“No Spoilers” Downloads – Feedback


Photo: J.DiGiuseppe

Photo: J.DiGiuseppe

Subject:Thank you for all your hard work!

I’m quite bummed I couldn’t be there, but I’m very happy I can listen
to set I already!  Can’t wait for set II!


Subject:thank you so very much

i just wanted to take the time as i listen to the show to say thank
you so very much. i have been happy all day but this is just better
then the icing on the cake. thank you so very much.

No Spoilers- Or How I Learned to Re-Love The Internet

Subject:Great work.

Thank you for making this happen.




Subject:(((((((((((((((( THANK YOU!!!!!!! ))))))))))))))))))

i had tears in my eyes when i heard the opening notes of FLUFF.
thanks so much for putting this together — it is folks like you that
make the Phish community the best in the world.


Subject:THANK YOU!

Hey Pholks,

Just wanted to send a quick thank you for posting the torrent of the
show.  We had a party in Vegas, only had minor spoilers (someone
texted the opener before I could reiterate to my friends at the show
that I didn’t want to know ANYTHING!), and really, really appreciated
all of your effort to get the show up.  It was well worth the wait and
I can’t thank you enough.

I know you said money support should go to the Mockingbird Foundation
instead of you, but if your costs went over or something I’d be
willing to contribute out of appreciation.

Thanks so much!

Subject:Thank You For the No Spoiler Shows!
Subject: Thank You!!

What a great idea and a gift to all of us who couldn’t be there.
Thanks for all the efforts in making it happen.



This is great. Thank you for helping to keep this experience as pure
as possible from 800 miles away.


Subject: Hello and thanks

I have to say last night was a treat to listen to it that way… big
DJ head phones and shut my eyes…could feel the energy seeping
through…enough to give me chills and some tears of joy

Thanks again….
Subject: you rock

Seriously dude… great job tonight!  Fan-f**king-tastic!

Subject: Thank You!

Thank you so much for putting up these shows this weekend.  And the
“no spoilers” aspect made it so wonderful. I love you!
Subject: extra bandwidth for No Spoilers


I work at a university that has super fast up and down speeds.  All
three Hampton nights happen to occur during Spring Break.  I have
gotten the OK to use up the bandwidth for Phish music, if you want
some more bandwidth.
Subject: Thank you


I’m compelled to write and say THANKS!  First, what an awesome idea,
nospoilers.  Then, thanks for getting these shows up so fast!  As a
former taper, I know what the stress & hassle can be like.  (All of?)
You did a tremendous job.  I would have liked to be in Hampton but
nospoilers made me feel “a part of” while stuck at home.  Great job!


Subject: You guys rock!!!

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You,
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Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You,
Thank You, Thank You, Thank You,

The Non spoilers show is the way every show should be listened to.
Going to keep this running for the summer tour?

MUCH love,

Subject: No Spoiler Downloads

I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for all the work you
put into the no spoiler downloads. I realize that as soon as the shows
ended instead of relaxing, taking it all in, and comparing notes with
friends like everyone else you were probably running your ass off
making it happen. Being able to listen to these shows with no
preconceptions was a lot of fun. It really meant a lot to me to be
able to close my eyes and pretend I was there. It almost took away the
sting of the ticket debacle. So thanks again. You made me and a lot of
other Phish fans very happy.


Subject: CD Versions

Hey guys,

I just wanted to say thank you for all your efforts.  My buddies and I
went up to one of our cabins for the entire weekend.  We made it all
work out.  Between my computer and heady speakers, and my buddy’s AT&T
internet connection, we were listening to the sets not longer after
they were posted.  We had a complete blast beside our fire.  You
should have see the looks on our faces when we heard the opening notes
to Fluffhead.  We were determined to have as much fun as possible with
this since we could not go, and your downloads were just what we

Subject: thank you!

Hey man,

i Just want to say THANK YOU!!!! so much for the no spoilers project.
I just got done last night listening to all 3 shows and it was sooo
great. I don’t think I’ve ever listened to a phish show w/ out at
least seeing the setlist once. it made it so amazing. The only thing
it compares to is being there in person. I know nothing is like being
there live, but this is the closest I can think of. It was so
wonderful having NO idea what was about to happen. I made sure I
wouldn’t spoiler it by not checking any music related website and even
ignored texts from my friends. One text sadly got to me w/ out any
warning saying “Fluffhead opener”. Oh well, i thought…at least I
know these shows will be great! and they were!

I really really can’t thank you and everyone involved enough for
making this happen. It made my working 12 hour days six days in a row
week very satisfying. As I got on the subway Saturday morning to head
off to work, I couldn’t help smiling and being overwhelmed with joy by
the power, energy, excitement and perfection the band had. I never
wanted to leave that subway…I just wanted to stay there for the
whole show. Monday morning was also really funny, when I Sanity hit my
ears. I don’t remember smiling so much in forever. The people on the
train must of thought I was crazy.

