“No Spoilers” Download Series


Hey all – just to set expectations, we will *always* post No Spoilers shows – the only question is how long it takes.  Back in the day, we used to stay up most of the night to try get them up ASAP.  Nowadays we take a slightly more sane approach – i.e. wake up the next morning, grab the first source that’s upped to etree, combine, convert, upload, post links.  So they *usually* go up by about Noon MST – sometimes sooner, sometimes later, but it depends on when the first source goes up (and on real life).

Any questions or problems, contact us: nospoilers@phishthoughts.com

Thanks to all the tapers and to bt.etree.org – enjoy!

Las Vegas, NV  – 10.31 Set I < Right Click, Save As

Las Vegas, NV  – 10.31 Set II < Right Click, Save As

Las Vegas, NV  – 10.31 Set III < Right Click, Save As

Click here for Phishbill link (spoilers obviously…)

Past shows are available here:

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