water. This section—before Trey even plays a lead melody—is the stuff of my Phish dreams. And then when Trey slides into the mix with perfectly calculating leads in his menacing, new-school tone—forget about it. Lemme mainline this shit forever.

“Tweezer’s” jam next progresses through a more conventional, blues-based build which Page continually pushes forward with his Summer ’21 lead synth melodies en route to third movement that brings the jam into quintessential, bliss-drenched Phish groove. At this juncture, Trey drops his modern effects and leads the troops to the top with gorgeous, dextrous soloing, thus completing a truly monumental version of the band’s most revered launchpad.

“Bathtub Gin” provided a strong follow up to “Tweezer’s” set-opening opus, forging a classic-sounding path of upbeat groove collaboration. This jam stretched the song’s boundaries just enough to create a gripping second act of the set. When the the band revved up “Everything’s Right,” it felt like we were on the verge of an epic stanza of music, but as the jam was developing a mesmerizing path, Trey had the out-of-left-field thought that “Possum” should be played right then and there. And so it was. And from that point forward, the set devolved into a hodgepodge of Phish songs that didn’t possess the flow that characterized the rest of the show.

Phish came out swinging to open the night with a high-energy, dance-based first set that was highlighted by the improvisational one-two punch of “Blaze On” and “Wolfman’s Brother.” Both of these jams popped significantly, “Blaze” moving out of structure into open waters while “Wolfman’s” remained anchored in infectious dance rhythms. Providing a near half-hour of top notch jamming at the onset of set one, this song pairing got the weekend underway quickly an illustrated both enthusiasm and intent on Phish’s behalf.

With one show down and two to go, I suspect the Atlantic City set we will be the buzz of the weekend is yet to unfold. As Phish settles into their novel beach environs, their comfort level will only increase, and if tonight’s “Tweezer” is any indication, there are a lot of Atlantic City memories left to be written.

I. Cars Trucks Buses, AC/DC Bag, Blaze On, Wolfman’s Brother, I Didn’t Know, Funky Bitch, Rift, Sand

II. Tweezer, Bathtub Gin > Everything’s Right > Possum, Also Sprach Zarathustra > Rise/Come Together, Harry Hood, More

E. Loving Cup

6 Responses to “Please Her with a Tweezer”

  1. Aquaman Says:

    OMG I used to live for this….


    I hope everyone had/is having a blast down in AC. I am still basking in the glow of Hershey Night Two. Here to hoping you all get two scorchers over the next two nights. Lice to the Pham. I’m sure the BB Crew is holding down with class. All BB members please don’t forget about the waterwheel tent in hour before showtime. It’s such a blast putting faces to all these name.

    Miner once again….Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  2. Yatta Says:

    Such a good start. That everything’s right was out of nowhere yet felt perfect and could have sent that set into another world. Miner felt it. Lol.

    After such a great pairing of tweezer and bathtub it really felt like an all timer when everything’s right kicked it.


  3. butter Says:

    Tweeze the 13th !! Dark onset just so sick, they aren’t messing around … flyest 56 year old we got goin…

    Level of difficulty in some of the Gin sustained leads were like black diamond Olympic gymnastics level difficulty…

    Oh and Gin the second set vehicle is a welcome dev.

    Thx for the write up Miner!!

  4. butter Says:

    ::::::::has DMT pen out during ER, your end is this road:::::promptly puts it away before hitting it::::::::….good for Butters Marriage as he doesn’t scare Mrs butterersworth’s

  5. Yatta Says:

    Thought for sure a dirt or Billy breathes was coming out of that bathtub then then everything’s right peaked the interest then….aaaaahhhh. Posssum.

  6. BoogerSpangler Says:

    I heard that Ernie&Sue’s wedding anniversary was Friday night…he PHucked that LOVIN’ CUP so hard, so many times that methinks she won’t be walking straight till @least Tuesday, prolly Wednesday!

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