What a band….what great shows. What great hope for future phish!

anyways….again, thank you and i do vote YES for more no spoiler
phish shows. I know this might be tough to do for all the shows but I
really never want to experience phish shows in any other way. Even if
you offered to do it if you could subscribe….maybe donating a little
money? Anything to keep it going!

Subject: Muchos Gracias!!!

Many thanks to you and your Krewe for the No Spoilers.  For not being
able to find tix, it was the next best thing.  I had a group over
saturday night for friday’s show.  But anyway, I am sure your getting
alot of these by now….but you guys’ hard work was very well worth it
for all of us not in Hampton.

Really can’t wait ’till June now.  Thanks!!!!

Subject: No Spoilers feedback

Honestly, this is really an amazing thing you are providing here. I
feel like it could revolutionize the experience.

I watched the Twitter feed Saturday, and that was kinda cool,
certainly. Then I tried this for Sunday’s show. Wow, what a cool way
to listen to a new show. It really actually kinda is like being there.
I have no idea what’s coming, and that is greatly affecting the way I
am listening. I am much less expectant or critical, and much more open
to it. When My Friend came on, I was excited. And when All of These
Dreams came on, I instinctively thought “Bathroom break!”.

I would love it if this could continue through the summer run. Even if
it has to die at some point, having at least one tour experience like
this would be very cool.

Seriously, I hope more people are taking advantage of this and
realizing how unique and fantastic this is, what you are doing.

Thank you!


I cannot express how appreciative I am of all the planning and effort
that went into your no spoilers project.

#1) Congrats, because it was an absolute success.
#2) Listening to the show unravel on my couch was so much better than
logging onto phish.net and deducting what kind of show it is.

That Fluff opener sounded downright triumphant at times!

Thank you again!

Best regards,

Subject: You Rock!

This whole concept is so cool.  I LOVE IT!  I staid up late and loaded
it in and put on my big thick over the ear headphones and went into
PERMA-GRIN!  Thank you, THANK you, THANK YOUUUU, very much!
Subject: thanks


Just a great big THANKS from FLA.

I really appreciated the no spoilers page… quite the treat for us
stuck so far away from the madness.

Subject: thanks

Thanks so much for the BTs of the last two nights!  And what shows
they have been!!!

Being available so quickly lets me listen to them early in the
morning, and have an “intelligent” conversation with my friends that
are in VA about the show.  I have two young daughters and my wife and
I just couldn’t swing getting down to Hampton from NJ.  Between the
two of us we have over 200 shows, starting back in ’88, so the boys
making it back is like our world coming back together.  J

Anyhow, thanks again for bringing the shows to us.

Subject: Thank you!!!

I couldn’t make it there tonight, this was so kind of you. Fluff
opener, Page warped effect during suzie!! Up to farmhouse now…Phish
is back was avengeance !! Talk about phish greatest hits first set.
Ill be there Saturday and sunday though!
Attn No-Spoilers: Wear Diapers

did the no spoilers thing like 5 min ago: and shit my pants when i
heard fluffhead. holy shit. thank you mr miner for setting up the
whole no spoilers thing

good work phanzo, you’re solidifying your place in phish heaven with
this endeavor.

This is ridiculous, you are the man. Only with Phish. Only.

just heard the lights go down, crowd goes wild, fluffhead…

thanks jerry

THANK YOU JERRYFREAK!!! SOUND IS GREAT! I can’t believe I’m listening
to Fluffhead right now. The CROWD SOUNDS CRAZY!
just finished, now seeding, shitting pants

Thanks jerryfreak!! This sounds so great and with timing I must say!!

You are the man for doing this. Well done. Listening and seeding as I
type. Crowd reaction gave me chills.

They sound so ridiculously on! This is AWESOME!!! Page does indeed
sound phenomenal, fuck they all do! I cant wait to hear the whole

thanks jerryfreak!! sounds great!!
you are awesome, man of the night for us not at the show!!

Sounds great, man.

First, not sure why I’m up. Finally hit the sack around about 4 hours ago.

Anyhow, thanks for the effort No Spoilers folks. Show sounded great,
and I enjoyed every second of it.

i’m really enjoying the show! it’s the one i wanted to see on paper
and it came to fruition. really enjoyed the no spoiler way.

yeah, nospoilers was a blast. i made the mistake of wearing a phish
show to work and lasted until the second to last customer of the night
told me off the bat what the opener was. still, i flipped at divided
sky and i didn’t know – what a fantastic, keep-em-guessing setlist.
passed out after number line on the couch, but still…great time,
thank you mr miner

loving the show, went to bed at 10:30 planned on getting it when i
woke up, but woke up at 2am and DL’d the torrent and listened to it
the rest of the night.

thanks nospoilers. very cool.

I went to a bar that played no spoilers last night and the place was
packed. I brought a fluffhead sign, but ditched it immediatley. No
pters said whats up to me except for Matt_Murton. Anyway, the show
started at about 12:30 pm and the place went nuts. It was a lot like
being at a simulcast. Very surreal. The whole place was jumping up and
down and dancing like crazy. It was quite the scene!

i thought it was awesome. thanks so much. but honestly i do not plan
on doing it for tonight and sunday. just wanted to do it for the
opener. which blew my mind and made me shit my pants. next best thing
to being there

You did an stellar job of providing and unique and invaluable service
to your fellow fans. The FIRST show back!! Thanks so much for
everything you and everyone involved did for us.

Thanks a ton for doing this, jerryfreak — it was absolutely the best
way to enjoy the show for those of us who couldn’t be there. It was
tough staying offline but well worth it. Loaded the first set on my
ipod, stepped outside under a moonlit sky, and let ‘er rip. Awesome
awesome. I’m sure there’s lots of us who will greatly appreciate

Fucking awesome. So glad I waited. I’m actually still listening as I
got too drunk and fell asleep during the 2nd set. Just finishing YEM.
I about shit my pants when I downloaded the 1st set and saw it was 1
hour and 54 minutes, then they opened with Fluff. Ridiculous.

Man, thanks so much. I thought it was great, and the sound quality is
top-shelf. I finally hit the sack around 6 am, but it was worth it. I
enjoyed every second, and really appreciate the effort you, and
everyone at no spoilers, put into it. Much love!

no spoilers was amazing, big big thanks jerryfreak. whatever you can
do again will be greatly appreciated.


Thanks JF, and all others involved in this great project.

Seriously man…you completely made my night. The fact that you had to
miss part of the second set makes it an even more selfless gesture.
Great idea. Great sound. All around A+.

It was the next best thing

Thank you so very much!

jerryfreak, i didnt get to download it until this morning but I must
say man…THANKS SO MUCH, that was areally cool thing to do and the
quality is better than i thought it would be.

the fluffhead opener just wouldnt have been the same if i knew it was
coming. i got goosebumps just like i would if i was at the show.

thank you

dude, i listened to it this morning and almost shit myself when i
heard Fluffhead. It was other-worldly.

was up all night, finished listening at 7 a.m. THANK YOU THANK YOU
THANK YOU. opening notes of fluff were magical, thanks to you!
loved it. thanks so much.

flawless! i was jumping up and down in my living room by 2:00 am. many
thanks to you jerryfreak, you are a phan’s phan.

Great work.



so fucking awesome thanks!
it was awesome, thanks so much for that!

i went over my friends place (suprstevie on here) and we had a
listening party with the no spoilers – high fives were dished out at
the divided sky and the never-ending first set. late night all around
but oh so worth it.

thanks again!

We raged it on the hamptonnospoilers message board last night thanks
to you jerry. It was an amazing experience to say the least. Thank you
from the bottom of my heart.
was AWESOME well done!!
Amazing sound. Thank you so much but i also stayed up till about 6am
and had to catch a flight at 10. So im a little tired but I wont be
when i get to the mothership!!!
Thanks to eveyone who did the no spoilers!

it was awesome. finished the first set at 5:30am, the second by noon.

dumbstruck and looking forward two

thank you. great sound quality.

my drunk ass couldnt have been happier coming home to that at 1:30.

seriously, well done, a true service to the community

cool to hear it. with the listening parties and such, seems liek there
were thousands of people raging it last night

hey, serious thanks jerry.
it was up a later than i had expected and by 3 am i was wiped but i
got to hear the first 2 songs before i crashed.
i’ll def not be able to make it that late tonight.

thanks so much.

and rock on…

Fucking brilliant!!!. The chills that ran up and down my spine in the
opening notes of Fluffhead are something only comparable to being
there. I was actually hysterically laughing for about four mins. Its
the only way to go! I hope you guys continue to do this for the summer
tour. Waiting till 220 in the AM paid off big time. The energy of the
crowd in your recording and not knowing the setlist before hand made
it a special experience. It felt like I was listening to a live
stream. I can’t express how awesome this idea is. Keep it up!!

Thanks ever so much jerryfreak, made my night last night!!!

On a side note: It also made me think how huch the world has changed
since I started seeing Phish in ’94. Remember when a fast turn around
on getting a show was about 3-4 months after tour and came via 2nd/3rd
generation 90min Maxells.

Being up til 6 am almost made me feel like I was on tour.

Loved it. Thank you.

JF, it was fantastic, thanks so much. Sound quality and speed of
upload were all better than expected.

Can’t wait to do it again tonight
Loved it. Job well done. Thank you.
Thanks a lot for puttin this together!

A very nice treat to have, hope to do it again tonight…

Thank you very much Jerryfreak. Incredible job- it made my day, week,
month, and year. So glad I didn’t peek at setlists coming in and
waited to hear those first few notes of Fluffhead with no clue what a
treat my ears were in for.
Looking forward to it again…
Excellent work Jerryfreak. Last night was great. Finished up around
7am and got a couple of hours of sleep. If there is anyway to get a
copy of the show up again tonight, it would be great. I’m having a
little listening part tonight and no spoiler’d is the way to go.
THANKS again…

thanks for all the efforts doing this…greatly apreciated.

thank you!

listening to that fluff was so sick.



got done with an epic day of skiing, came home ate dinner. drank a
bottle of wine and smoked a joint by myself and opened up set I with
no idea of what was comming my way. HOLY FING SHIT!

you made my weekend Jerry! Cheers!!!

coolest thing anyone has done for me in a long time

thanks for doing that, good shit

Two thumbs up. For once, being on the West Coast was an advantage,
time-wise – I could download and listen just as my night was hitting
its stride.

I don’t know if I’ll do the same for tonight. The big one is out of
the way, although with such a monster show last night, I’m tempted to
do the same thing, just to see where they go with it as it unfolds.
Thank you! I woke up at 4 am, downloaded the first set and lost my
shit when they opened with Fluffhead. I’m lying in bed jamming with my
head phones on, my wife wakes up and is like what the fuck are you

yes thank you i was blown away when fluff came on

“cool to hear it. with the listening parties and such, seems liek
there were thousands of people raging it last night ”

absolutely bro – there were def thousands partying no spoilers thanks
to your efforts – it made for an incredible night to say the least –
thank you!

thanks jerryfreak…i had a great time listening

the hardest part was avoiding all the damn tms that i got last night.

Have a blast tonight. If you want to seed the other nights as a
no-spoiler, it would be awesome to have them whenever you get back to
the hotey. No rush needed tho.

thank you so much brother! YES, there were a lot of people raging it
to your recording last night. when i opened the torrent file for the
first set not 5 minutes after it popped up, there were SEVEN HUNDRED
SEEDERS and over 900 leechers on it. last night was the most Phish fun
ive had outside of being at a phish show. it was amazing. thank you so
yeah, last night was a ton of fun, can’t thank you enough for making
this possible
Outstanding sound quality and you have made my weekend plans for me by
doing this. MT!

Loved em, great quality. Thanks so much!

much thanks man

it was great! thanks JF

thanks again!

thank you so much… had a great time not being spoiled and raging it
while the sun came up!!!

Thanks so much JF! We had a big ol’ listening party here on the West
Coast. Sure hope you’re doing it again tonight – same group is
planning on getting together again!

So good! Thanks!


You helped THOUSANDS of phans RAGE last night!

thank you so much. i stayed up until past 3AM here in SF listening to
the no spoilers download. it was fantastic and much appreciated.

That was so supercool last night.

I’m in Bogota, Colombia, and it was killing me not to look at the
setlists, so my wife and I just chilled in our hostel bar, and I got
kinda loaded. I started checking the nospoilers page around midnight,
my wife feel asleep at around 1, then it was up, had to run downstairs
and plug into the wireless router to get a better connection,
downloaded it, ran up to my room where my wife was sleeping, and
turned it on full volume.

She was woken up to me screaming and yelling and pumping my fist
saying “They’re opening with fucking FLUFFHEAD!!!” I listened to whole
first set while drinking beers in my room with the lights off and my
wife (kinda) sleeping and smoking joints from the free sack a dude in
my hostel gave me an hour before the show was up. SO SO SO glad I
waited. Went back down and downloaded the second set, by that time it
was 4:30am, went back into the bar for another beer, came back up when
it was done, and started listening to the second set. I didn’t make it
all the way through, but finished this morning.

Going on little sleep, crazy hangover, but it’s the best I’ve ever
felt while feeling this shitty and tired. Huge smile on my face all

Thanks to jerryfreak and everyone that made this happen. It was truly
a night I’ll never forget. Not doing no spoilers tonight, but can’t
fucking wait for round 2 and 3.0 in general if this is what we have to
look forward to.

unreal sound quality and mix…

it was so worth the wait.

thank you!

doin it now. Somewhere in the 2nd set. Thanks guys! Having fun,
recordings sound good. Band sounds Great!!! YAY

good looks, made a 16 mile run fly by today

While last night was crazy awesome and I am SOOOO glad I waited, I
don’t know that I can do it again tonight.

Thank you so much for doing this! I’m in Belgium, and it was awesome
to be able to download it first thing this morning – the next best
thing to being there.

I loved it.

THANK YOU… I was smiling ear to ear the whole time. Sounded great.

No spoilers was a great concept. Thanks for doing the work, I
appreciate it. Sounds great too. Thanks again.

Thank you so much for putting this out there. It sounds great!

God bless the tapers.

i really enjoyed the past two nights thank you so much for this!!!
gonna no spoiler this again tomorrow!!!

Thank you!

thanks so much man . . im sorry you had to miss parts of the show!!!
that makes me sad 🙁

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! if yer in st louis for the fox show i’d love to
buy you a beer . . or 7 🙂

and don’t miss anymore of the shows! rage it hardcore tonight! W0000T!

Awesome work. The first set was up within a half hour after the show
ended. Unbelievable. Everyone needs to buy jerryfreak a beer at future

thanks to phishtought’s no spoilers!!!

no spoilers+Xbox live+phriends=good time

Thank you to the ‘NO SPOILERS’ crew!

I didn’t even partake but I appreciate what you guys/gals did and I
know it wasnt easy…You didnt have to do this for everyone but you
did anyways which proves how cool this scene can be.

Your efforts were much appreciated by all!

Thank you!

Caved on no spoilers until tonight.

Friday and Saturday i hit refresh like a mofo but i had to work late
tonight. Pure joy

yeah.. no spoilers is sweet

im gonna do it for a few shows this summer i think

i stayed pure. no spoilers all weekend. i didn’t even go onto PT until
just a few minutes ago. it was great!

yeah i’ve been up till the dawn every night in no spoiler’d action…
wouldn’t have wanted to do it any other way aside from being there

had a great time… completely enjoyed myself all three nights

Topic: No Spoilers was the sh!t!

totally worth staying up until 7 am each night 😀

Fluffhead opener caused my heart to jump out of my chest. Glad I
didn’t know that was coming.

Thought it was fantastic as well. Thanks everyone that set it up!!

Although I could only do 1st set first night…after that marathon of
a first set I was too drunk to make the interwebs do the thing that
makes the sound come out…so I hung it up for the night.

yeah it was. huge thank you’s to everyone who worked on that shit.


i did this successfully all 3 nights and it was the 2nd best way to
experience a phish show

must have been cool esp when you started to comprehend that the show
didn’t seem to be even over at midnight…!!

Yes. This was the way to go!

Thanks miner, jerryfreak.

yes, guys, many thanks from us also!! You helped put the ph back in fun!

My mind is still literally blown that I was able to listen the same
night. (that’s BIG stuff to me-back in my day, we still traded
casettes thru the postal system or carried suitcases filled w/gen II’s
to shows for trades).

yeah nospoilers was great

i did it for the first two nights

listening to them open with fluffhead just wouldn’t have been the same
had I known it was coming

here here, great work and many thanks to all involved. worked like a dream.

i got in bed and put on saturday night’s show at about 2am sunday
morning, after having drank all day starting at 10:30am
(Chiditarod’d), and then woke up at 8am, computer on lap, iTunes
having moved on to whatever was next in the library. had to relisten.

Agreed – nice job, worked really well. I did the first two nights (it
worked so well I ran out of steam for Sunday)

it was sweet… would love to see something similar for opener/closer
of tours and/or all tours… (i can dream, right…)

I accidentally spoiled the Fluffhead opener. I wanted to go to
Phish.Com and look for pictures but was instantly redirected to From
the Road where the only text at the time was Fluffhead…

Oh well… hearing the crowd and hearing them nail it was awesome.

Thanks to all involved!!!
did it all 3 three nights, loved it. so much better than hitting
refresh and reading the setlist without actually hearing anything…

thanks again.

No Spoilers ruled! A+ would do it again for sure. Love doing the no
spoilers chat with a great crew as well!

Did the no spoilers on Friday night and it was fun. I was also on the
no spoilers message board which was pretty cool, very positive folks.
Unfortunately, someone accidentally posted a spoiler about 4 songs
into the first set, which I looked at of course. Oh, well, no big
deal. Experiencing that first Fluffhead unspoiled was worth it. I made
it to Waste before I just couldn’t focus anymore and crashed. Props to
the brave soldiers that watched the sun rise. I was in no way prepared
for an all-nighter.

loved it! what a great group of folks! although i didn’t play along
with y’all the whole time, i was up w/ya the whole time…today i’m
flat out a zombie.

definitely the second best way of listening/doing a show! i’m sure it
will take a lot of us a few days to recover.

Great work! Totally agree FLUFFHEAD unspolied was awesome!

Got Friday and Saturday that same night – saw the sun rise Saturday
morn still listening to Friday set. Wish I could have been there but
this was def 2nd best option! Thanks again.


Im just relistening to the exact file and source i did on friday
night. Friday was so hard to stay off the net and phone but it was
sooo worth it. I called just about every opener but fluffhead and it
was a complete suprise when it came on. So epic. I felt like i was at
the show on friday night lighting up a j and listenin to the shit full
volume. I was so happy by myself could not stop smiling. Just blown
away by it, I knew then and there they were back. Listening to that
whole set without a setlist was an incredible experience and i will
remember it forever. Can’t imagine what it would have been like to be
in the mothership that night but i was damn near close.

Thanks again jerryfreak and mr. miner
glad you liked it. i had a lot of my friends say to me, ‘why are you
recording, you know they are releasing he sbds, right?’

me – ‘ peeps need to hear this shit NOW’

i was impressed with how fast livephish was up


Who did it!?

Definitely the highlight of my weekend! Nothing better than waiting up
with other phans that don’t know the set as well and listening to the
show all simultaneously together!



Your audience recording of the first set pwn’d the soundboard. So much
energy in that building. Great Recording.

Thank you so much jerry freak. This was the next best thing to being
there. I was rocking set 3/6 set 1 at 4am in bed with my big head
phones on. My wife was like what the fuck are you doing… “I’m jaming
bitch! Go back to bed” When I heard the starting notes to fluffhead, I
lost my shit.

I loved it,
from Alaska time, I was done at 1am each night
the next best thing to being there
not knowing what was coming next made it special

It was pretty over shadowed with the free LP downloads, during the
rest of the year it’s def. going to be a major + in the new chapter of
Phish/the internets.

pretty epic indeed. thanks for the tremendous effort to share the
music with us…not knowing was amazing!

yeah thanks so much Jerryfreak! Email me if you need $$ to compensate
for your efforts. my email is in my profile. i can make a donation.

i loved No Spoilers, it was worth the wait! your source sounded great!
and thanks Phish08 for joining in on our synced up chat on the “other”
board, it was a great time over there!

This was beyond awesome. Jerryfreak and Mr. Miner – major props, this
was the next best thing to being there, made my weekend. Great
recordings as well.

My friend sent me a text and i had my friend who was with me read &
delete it (he knows some phish songs)

There and then after he saw the text i started guessing song after
song. He loves disease and all those tunes and he seemed excited about
it so i knew it was something that he recognized and a old school
phish song. I must have named 30 phish songs but fluff was the only
one that didnt cross my mind. Calling him the next day to share my
emotions was great. Mind Blown.

during the rest of the year it’s def. going to be a major + in the new
chapter of Phish/the internets.

hopefully somebody picks up the ball and runs with it, cause im only
seeing 2 shows this summer

and i wouldnt say livephish overshadowed teh nospoilers. its virtually
impossible to do livephish nospoilers style, since the song titles are
in the filenames. but maybe i’ll float a nospoilers style of lp
download to brad and micah when i talk to them. seemed to be a
success, but i guess its hard to gauge how many people would pay for
that at this point.

i did the whole thing

i actually just finished. it was tough not to pt but the alternate
board setup by the guys was good enough. also had to aviod emails and
texts from friends

^^^plus LP wasn’t up until we were already listening to the 2nd set.

thanks Jerryfreak and MM – you guys are awesome

so many of us (perhaps thousands) had an incredible weekend thanks to
your efforts. We had a group chatting away who all synched our
nospolier downloads together and it couldn’t have gone better…

People were staying up to sunrise every night!

big thanks to jerryfreak and the nospoilers crew. friday night’s
recording was really nice.

i hope/plan to listen to the summer shows i’m not seeing
“nospoilers-style”. not knowing the setlist really makes the

Thanks so much. It was a great way to spend the weekend. Listened to
every set 1 the night of and then every Set 2 the next morning hiking
with my dog. The amount of fun I had listening to the shows without
the setlist made it easy to avoid the web.

Yeah…This was so awesome. Thank you so much, mr. minor and
jerryfreak. So very much appreciated. It made this weekend so more
special than it normally would’ve been.


thanks again to all involved… would love to see this project continue…

The 1st night no spoiler recording sounds incredible! The live mix
sounds super defined with all 4 instruments truly in their own space
and not covering each other. Wondering if others agree or if i’m
crazy. Sounded better than I can remember past shows.

Xbox live and good freinds made it really that much better

Much much love and thanks from me and all my friends who came to my
listening party. You guys fucking ROCK!!! NO SPOILERS was sooo fucking
fun. I had to host it at my parents condo, who were out of town, cuz i
was sure i’d get an eviction notice if i did it at my apt. We put on
the new Clifford Ball DVD on the 60″ as background ambiance ,which
actually worked really well, turned the lights down and the fuckin
music UP!!! We were raging so hard the neighbors were knocking at the
door at 2am. Waiting for set 2 to post totally gave us that setbreak
anticipation, it really was the next best thing to being there. Thank
you for your selflessness! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK

Thank u for no spoilers!!!

It absolutely rocked and will continue I hope…


nospoilers was bomb

thanks to mrminer, jerryfreak, and everyone involved

Topic: Milwaukee Nospoilers Bar 3/6/09

That was a great time. It took them a long time to get it going
though. Glad it was packed with heads from the area. I met one of you
PT guys but I forget your name and handle. I was the big dude dancing
like crazy. I got a little loaded and thought dancing like I was at
the show would be a good idea…lol

Well anyway I had tons of fun and wanted to say what up to all the
milwookie pt’ers who came out.

I never saw any fluffhead sign like I was told would be there.

That was a really great time. Lot of great energy. I managed to go all
day and most of the night without any spoilers, until a girl comes out
of the bathroom with a sign, saying “someone taped the opener to the
wall in the bathroom, so I took it down.” I thought to myself, oh,
that’s nice. Then realized it was probably a fluffhead sign, so I
wasn’t too suprised when they opened with it.
I was the one that made the sign, and when they opened with it, I
ditched it. someone sent me a text with the opener. I keep saying that
this was the best time i’ve ever had at the bar. I was dancing in the
corner, where you could go outside onto the balcony. I was kinda
halfway inside half outside. I too danced like I was at a show. Such a
GOOD time. By the way, I was the one who posted on here about it. So
your welcome. 🙂

agreed, RAGEPHISH. Thanks. Definitely one of the best times I’ve had
at a bar. The way the whole bar errupted in cheers when they finally
started to play the show was great. I cheered and danced like I was at
a show was well.

Topic: How was ‘No Spoilers’? What was it like?

Who did the ‘No Spoilers’ thing? What was that experience like? Did
you do the whole weekend ‘No Spoilers’ thing? Was it able to create a
lot of the magic of the unknown?

What were you thinking when you realized Fluffhead was the opener? I
was at the show and just kept being blown away that they were nailing
Fluff as the opener.

I downloaded 3/6 and burned em to CD. Listened to the entire show
saturday afternoon as I drove down. It was just the best. all I had
heard “spoiled” was that they opened Fluffhead, Divided. And I knew
they played I didn’t know. The rest was pure surprise.

The main thing I could not believe was how long everything was. I had
to split it up onto 4 audio discs! trying to comprehend that they
played that long at 5am was pretty difficult.

I did them all no spoilers. I’ll never forget the shivers I felt all
throughout fluffhead, both at the fact that this was fluffhead and at
the fact that it really was Phish, back, playing just a few hours

fluffhead was sick. i was really excited when reba started too.

It was fucking awesome. Still can’t believe I managed to avoid pt for
that 6 hour period. Kinda proud of myself actually.

did it for friday night, very cool

I was thinking about everyone who was there seeing that unfold live.

Was only able to do Fri night no spoilers (worked sunday/monday).
Downloaded and listened as soon as it came up. It made my night!!! Was
so glad The Phish was back and I had a chance to listen to it the same
night, even if I had to stay up ’till 6:30ish am pacific.

very good stuff!!!

The first night, I followed the setlist on Twitter/Phish.com and that
was pretty cool.

The second and third nights, I didn’t follow the setlist at all and
downloaded the ‘No Spoilers’ mp3s in the morning…and aside from
actually being there, that was pretty awesome.

So if these guys, or anyone else for that matter, is going to do
something similar for future shows, I would definitely suggest trying
it out. Not knowing what’s coming up next is really, really sweet.

Did it Friday and Sunday. Imagine my surprise when I got up Sat
morning, put on the phones lit a fatty and heard Fluffhead. SER

I was too keyed up to do the no spoliers so i was here waiting for the set list.

I love the No Spoilers idea, gives it a bit of fun that way. AN
adventure of sorts.

it was a hassle, but it was worth it from what i hear

it was great! did the 1st 2 nights

listened 2 ea show the following morning, had a blast after i
recovered from the opening fluffhead > d sky


planned my whole weekend around it and set up extra speakers in the
basement so i could rock out wherever and got a lot of shit done
around the house – who knew the shows where gonna b 4+ hrs? lol

It was incredible. Best shit ever. It was soooo hard to stay of the
net and avoid texts and shit but so worth it. Didn’t end up getting
the dl’s till around 3am but i blazed a joint right before the listen.
It came on, crowd roaring, me imagining im in the building and then
fluff, well a c chord and massive roars. Then the i hear the riff
clearly and im in shock. I feel like my favorite band that i never got
to see is back. I was blown away. Huge grin on my face i was just
geeking out. Fluff never crossed my mind as an opener and i thought
about it sooo much. Then divided. WOW so fucking epic.

Couldnt do it for sat and sun not patient enough… but i was soo
satisfied with myself for waiting on friday and hearing the fluff
there was nothing that could have topped it.

epic as fuck

i’ve had a busy week and it took me until today to actually finish
listening – no pt from thursday night 3-5-9 till now – no spoilers is
the way of the future. no spoilers pt threads!

fluff = statement
almost 2 hr first sets screw with guessing set closers as they play em
i think no spoilers led to bigger smiles when things like sanity are
played as a set opener.

will do in the future!

glad it worked out for so many people… I LOVE the idea. besides
being at the show, or watching in a movie theatre, it is really such a
cool way to go. I’d love to do it for any shows I can’t attend

i worked friday night till 9. i watched a movie, but it was like I was
on crack, i was edgy and just kept reloading the NS page. I figured
they would be up by 12. I had to avoid texts (about 10 new ones in my
inbox at time)and emails. Unfortunately I had work in the am on Sat so
i went to bed with no dl at about 1am

I woke up at 5am by accident and it was like christmas morning.
sneaking downstairs to open present. ser. strait excitement. i dl’d,
put both sets on the ipod, and went back to bed. headphones on.

BAM, Fluffhead. I dont know if you’ve heard the NS auds, but it was
like 2 minutes of cheering before the notes. It was intense, just
waiting in that anticipation, alone, in the dark, with ginormous
headphones on. I did tear up a lil, just cause they were back.U
expected. then i listened up to stash and hit the hay.

woke up and rocked the headphones all day at work when i could. lunch
break, out to get coffee, etc. Got off work at 7pm. Drove to my gf’s
house bout an hour away and managed to get to the encores before i got

Saturday i listened to all the next day (sunday), while avoiding texts
again. Sunday I listened to while walking around NYC (monday) and on
the train to and from the city. Finished up the sunday show on monday

didnt pt or anything the whole time. gave a lot of friends a lot of
calls after. It was definitely an experience and better then sitting
online all weekend refreshing for setlists. i’ll remeber hearing that
fluffhead in bed, hearing that sanity while looking up at the ceiling
of grand central, hearing that It’s ice while on my gf’s deck smokin a

it was cool, sorry for being so long.

also u dont realize how tough it is to get through 8 hours of phish
when you cant skip tracks and you have a life.

cant remember the last time i listened to a whole farmhouse, sample,
all of these dreams, bug, etc before last week.

Was there Friday, drove 11 hours home Saturday, didn’t even get home
until no spoilers was up. So that was fine. Got a little anxious and
gave up near the end of set 2 and watched the Twitter Sunday.

When I was in the mood for it, no spoilers was awesome, felt like I
was there for the beginning of every song.

it was so much awesome. i did it all three nights, worked out
perfectly every night. i avoided pt, made sure everybody i knew who
was there didn’t text me, and basically put on phish blinders all day.

3-6 a bunch of friends and i got together, had a little gathering, and
listened to it together. our reaction to fluffhead was probably a tiny
little microcosm of what was happening in the coliseum.

i loved the concept and many many thanks to everyone involved in
making it happen.

“jump on it” will forever give me chills

awesome, I thought it sounded like such a cool idea and am glad it was
able to provide magic for those that couldn’t attend

hopefully they’ll keep doing this for the summer shows that I won’t be
able to attend
Topic: So how did the Hampton non-spoilers go?

Did anyone have any parties? Would you do it again? was it as good as
you thought it would be?
if people werent sending out FLUFFHEAD!!! texts…
Fantastic for me. I went dark well before showtime and used the
message board set up for the no-spoilers people. I was by myself w/
headphones but it was great. My only complaint is that the first set
was soooo long that I was too drunk to make the interwebs do the thing
that makes the second set play..

no spoiler was awesome. i was texted fluffhead and sanity but thats it
for the entire weekend. thanks mr miner!! would be thrilled if yall
did this again!!

It was amazing for me. I was flying on 3/7 and had no idea what went
down. Got up in the air and threw it on. I think it took 30 seconds
for me to realize it was Fluffhead because the crowd was so loud. The
show lasted the whole flight and a couple bottles of wine. I hate
flying, but that was an awesome way to fly.

The real funny thing was, I ordered the wine and then the waitress
brought back a different one than I ordered called “Big Fish.” I had
to accept it.

had a few folks over – set 1 night 1 came up for download pretty late,
but we all got drunk and listened to that and had a blast – folks left
before set 2 came up (this was about 3-4am by now) and i passed out

still, first set was great, we were all high fiving, jumping up and
down…closeish to being there

they should get this set up for summer tour…

Seriously, the next show I miss (which might be soon, dangit) I want
to try this method.

i turned my phone off and it was so much better than i thought it
would be. i would definitely recommend this to anyone that cant make
shows in the future. big thanks to jerryfreak and his gang for making
a ton of peoples hampton weekend.

Half the battle was not looking at my phone messages. Everytime I got
a text I would ask a co-worker to look at it first and if there was
ANYTHING that looked like a setlist or song title to tell me before I
would look at it. We went over to a buddies house who had sent out
no-spoiler invites and got it going at 2 a.m. We were in shock at
Fluff … none of us knew even though it was six hours after the fact
it was dream-like!! Divided Sky!!! HOly shit and on it went clear
through to sunrise … I had feelings of Big Cypress. Next day I
spoiled it and looked. Sunday, I did a private no-spoilers at my house
at my computer. Loved it all

Cool stories, glad it went over well for the kids that tried it.


listening now. phuck yeah!

i have not laughed this hard in a long long time

just started it! giving me goosebumps!!